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In Topic: If you don't use the Huddle App then.... WELP

Today, 12:42 PM

It is much easier to use for me. Plus it keeps me from having to explain all the bouncing boob and butt signatures to my wife!

Thanks zod

In Topic: anybody want to claim this? pretty cool.

Yesterday, 07:27 PM

It could be worse, I saw a burgundy and black dodge challenger with the Falcons emblem on the side the other day.

And I live in eastern nc

In Topic: The Cam Newton Conspiracy Theory

Yesterday, 02:06 PM

Why does everyone insist on saying jr is cheap when the Panthers are always near the cap limit and during the lockout they were one of the few teams that didn't lay off their employees?

In Topic: Pracfice Squad Signings

Yesterday, 12:26 PM

@josephperson 52s

Undrafted rookie LB Adarius Glanton has cleared waivers and will return to #Panthers practice squad, per source.

Is it bad that I've never even heard of this guy. I guess it means he sucks or I suck (not literally for all you pervs on here)

In Topic: Aldon Smith Suspended 9 Games

30 August 2014 - 09:53 PM

Why can't these dumb fugs stay out of trouble and who in their right mind goes to an airport and tells people they have a bomb? Especially after they have already been in trouble 2 or 3 times!

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