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#3142410 No fair :( says Russia to US newest technology

Posted by Luke Cage on Yesterday, 12:00 AM

Railguns (mass drivers), Lasers (no visible beam just point and shoot invisible burning death), and power armor are next.  I really want to live long enough to see infantrymen fully integrated with some type of powered armor.  I know I spent many a hump wishing I had that poo while I nursed sore knees and back.

#3132763 naacp to release new developments in lennon lacy death

Posted by Luke Cage on 14 December 2014 - 01:35 AM

Kinda sounds like you have psychological issues, paranoia and such. Might want to see a shrink.

Lol this guy. Nope. Just a realist. I grew up in Alabama and regularly got in violent altercations with red necks in Dixie outfitters t shirts; I could have walked away from a good portion of those but sometimes you just have to fight. And there are "sundown" towns there as well.

I have a burning hatred for people in those shirts, and southern culture (which is based on what is essentially a myth) in general. Take that how you want. I don't really give a poo. If I could burn that whole region off the map I would. Sherman should have done a march to the sea in every southern state.

#3130573 All these threads (and national dialogue) about race are fundamentally misgui...

Posted by Luke Cage on 11 December 2014 - 08:56 PM

Philly, your talent is wasted here. I bet if we got drunk together we could solve all the world's problems in a matter of hours. No homo.

#3127347 Post Saints fans tweets here....

Posted by Luke Cage on 09 December 2014 - 03:24 PM

Go to the yahoo news article about this. 75% of the comments are saying he deserved this or cracking jokes about it. Not Aints fans, but terrible human beings nonetheless.

That's how yahoo comment sections are. Full of hate spewed by anonymous cowards. Those comment sections will make you hate humanity if you don't already.

#3103765 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by Luke Cage on 24 November 2014 - 09:34 PM

Speaking of links, please do tell where these 600 "unjustified" shootings were pulled from.

I'm done responding rationally to people like you and the other self hating idiot that I thoughtlessly engaged.

I hope one day (if there is any kind of god) you people pay for the evil you have inflicted the world with. I hope you all reap that poo x1000.

I'm normally a pretty level headed guy but goddammit sometimes it's hard as hell to not become consumed with hatred.

#3102762 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by Luke Cage on 24 November 2014 - 06:42 AM

Universities have done studies that show officers are more likely to shoot an unarmed white male than a unarmed black male. But continue with your clouded, racist view that cops are slaughtering black folk.

Link/citation or it damn sure didn't happen.

#3102748 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by Luke Cage on 24 November 2014 - 05:48 AM

Eric Frein ambushes and shoots multiple cops. Kills one. Gets taken in alive.

Crazy guy shoots up movie theater; kills more than 10 people and gets taken in alive.

Teenager runs over cop with car and drives away. He gets tased and arrested.

All alive. All white. If you think everything is egalitarian you are an idiot.

Black men are scary and get killed because of it. It's like everybody is worried we want revenge for slavery or something.

Guys don't worry about that. We are too busy killing ourselves to worry too much about killing you.

#3082330 Addiction to offensive language

Posted by Luke Cage on 11 November 2014 - 04:42 PM

In b4 I'll stop saying it when rappers stop saying it. Too late?

#3080952 Anyone Else Catch The Aftermath Of The Ninth Sack?

Posted by Luke Cage on 11 November 2014 - 09:09 AM

As fans we all want and the Panthers to be successful. And we can assume his team mates would feel the same way of course. There is something that on the surface you just want to like about him as a fan.

But I will be frank. This goes all the way back to the first days of training camp. Cam is simply an attention hound. Every day when fans and media were there to watch he constantly ran, skipped and jumped 4 steps behind all the other players. And no, this was not because of his bum ankle. He can't stand the possibility of being lost in the crowd. He screams "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME" in everything he does.

Another example of this came across loud an clear in the game he did not play. His actions on the sidelines were explained as being exuberant for his teams success. I think it could better be explained as he couldn't stand that he was not the star at the moment. es knew exactly what he was doing when he ran out on the field to join the huddle dressed in his street clothes.

So imagine you were a team mate around these antics day in and day out. When your winning, Cam's personality is easy to deal with. When your losing not so much. I could see how it would be Cam losing his team mates best efforts. This, coupled with his obvious gimpy injuries, is a reason to bench him right now.

The towel head hanging losses he had the first few years were a concern about his leadership early on. He took the losses then as his personnal responsibility. The losses the last few weeks have been different. You can really see the disconnect between him and his team mates.

You think because the team is struggling you can find safe haven for this type of pseudologic? GTFO.

#3069165 Cam Newton has lost the desire to play football?

Posted by Luke Cage on 05 November 2014 - 12:22 PM

Always wondered what it was like to be a teenage girl enslaved to estrogen. Thanks to fellow Panthers fans, now I know.

#3032226 Therapy

Posted by Luke Cage on 19 October 2014 - 11:37 PM

Screw fat girls


Hey man, fat girls are like scooters.  They're cool and fun, just don't let your friends catch you on one.  Thankfully, I drank so much today that I passed out during half time.

#3007777 Would Seattle take Watt & Kuechly for Sherman?

Posted by Luke Cage on 09 October 2014 - 06:50 PM

.....edited drunk post caused by misunderstanding of op.

I'm sure Seattle would but neither of the other teams in question would agree to that because the value of the two players in question (taken together or as individuals) vastly exceeds the value of Sherman. In vino veritas.

#3004830 Richard Sherman after MNF @ Redskins: “Pierre (Garcon) doesn’t matter in this...

Posted by Luke Cage on 07 October 2014 - 07:40 PM

I love Richard Sherman. Thank god it's not always boring canned responses.


Haha yeah same here.  I never understood why people get so upset with the "cocky athlete".  To me, it says more about the people complaining than about the athletes themselves.  While we are all equal as human beings, people need to accept the fact that skills are not evenly distributed.  There will always be people that are more intelligent, better looking, more athletic, and also more wealthy.  Everyone is a king in his own mind so people hate to be reminded of their perceived inadequacies.  I love when athletes are honest.  It's hard to be in the top 99.999% of men and not have a bit of an attitude (even if it is very well hidden).  Props to Sherm.

#3003667 MNF: Seattle (2-1) @ Washington (1-3) Game Thread

Posted by Luke Cage on 06 October 2014 - 11:03 PM

The takeover is scary right?  The paradigm has been shifting for a while and frankly this is only the beginning.  Pretty much all of the next generation of top quarterbacks are dual threats (legitimate dual threats whose elite passing skills complement superb athletic mobility). This includes both college and high school. And like it or not, Luck is a dual threat quarterback as well. It's ok though.  Change is the only constant in life.

#3003528 EJ Manuel benched. Kyle Orton will start Week 5 for the Bills

Posted by Luke Cage on 06 October 2014 - 09:20 PM

And you assuming is how you have gotten to your conclusion.
Let me ask a better question since you know you cant quantify.
How long and what age group have you coached? The sport isn't that big a deal but if you want to share you can.


Haha ok man, I'll play.  Back in my younger years, I was a pretty decent soccer player.  I represented my age group consistently at the state level in ODP.  I have been coaching soccer on and off since I was 14.  I've coached kids from 6-14 years old.  On topic, the black pro qb is a relatively recent thing.  It may be impossible to accurately quantify my assertion, but the recent nature of this "phenomenon" can serve as a kind of proof.  Thirty years ago there were virtually no black qbs.  Even as recently as ten years ago, there were barely a handful.  Opportunity was not there.  There are still a lot of idiotic attitudes entrenched in the minds of front offices, coaches, and fans.  In ten or twenty years, I am sure it will be a non-issue because there will be so many in the league by that point.  


It's a positive that guys are at least getting the chance to compete; with some rare exceptions like Cunningham and Moon, that wouldn't have happened "back in the day".  But at this point, I firmly believe that the margin of error for black qbs is smaller than their white counterparts.  It may be impossible to accurately quantify my assertion, but I can gauge the responses and comments of fans and commentators.  Those responses and comments still indicate that fans in particular are more patient and comfortable with white quarterbacks.  Of course all fans want to win, and winning cures everything.  My point is that fans bail more quickly on black qb's who struggle.  Earlier in the season a sizable chunk of the fan base wanted Anderson to start; not because Cam was injured, but because they felt Anderson was a better quarterback (despite the obvious fact that an injured Cam is miles ahead of Anderson as a qb).  The gritty truth of this issue is probably hidden behind closed doors at NFL facilities, but that's what it looks like on my end.  Keep in mind those same facilities are manned by guys who came up in an era when blacks playing qb was not even considered.  That notion was dismissed out of hand because they didn't think we had the mental chops to get the job done.  That attitude is still present.

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