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#2971913 Cam Tonight

Posted by IGSaint on 21 September 2014 - 11:51 PM

Maybe, maybe not. The QB's energy could be better, they could just individually be much better than the Ravens' d line. Either way, if the QB's pre-snap energy is higher, the o line will play better either way, as will the entire offense.


Lol how about we make an energy reading device so we can watch Cam's pre-snap energy and the pre-snap energy of the opposing team. It can be like dragon ball z. The team with highest energy wins! 

#2971884 Cam Tonight

Posted by IGSaint on 21 September 2014 - 11:47 PM



What is your IQ?

I don't give a crap about tonight beyond it just being one more example of one of Cam's main issues since he got here.



You sound like a Cam hater. Where was your pre-snap energy when he had good offensive games? Oh I guess it's because you didn't care enough to make up your dumbass theory then? 

#2971853 Cam Tonight

Posted by IGSaint on 21 September 2014 - 11:43 PM

I don't care what I sound like to people who won't ever get something they aren't USED TO hearing.


So if the O-line plays better next week is it "good energy"? How about the week after that? Maybe people aren't used to hearing what you are saying because it's nonsense. 

#2971814 Cam Tonight

Posted by IGSaint on 21 September 2014 - 11:39 PM

I'm basing it off of seeing every snap Cam has taken in the NFL and saying it the whole time.


You are sounding like a joke. So every time a QB is sacked by their o-line it's due to bad energy? Give me a break with your crap. Stop posting bruh. 

#2971443 Cam Tonight

Posted by IGSaint on 21 September 2014 - 11:04 PM

Cam still throwing high.  I'm starting to think we can't fix it.  


No qb throws perfect all the time. Sometimes they miss wide or throw behind the receiver. Rodgers couldn't get anything going against the lions today when Cam was slinging it against them last week. It's a pretty stupid thing to harp on the high throws. What is Cam's completion percentage? That is what matters the most. 

#2966357 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Posted by IGSaint on 20 September 2014 - 11:25 PM

Post the three biggest QB contracts. Every one of those QBs have multiple playoff wins. Yes, playoff wins (as evidenced by flacco) have a very large determination on the qb's contract. To say otherwise is wrong.

Look, I get it. I think Cam is head and shoulders the best of the young QBs. I believe Luck is his only peer, and even still, Cam is proven to be (at least statistically*) better than all of them (Wilson included).

But, there's all of this talk of how te salary cap will rise and QB contracts will as well. I agree with that. But, as the job market indicates, other positions contracts will rise, too. That includes LT, WRs, MLBs, etc.

To me, Luke is just as important to the team as Cam. So, do you think his agent would say, "well, Luke is great and potentially one of the best ever. And I see Cam got this 150m+ contract, but my client, being the generous man he is, will take 40% of that number"? No, he won't.

So, the team becomes a balancing act of how much do you pay Luke and how much do you pay Cam, because, in the end, the two will need huge contracts, demanding of their elite status.

*i say statistically because I know someone is going to come in and say, "Wilson is better. He has Super Bowl ring!"



Who is talking Cam getting the biggest QB contract here? My point was that Cam is going to get a good deal similar to guys like Dalton regardless of what he does in the postseason. My intention in my post was not to make Cam the highest paid QB even though he doesn't have the playoff success right now. I don't think Cam wants to be the highest paid QB either but some people in this thread are talking like Cam should be underpayed compared to other QB's with similar stats until he gets some playoff wins and that is just not how contracts are done for the QB position.

#2965554 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Posted by IGSaint on 20 September 2014 - 09:20 AM

Because Cam has not proven to win in the clutch.

There is a chance we could be strapping the franchise and Cam never deliver post season results.

I think Cam will do that soon. But there is a chance.

I would prefer to wait to pay him mega bucks until he takes that next level


Patriots and Saints victories last year were clutch victories. GTFOH, you really have no clue whatsoever what you are talking about. Stop spewing crap. And has been said before NFL QB contracts are not predicated on post season success no matter how hard you try to debate that it is. GM's give guys like Dalton who have had no post season success their contract because A) it is hard finding playmaking qbs and b they believe that eventually guys like Dalton will get it done. The same will go for Cam even if he loses in the first playoff game again this year. 

#2965518 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Posted by IGSaint on 20 September 2014 - 08:51 AM

When you have the best D in the league all you need is a game manager.

One reason why paying cam that money would be hard to swallow

The panthers D is not invincible. As was shown last year against the patriots and even the seahawks vs the chargers . There are times when even the best D's will fail and that is when guys like Cam can take over like he did last year. You think some average qb wins against the patriots last year when they were scoring at will? 

#2965357 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Posted by IGSaint on 20 September 2014 - 12:30 AM

Yeah I think he got 5 mill per year less.  I'd be all for matching the contract and even exceeding it by a mil per year....but 5?  It's such a big contract that it makes another 5 mil seem like nothing.  Do you know how many players we signed with 5 mill this past off season?


People are just throwing up numbers right now. I'm sure Cam will be negotiable about his contract to go maybe even less than Dalton. Cam cares about winning more than anything so as long as he is paid near dalton I think he will be OK. I don't think one of his goals is to be highest paid or whatever .

#2965354 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Posted by IGSaint on 20 September 2014 - 12:28 AM

I like Cam, but man, he hasn't even won a single playoff game. 


Giving that kind of money with the likes of the elite super bowl winners is unnerving. 


Dalton got his money while being horrible in the playoffs. You don't need to show that you win playoff games in the NFL to get good contracts. All you need is the potential for a GM to gamble on that you will eventually get the job done otherwise dalton would have never got the contract that he got. And Cam is way better than Dalton. You people are delusional if you think Cam is not getting a similar contract to Dalton even if he doesn't win a playoff game this year. Two time pro bowl QB's like Cam don't just grow on trees. So many franchises are in a dumpster because they can't find good QB play. CAM WILL BE PAID. How much is a debate between Cam's agent and gettleman but don't expect gettleman to let Cam walk unless he is sticking to some outrageous price and unwilling to budge. And I doubt Cam is the type not to be negotiable with Gettleman about his contract. 

#2965344 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Posted by IGSaint on 20 September 2014 - 12:21 AM

If Cam wants money like that he needs to win in the playoffs period.  I'm all for paying the man, but the biggest contract in NFL history warrants at least 1 playoff win.


How in the hell are we supposed to do this and sign Kuechly?  Do we want any other players?  Are just going to have 20 1 year contracts for the league minimum per year?


Cam if you win in the playoffs get your money.

If you can't take us to the NFCCG you need to lower your price by 5 mill per year.


Dalton has never won in the playoffs and still got ridiculous money. And has in fact been horrible in the playoffs. Cam will be getting a good contract regardless. 

#2965342 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Posted by IGSaint on 20 September 2014 - 12:20 AM





Big Ben





Cutler/Stafford/Dalton can make an argument for all those being around Cam's level if not better.


Dalton? Are fuging serious? And an argument can be serious made that Cam is better than Cutler, stafford, wilson, etc. 

#2952240 We're 2-0 you feckless avalanches of wilting children

Posted by IGSaint on 14 September 2014 - 04:08 PM

I never come on this forum when the game starts because of overwhelming negativity and reactionary posting especially about Cam. I can't even have as you said a normal experience while reading this forum during game time. It's only tolerable after the game ends.

#2946265 Depending on how we play against DET

Posted by IGSaint on 12 September 2014 - 05:15 PM

I will be ready to tell you guys if this is the year we win the SB or not. The defense is already in top form. I need to see how Cam plays. Don't forget, we were number 2 seed in the NFC last season.


I'm going to give you my honest opinion. You should wait a couple of more games into the season before you start analyzing whether this team is superbowl bound or not. Last year most people wrote us off for a less than .500 season after starting

1-3. It's especially silly to analyze the offense this sunday as a finished product when Cam has had limited practice so it may take him some games to get into a groove. Hell, Joe Flacco was ass last sunday but brought it yesterday and looked like a playoff qb. It's just stupid to analyze seasons so early let the team settle in both offense and defense including Cam.  

#2944685 Ex-Panther vs Ex-Panther

Posted by IGSaint on 11 September 2014 - 09:47 PM

Flacco is targeting Smitty a bit excessively. Missing wide open people in the endzone.

We call that Jake Delhomme/Cam Newton disease.

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I think you call that the Steve Smith disease. If steve smith is one of your wr then you know he wants you to throw it to him at all times. 

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