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In Topic: Report: Andre Johnson will be released if Texans can’t find trade partner

Yesterday, 09:08 PM

YES!!! Sign Johnson and Finnegan and make them roomies at Wofford.

In Topic: salary cap released

Yesterday, 02:43 PM

Really? Salary Cap was my all time favorite player. Wish him the best wherever he goes, he was one of the greats to ever put on a Panthers uniform.

In Topic: Panthers...Hot Balls-gate?

Yesterday, 02:37 PM

Roger Gordell: "Considering how the Panthers were directly responsible for Ray Rice, Ray McDonald and Adrian Peterson I don't think it's too extreme to ban them in 2015 and dock them 10 1st round picks following their stunts of deflating balls and pumping sound into their stadium.


Oh wait...that wasn't the Panthers?...meh, just easier to lump it together."

In Topic: 2015 Huddle mock offseason draft

Yesterday, 12:18 PM

The Chicago Bares select Jaquiski Tartt SS / Samford.

In Topic: Panthers Mock Draft Rounds 1 - 3

Yesterday, 10:10 AM

I'd be ecstatic if we landed Collins and Fisher.