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In Topic: Week 5 Power Rankings

Today, 12:06 PM

I think that is generous.


disrespectful blowout week is here!









haha I would have flipped out on that dude "cranking the beef" in his face if I were that Pats fan


LoL wtf is the point of a USA chant there. It is very likely that patriots fan is american too. Just dumb nationalism for no reason.

In Topic: Rivera: Panthers Tempted to Unleash Cam?

Yesterday, 07:15 PM

we desperately need a good offensive mind on this team


Funny thing is hue jackson who we could of replaced shula with last offseason is doing wonders for the bengals offense. 

In Topic: Anderson is a better option than Cam right now

Yesterday, 11:44 AM

I am tired of these sit Cam threads. News flash but Cam isn't going to sit if he is just limited and experiencing soreness. Stop creating these damn threads after every loss. Unless Cam can't practice during the week he will play on sunday. 

In Topic: When will Cam heal?

Yesterday, 11:39 AM

Cam is the best option but I am almost to the point of wanting to see DA in there just so Cam isn't taking more shots.


I want anderson to start just so that these racist shut the fug up about thinking anderson is better than Cam. I would expect a kirk cousins type of game to bring them back to reality. 

In Topic: Anderson is a better option than Cam right now

Yesterday, 02:23 AM

It's only invaluable if he can perform to the best of his abilities and not risk further injury which could shorten his career.

At this point, I can honestly say that keeping him out there might not be worth it. Not only for his safety but for the preservation of our franchise QB.



Bullshit, short of Cam pulling or breaking something he is going to be on the field. Right now all Cam is dealing with is soreness, you are acting like Cam is out there with a cane or a wheelchair.

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