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#3249095 Jameis Winston's football IQ compared to Peyton Manning's, report says.

Posted by Luke Cage on 21 February 2015 - 10:07 PM

Why is this news exactly?

He step right into the starter's role and led FSU to basically undefeated seasons and a national championship playing in Fisher's complex pro offense.

He also got into Stanford, had a 4.0 GPA in High School, and was ACC all academic.

This really isn't news.

It's news because it defies the preferred narative and for once they can't just focus in on someone's athleticism and pretend like that's the only reason for his success.

It's not news to anybody that has been following Winston since he was a high school player though.

#3238893 Bucs release Josh McCown

Posted by Luke Cage on 11 February 2015 - 06:23 PM

Jameis Winston incoming. I wish they would be dumb enough to pick Mariota but I'm not counting on it

#3232926 DT Vince Wilfork (possible release)

Posted by Luke Cage on 06 February 2015 - 10:20 AM

Plus his wife is the ugliest woman alive...

That's a pretty ignorant and stupid thing to say. Why don't you post a pic of your wife/girlfriend? And of yourself while you're at it. I bet you're fat and generally unappealing to the female eye.

#3231162 Random Tinder Slore: "I Just fu-ked (Julian) Edelman, No Lie"

Posted by Luke Cage on 04 February 2015 - 04:00 PM

Who here wouldn't try to get ocular proof if they banged a female celebrity? Why all the slut shaming? Insecurity everywhere. Haha.

#3222283 Blount-Gate: Did the Patriots meddle...

Posted by Luke Cage on 28 January 2015 - 09:41 AM

Of course he did. Im sure others have done/will do the same. Old Bill is probably feeling really persecuted. He probably thinks everybody else cheats too, he's just the only one who keeps getting caught.

#3220594 Football vs. Vajayjay? For humor. Curmudgeons & stick-in-the-muds need n...

Posted by Luke Cage on 26 January 2015 - 02:35 PM

Not even a question. P wins hands down. The previous posts by the older guys is another reason I will never get married. Life wouldn't be life without wild crazy sex. And I'm not down with a woman putting me on some starvation diet where the P is concerned. If there's no food on the table, a man has to go hunting.

#3220188 RU-BI-Ooooooo

Posted by Luke Cage on 26 January 2015 - 12:31 AM

Please, please if there's any kind of God let him win the Republican nomination.
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#3203185 Seattle DT Michael Bennett accuses Kelvin Benjamin of spitting in his face

Posted by Luke Cage on 13 January 2015 - 01:53 PM

Sometimes, you gotta spit on a pussy to get it ready.  

#3199065 Guess What? George Zimmerman Arrested... Again

Posted by Luke Cage on 11 January 2015 - 08:32 PM

 he is an idiot for sure but the Martin case was no where near murder.



Hahahaha awesome.  This is just awesome.  Start a fight, get your ass beat, and then shoot the person who was defending himself?  Haha fug you.


But hey, it's the black man's lot in life to just peacefully accept fuged up poo, amirite?  I wish Zimmerman had tried someone with the training to either end him with their hands or incapacitate him before he could reach for his gun. fuging coward.

#3188314 Why is Russell Wilson a better quarterback than Cam Newton? - Seattle Times

Posted by Luke Cage on 09 January 2015 - 04:57 AM

Cry havoc and let slip the cats of war. I really hope we get another dead bird for the rack this Saturday. Only way to shut these idiots up.

#3181977 Remember that guy who threatened his employees with layoffs if Obama was reel...

Posted by Luke Cage on 05 January 2015 - 11:55 PM


#3174976 PIE! PLAYOFF WIN!

Posted by Luke Cage on 03 January 2015 - 07:55 PM

Got em. Feels good.

#3166115 New House Majority Whip is a racist

Posted by Luke Cage on 31 December 2014 - 03:04 PM

You are exactly the type of person politicians love. In this case, DC Democrats.

As for the hypotheticals, I am speaking from direct experience. Specifically, how my former fiance and her friends would talk. This was outside of how I was treated when I was with her in public. I've been in both companies and seen both sides of the spectrum. The difference is that one side of the spectrum at least feels some shame enough to not speak openly in public like that. This doesn't change the fact that some white people may secretly harbor racist thoughts/feelings, but it certainly changes how they behave in the public eye. The opposite was true in the black community.

Take that to today.... what if I were to tell you that there is an established pattern of hiring black people by a black HR personnel director over more qualified candidates of any other race in a certain Cary facility? Perhaps bending the rules for full-time benefits if they harbor a kindred understanding? Maybe overlooking repeated violations for certain black people to the point of shredding official write-ups to prevent dismissals from things ranging from foul language, failure to show up on time, defiance to superiors, and even outright patient abuse?

Perhaps we have a certain individual that has sickle-cell, a hearing aid, and is black manages to lose the company LITERALLY MILLIONS of dollars over his 15 years of employment due to incompetance and willfull sloth, but can't get written up because he holds the trifecta of disability, minority, and second disability. In fact, instead of being happy of having a job where he gets away with anything while the rest of his co-workers have to take up the slack, he gets TWO promotions with discrimination lawsuits?

Maybe I can see the difference in the way white racists and black racists regard my autistic son of mixed race in public. Perhaps I can see that while one group might go out of their way to hide their discomfort while the other group will verbalize and explicative and then get roaring laughter and applause from their company. I have seen older generations of the black community step in and confront the latter group, but my son has never been victimized by the former group in any way.

So please.... go on with how I am never exposed to racism in my daily life. I'm DYING to see just how else you and others would like to explain away what I have lived first hand.

Everything you said goes both ways. White people do the same for each other. Everywhere. One Marine gets njp'd for a dui. Another Marine gets a dui and command never finds out. If you want to argue that abuses of power and favoritism are more pervasive with blacks.....i beg to differ (only because we don't wield that kind of power on a large scale). What I'm getting at is I can respect how our viewpoints are different and yet similar.

What you are describing is one of the evils of race hatred and the inability to have honest discussions on racial issues. It breeds a circle of hatred. It's something I struggled with for a long time because of poo i experienced growing. But honestly for you to equate black "racism in action" with white "racism in action" is absurd. They both exist, but like it or not one is much more pervasive than the other. That doesn't excuse either one.

I'm still not going to vote for a party that is so unapologetically ignorant. So yeah I guess DC dems will keep loving me.

#3165901 New House Majority Whip is a racist

Posted by Luke Cage on 31 December 2014 - 12:49 PM

I wonder if it is possible to unknowingly use a "code word" and not be racist


I wonder if someone attributes one's use of a "code word" to link them to being racist in fact indicts themselves as being racist as said person solely based their judgement of "code word" user by the color of their skin


There is a serious lack of taking race-baiters to task in the national media for the same reason that spectacular train wrecks get serious playtime.  Controversy pays big time in national media, so the integrity of journalism takes a back seat or dies off as sensationalism plays to the market. 


Want to talk about painting a broad brush across racial lines?  Take a quick glance at how the voting block of African Americans ends up.  It is more uniform than any other voting block by a mile.  You want to hear what racism sounds like?  Get within earshot of a number of black women talking about a blond-haired white woman walking hand-in-hand with a black man.  Racism against black people is guarded because the general populace has brought the hammer down on such talk.  Racism against white people gets you top-billing at any number of comedy shows because it is not only accepted, but encouraged.


The market not only allows for race-baiting, but enflames and encourages it for the sake of making money.  You want to know why racism continues to thrive?  Take a hard look in the mirror and assess your part in the grand picture.


Damn.  You actually have no idea what "racism" is; your post made me really sad. Jesus.  Black people vote in a block against the right wing because that party has developed a reputation for harboring and encouraging hatemongers.  End of story.  I will never, ever vote Republican.  And I'm a proud veteran who loves his guns (but I also don't hate gays, and couldn't care less about abortion).  You talk about listening to a hypothetical black person talking poo about some hypothetical blond white person.  That's anecdotal as poo, but I'll play.  You don't think white people say the same poo when they see that couple?  I've heard it.  Whispers of "mudhshark" and guilty by association because "eewwww...she fugs black guys".  Don't give me that poo. You want to equate what are essentially meaningless words with a power structure that was built on the backs of blacks but has sought to disenfranchise blacks at nearly every turn.


To be honest, racism for me is not someone calling me the "n" word.  If I hear it, I will fight them or spit on them or something along those lines and whatever happens will happen.  Racism (or more accurately the negative effect of racism) is not getting hired for a position you are extremely qualified for because of what you look like or what your name is.  Not getting promotions.  Hitting the glass ceiling.  Not getting loans.  Being made to feel like an outsider in that nice neighborhood you just moved into.  Seeing the looks on your kids faces when they want to know why the fug other kids treat them in such a shitty way.  And racial profiling (which leads to police brutality).  That is racism.  Not some stupid ass comedian making jokes.  


If anything, the fact that white people are the brunt of so many jokes is a reflection of the amount of power whites wield in society.  People can talk all the poo they want, but at the end of the day you (white people) will most likely never have to worry about any of the poo that I listed earlier.  That is the meaning of power.

#3151380 "American sniper" the movie

Posted by Luke Cage on 23 December 2014 - 06:34 PM

I love snipers. Those guys were great at having our backs. Even if it's only 40% true it'll be good for the public to see what they do for us.


Yeah.  In my experience, they are cocky, insular, and weird.  They have their own special culture that reveres death caused by the longshot.  Any death; any shot.  Even the MLK kill shot.  They do God's work though that's for damn sure.


Recon Marines saved our poo on numerous occasions.  They are badass as poo (even though their MO is pretty close to what scout snipers do).  I am going to see the movie with my girl.  It's a test for her.  She already passed the shooting range test.  Any woman who won't shoot with me won't get this dick.