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#2472513 I left my shart in San Francisco

Posted by Montsta on 07 November 2013 - 06:05 PM

I can't deny, I like the city of San Francisco and it's going to be even way better once they get rid of the niners too!

that said...if any of you panther fans are there or plan to go there for the game, I wouldn't recommend wearing your gear around the stadium. You see, the niner fans are so full of arrogance that they think they are raider fans now and will stab you, mug you in the parking lot or any of the other sewage systems around that poo hole they call home.

I've been trying to tell people this here for weeks. SF fans are among the leagues worst, and loudmouths like me are asking for trouble wearing the visiting teams garb.

#2472457 San Francisco Newpaper: Cam Is Better Than Kaepernick

Posted by Montsta on 07 November 2013 - 05:20 PM

Wait. The author is an idiot.

His dad is worse.

They are both ignorant.

Now if there are Niner fans, who are also A's fans, they will show up. Most A's fans are smart enough to NOT be Niner fans...

You sir, are a genius. As perhaps the only other Warriors, A's, Panthers fan in the Bay Area, we are certainly limited editions. Like the white fudge covered Oreos you can only find at Christmas time.

Mmmmmmmm fudgey Oreos....

#2471454 Umm Cam > Kaepernick, Defense = Awesome. Cant Waaaaiit

Posted by Montsta on 07 November 2013 - 01:43 AM

You guys keep shitting on us because of the teams we've beaten like you guys have gone through some gauntlet of elite teams to get to where you are. Titans, Rams, Jaguars, Texans? Those aren't exactly world beaters either. Arizona and Seattle are two common opponents that we lost to and you split with. Arizona beat us but it wasn't nearly as bad as the scoreboard suggests. Cam played his worst game of the year which by itself wouldn't be the end of the world, but 2 out of his top 3 targets decided to have their worst games as well in Smith and LaFell. We had chances to put that game away multiple times and pissed away every one of them. Seattle we had beaten and had an unfortunate turnover at a VERY bad time that cost us. You beat the Cards, but Seattle beat you badly. Granted you played them in Seattle and we played them at home, so I don't put all that much stock in that common opponent.

We have smashed opponents at a historic clip over the past four games. We can only play who is put in front of us.

What y'all don't realize when you glance at the standings is that we've had a lead at halftime of every game this year. SF from what I've seen puts teams away early, which doesn't happen to this team this year, and actually hasn't happened often during the brief Newton-Rivera era. We are almost always in it until the end.

I don't pretend to know who is going to win Sunday, but those talking of a blowout or an easy contest are reaching big time. Rivera has blown it late with a bit of help from his players the last three years, but Rivera and Co. have had a different attitude the last few weeks, and a win over y'all would give this team a shot in the arm that could propel them to the playoffs, and possibly a division title.

Because of Riverboat Ron's philosophical change of heart, Cam Newton's accelerated progression into our franchise superstar, and our defense playing lights out; not just our much-praised front seven, but all 11 guys, I genuinely feel we can not only keep up with the Niners, but we can come away with a victory.

Carolina 23
SF 17

#2471324 I left my shart in San Francisco

Posted by Montsta on 06 November 2013 - 11:16 PM

Since our resident smack talking king, SCP, is taking the week off due to some form of daylight savings hangover (hey, even the best get a bye week), it's fallen to the rest of the Huddle to take up the charge against a handful of irritating boils that have sprung up lately. You can tell them by their obsessive use of the numbers four and nine in their usernames even though it's a fair bet not a damn one of them could tell you the history behind the name of their supposed football team of choice. I'd lay money that has more to do with the fact that five years ago they were die hard Chargers fans since powder blue goes with more outfits than blood red and fool's gold.

San Francisco is an interesting place. It's the setting of the most abysmal documentary ever recorded, one that showed that 1 out of three men in the area were either failed Canadian comedians, single fathers, or John Stamos attempting to be sexy. It's a city that prides itself on being the "biggest small town" in America, but what it actually pulls off is being the largest suburb in America. There's literally no one who lives in San Francisco who actually works in San Francisco, at least not at a job they're proud of having. The major feature the city boasts is a bridge, which in the common tounge is known a "road with ropes made for suicide". Unlike various "bridges to nowhere" around the country, the famous bridge in San Francisco ends in a place much worse: the birthplace of Pete Carroll. Their solution to this was to try building another bridge for roughly ten billion dollars and fail at it. The only other things San Francisco is known for is having a public transportation system more fuged up than MARTA and being the only city in California where you can catch hypothermia in July. Perhaps if they could just figure out a way clean up the smell of urine left by their robust homeless population, people might actually consider moving there for more than a job with a fly by night tech start up that will be out of business in six weeks. The only other tourist attraction worth mentioning is the fact that the planet hates the area so much that it's constantly trying to get away.

Politically speaking, San Francisco voluntarily chooses to remain in California, and that's about the best you can say. California is best known recently as a state that couldn't legalize marijuana, had to be court ordered to like gay people, and still managed to find way to spend more money than they had on both problems. Granted, NC may not be much better, but at least we don't parade around as some haven of liberal tolerance. This is a state that managed to elect both Ronald Reagan and Arnold Getaneasiernametospell as governors. This is mainly to blame on the fact that Hollywood is somewhere in the area. Hollywood, which when translated from the ancient Costanoan roughly means "geographic venereal disease". To fully appreciate California politics, one needs only understand that "inflation" means that someone will eventually spend a trillion dollars making the exact same piece of crap movie that got released last weekend.

The 49'ers, as a team, seem to have a motto of "yeah but". Take for instance their dead last rating when it comes to passing offense. Everyone says "yeah but what's his name is injured". Because God knows, you need at least three pro bowl caliber receiving threats on the field at all times in order to stay relevent. Simply having Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin couldn't possibly cut it for anyone else. There's other things to be said about this squad, but that's pretty much all that matters. Even though they went to the Super Bowl last year and have a winning record, this team and their fanbase is all about making excuses.

As for the game, San Francisco is due a reckoning for making a hero out of a back up quarterback. That reckoning comes in a form of one of their own shunned warriors, Ted Ginn. Look for The Revenge Of Ginn to be a five touchdown blockbuster when he takes one to the house on both a kickoff and punt return while also catching to 50+ yard bombs and rushing one in on an end around. Meanwhile, Cam Newton also manages to find Greg Olsen for another touchdown, and Mike Tolbert literally carries the limping corpse of Aldon Smith in with him for yet another. On defense, Melvin White records his first career pick six while Frank Gore records his first career game with negative yardage. Late in the game, Graham Gano kicks a 57 yard field goal in garbage time just to see if he can.

I'm no SCP, and I know a few others have tried, but in the spirit of the old NFC West rivalry, I couldn't just let this week slide by. The national media is expecting a team that has been thriving on a string of easy opponents to get exposed in this game, and while that will be true, it won't be the team everyone is predicting.

Panthers - 59
Minors - 10
California - loses money

As a lifelong Californian and SF Bay Area native, many of the points in this smack hit close to home and are spot on. fug San Francisco.

10/10 would read again

#2470576 what 49er fans are saying

Posted by Montsta on 06 November 2013 - 04:11 PM

I've seen espn's bullshit qbr give guys like The Golden Calf of Bristol a huge rating too many times to give that thing any credibility.

#2470300 Cam Newton now #10 on ESPN's MVP Watch

Posted by Montsta on 06 November 2013 - 01:51 PM


The Watch is really digging the Panthers and their four-game winning streak. Winning streaks get the Watch's attention. Newton also gets the Watch's attention, because he's huge and fast and seems to be having a great deal of fun.

Seems like winning really does cure everything. Cam getting some MVP love while Bob Knee 3 keeps getting chided as a whiny little bitch. Woot woot!!

On a side note, how is Luck 2nd on this list? His comebacks are all because he played so poorly in the first half his team was down. Dudes a good player, but I guess all those come from behind wins get him more recognition.

#2470111 what 49er fans are saying

Posted by Montsta on 06 November 2013 - 12:31 PM

I think the key to us winning this game will be long, sustained drives to keep our defense fresh. SF can wear you out with their rushing attack, but if we can keep the ball on offense for 6-7 minute drives, our D will be fresh all game. I do not want to see Cam airing it out on 3rd and 3 like he did against Atlanta. We'll be on the West Coast, so let's use a Bill Walsh-esque passing attack to sustain drives. We're way up there in TOP and fewest 3 and outs, which plays perfectly to how we can beat this team.

#2468659 what 49er fans are saying

Posted by Montsta on 05 November 2013 - 01:19 PM

SF fans are funny as hell. They all say that they don't know how out offense will move on their defense, while being completely oblivious to the fact that our defense is better than theirs.

#2468349 what 49er fans are saying

Posted by Montsta on 05 November 2013 - 10:27 AM

These guys act like they are unbeatable after a bye under Harbaugh. They barely beat the Browns one year (20-10, was much closer than the score suggests, and tied the Rams 24-24). I truly believe we can and will win this game. We need to go with a screen/rollout/waggle heavy offense to offset their blitzes. Don't let the pressure turn into like Arizona. If we win this game, that reddit guy loses $65K, and maybe a few guys over at 49erswebzone at least contemplate suicide, I'll be a very happy camper.

#2468330 what 49er fans are saying

Posted by Montsta on 05 November 2013 - 10:11 AM

I been over on one of their boards talking poo. I tried to keep it legit but they immediately devolve into some punks when you try and talk football. fug that board.

#2467678 SF Roll Call

Posted by Montsta on 04 November 2013 - 08:45 PM

I'll be there. 50 yard line 15 rows back niners bench side.

#2466777 Chandler could start at RG

Posted by Montsta on 04 November 2013 - 02:42 PM

I thought Tampa Bay's front and Minnesota's front would destroy us. Since the debacles at Arizona and Buffalo, our Oline has played quite a bit better.

#2466647 "I was trying to get the fans loud on 3rd down when the Panthers were on...

Posted by Montsta on 04 November 2013 - 01:52 PM

This quote was uttered by a passenger in my car yesterday. This person was not sitting with me in the stadium. This person, a male, literally said: "I was disappointed in our fans. The fans were getting hype on 3rd downs during D. But I was standing up trying to get people hype on 3rd down when we were on offense and nobody would do it. I was trying to get the fans hype when we were on offense."

If I'm lying I'm dying. I could not believe my ears and didn't even utter a response. However, I did almost rip my steering wheel off the dashboard.

You should have quietly driven to your favorite Hampton Inn, proceeded up the elevator, escorted him into the room, dropped an epic SCP deuce, and then given him a swirly until he realized how badly he has failed.

#2465022 How To Mask Bad O-Line Play...

Posted by Montsta on 03 November 2013 - 07:34 PM

Cam don't give a fug


I was disappointed that Cam didn't do the Julio Jones dance from the commercial with a superman twist at the end. That would've been epic.

#2464039 Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

Posted by Montsta on 03 November 2013 - 03:56 PM

This game won't be close. Shades of TB and NY.

Panthers 34
Dirty Nasty Skidmarks 13

Y'all need to stop acting like some timid little bitches and get on board the hype train like me. Enjoy these times while they are here.

Oh. And bow down. Off by 3 points.

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