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Yesterday, 06:20 PM

There are only 6 episodes? The one I watched last night was unimpressive, about a guy who died and his wife bought a doppelganger version of him.


Will never beat Torchwood or Primeval.


The first season was mind blowing.  The second was not as good IMO.  Still good but not like WOW good like the first season.  Start from the beginning.  

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Yesterday, 06:16 PM


In Topic: Black Mirror

18 December 2014 - 11:16 PM

True, some shows drag on. But I'd love to see a few more Sherlock seasons. I bet it's over with the next one though. Luther got cancelled WAY too fast. Utopia got axed as well. Plebs needs to stick around. I could've used another Inbetweeners season.


I know we have BBC America here, but I'd love to one day see all the BBC channels, ITV, and Channel 4 be available here on cable. Yes, I can watch them via Hola but it's not the same.


Yea dude WTF happened with Luther?  That show was awesome.  Definitely deserved a third season.  

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18 December 2014 - 09:38 PM

Yep, been watching it since it came out years back. Favorite episode is "be right back" and "15 million merits"


My favorite was "The Entire History of You".  Really hit close to home because I've been saying that humans will have that capability very soon.  Who would really want to remember everything that has ever happened to them?  Too many painful memories...

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18 December 2014 - 09:37 PM

I've been wanting to check it out, but don't like the fact it isn't serial and has new actors every episode. I like long story arcs. The UK definitely does good TV, but so do we: Fargo, The Americans, Breaking Bad, Homeland, Ray Donovan, Dexter, Battlestar Galactica, just to name a few.


I agree the US has some great TV, but one thing I've always liked about British shows is they don't drag on for a bunch of extra seasons after the show isn't good anymore.  Dexter is a prime example.  The first 2 seasons are amazing, and the 4th with Trinity is great.  But near the end it really got off the rails and there's a lot of shows like that where that's happened.  Most British shows are only 2-3 seasons and then it's over, and I like that.

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