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In Topic: A cap expert gives a little analysis on our RBs among other things (via Person)

Today, 10:45 AM

I really can't wait for Williams to go.  He's a liability on the field and his antics about his mom (not speaking to the press even tho the team has done a lot for him IMHO) show what a little bitch he is.  I quit following him on twitter and fb.  It's too nauseating to read his self-promotion and all the soccer moms saying 'we love you D-Will keep pounding".  Yeah keep falling down when you're barely touched, keep fumbling the ball and not give a crap.  


It would be better for the team if he just rode the bench for the rest of the season.

In Topic: What Are You Listening To Right Now....

Today, 09:15 AM

Such a great song...


In Topic: Blake Bortle's girlfriend de-friggin-lish

Today, 08:29 AM



‘If we come to town, will she be there for dinner?’ Bortles admits he was asked in pre-draft interviews.



In Topic: Which would you rather see happen?

19 November 2014 - 08:22 AM

I always want them to win. In the situation they are in now, if/when we lose, I don't get angry and I think of draft position.

In Topic: Thomas Davis on WFNZ Bustin' Loose

18 November 2014 - 02:58 PM

Frank, a former player, should not have pushed the issue as much--tried many times to get Davis to bash the play calling.  When Davis said what he had to say, Frank started arguing with him.  Asked TD to call out Deangelo.  I understood where TD is coming from--his team is a game out.  Never bash coaches or teammates (see Avant, RGIII).  Get off his back, Frank.



Wow that's unprofessional.


If only Kroeger could do 10 hours of radio per day.


Garcia is a jackass. 

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