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In Topic: April Fools Day, The Huddle, And You

Yesterday, 10:15 AM

I'm personally looking forward to a "Hardy resigns from Dallas, re-signs with Carolina" thread.

In Topic: Smitty gets a radio gig....

Yesterday, 10:11 AM

I could see Smitty becoming a professional wrestler when his football days are done.

In Topic: Predict the Line!

Yesterday, 09:34 AM


In Topic: Aside from scoring plays, which plays get you the most excited as a Fan?

30 March 2015 - 09:39 PM

Forced fumble sack that causes a QB to explode into a bloody mess.

In Topic: Per league sources, NFL Draft has 16-19 top players; "20th pick same as 5...

30 March 2015 - 07:22 PM

I honestly think this is a weak top end draft, not just after 20 or so picks. There might be 4 top 10 worthy players and the rest are either mid to late 1st rounders in any other draft. On the positive, I feel like the value is in the 2nd round talent that I think can extend into the 3rd.


  • No legit top 10 LT, most are either tweener OG prospects or RT's.
  • No legit top tier WR such as Calvin Johnson, AJ Green or Larry Fitzgerald, mostly second tier but the depth is stout in this years draft.
  • Both QB's have major question marks about off the field for Winston and ability for Mariota, guys like Petty, Hundley and Grayson have the chance of moving into the 1st if a team trades up.
  • Outside of Vic Beasley, Danny Shelton and Leonard Williams I think the defenders leave a lot to be desired. Fowler is overrated, Gregory would've dropped even without the drug test, Ray is a bust waiting to happen as a 3-4 OLB, Dupree is arguably better than all of them and I think he'll go higher than most are projecting. 
  • No 1st round TE.
  • RB is strong this year but the best RB is coming off an ACL, easily the strongest group alongside WR.
  • Minus Trae Waynes, I'd give all the CB's a late 1st or later grade.
  • Landon Collins is great but any other year he'd go in the 20-32 range with no other safety going in the 1st.
  • The best LB Paul Dawson is a major character concern and the others are top of the 2nd prospects.