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How often will Shula try and stretch the field with Brown?

24 November 2014 - 07:58 AM

Rivera told us this wasn't about what Avant said.  While most of us are waving the Bullshyt flag it is now time for him to prove what he said.


IMO I think we should put Brown on a Go route first offensive play of the game.   Whether he catches it or not.   We need to open the field a bit.  If Minnesota wants to cover him one on one.   I would go after it often. 


Shula doesn't seem to be that type of OC that is going to use this weapon too much.   He used Ginn last year but not nearly enough. 


When we signed Brown after the draft I felt he was a gem.  He has shown he can play and is only going to get better.


I got one thing for SHULA.....  USE HIM!!!!!












The Gettleman Experience

14 November 2014 - 03:45 AM

Our GM came in last year and did probably the worst thing he could have ever done to this franchise.  Hit a home run with every move.  Every draft pick and free agent signing seemed to be the right one.  And IMO he will hit more home runs than strike outs in the future.


But those damn home runs ruined his plan.   I don't think he ever envisioned that we would win the NFCS.  But we did.  What a good team that was too.  Tough, nasty and had a killer instinct but in the end even our own flaws were found out.


I understood why he kept Hardy and IMO it was the right decision.  You keep that nasty front four going and hopefully the cheaply signed back end will be able to hold its own.   Then the wheels fell off.   Hardy gets a early all expenses paid vacation and to make matters worse.  Alexander decides he can fool the system and get caught again.  So now we lose what I thought would be a valid replacement for Hardy.   Now the defense is not as good.    I think they have played better but the offense is in the toilet.


Gettleman, Rivera and Shula all blew smoke up our asses about Bell and Chandler.   They had us believing that all was going to be well in 2014 with our oline.  Bell looks like a turnstile and Chandler looks like a floor mat.   Kalil can't do it by himself, Turner's been hurt and Norwell is just getting warm.   The worst offensive line in history.  Good God say it isn't so.   But even then I got the idea.  I don't think for one second Chandler or Bell were long term solutions but I do believe that Gettleman and the Panthers thought they could stand up for one season.   It was a huge gamble and it didn't pay off. 


Most of us can see what the plan was but either we choose to believe it is all Gettleman's fault or Rivera's fault or even Shula. 


But the bottom line is Hurney continues to screw this team.  Gettleman is a good GM and in the end we will be happy we kept him. I think he will continue to try and get this franchise headed in the right direction.   Though the pitchfork and axe folks want to drag him to the guillotine I think he will get us right by 2016. 


The moves I think he should make.


Coaches everyone stays except Shula.  Bring in someone with an imagination and someone who will use Cam and his superman style and make him great.   


Get some guys who can get some separation to help Cam.  Brown and KB are a good start but they need more help.


Continue to scrape the talent pool and find those players that will fit our scheme for one season until this Cap hell is over.


2015 Offseason should be focused on OTs.  I would say 2 Free Agents and a minimum of 2 high draft picks.  We have to protect our QB.   I will be shocked if this isn't priority #1 as soon as the season is over.


It is sad that we are on the brink of a losing season.   Basically 2 more loses and the season is officially a losing season.


Maybe something drastic happens and Rivera Nov-Dec magic returns and we win out. 


Regardless, Gettleman isn't the cause of this mess.  He made a few back choices but they had to be made and there is a good argument for those moves.   Whether the outcome was as he planned is a mute point.  The decision was made and it was an attempt not to mortgage the future to give us back to back winning seasons. 


Those of you that call for his head really need to take a step back and look at what he inherited and where he took us before you can him.


Maybe next season he'll give us 2013 again and 2016 we'll have our back to back winning seasons.


GO Panthers

The Gettleman Experience

14 November 2014 - 03:45 AM


Positive Note? Andrew Norwell

27 October 2014 - 02:27 AM

I think for an UDFA rookie he did very well.   I am not one to normally stare down an offensive lineman in a game but seemed that when we were running the ball Norwell seemed to be really pounding some people.


He may have not performed too well in pass protection because when Cam drops back, my eyes are on him.


Those of you that have the stomach to watch this again on your DVRs.  Did Norwell play as well as I thought he did?

Sam Mills a Semi-Finalist

18 October 2014 - 02:43 AM

I am pretty sure he is a longshot but just maybe he gets in.


If he does, does he go in as a Panther or a Saint?  Most would believe he would go in as a Panther.  Our first.


What a fitting tribute to a great player and an outstanding individual.



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