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#2895240 Why Rivera why?!?

Posted by stratopanther on 17 August 2014 - 09:10 PM

He might be some things, soft aint one of em.

#2892373 Partial Summary of "Expert" Opinions on Panthers

Posted by stratopanther on 16 August 2014 - 02:14 AM

We might end up being in the last quadrant of offensive stats and still end up winning twelve games. Executing in key moments is all that matters and we have the clout on defense and the newtscootinboogie to get it done.

#2861946 USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Posted by stratopanther on 23 July 2014 - 12:50 PM

The Panthers regressed offensively pretty much across the board in 2013 but i guess media narratives are more convincing than you know stats and things like that

12-4 trumps all statboy.

#2861934 USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Posted by stratopanther on 23 July 2014 - 12:42 PM

I really hate the faith put in Ron Rivera. People think he changed his philosophy or something which frankly isn't true. Someone just showed him some relative value chart of going for it on 4th, or going for TDs deep in opposing territories, etc. These things aren't daring or innovative; they're logical.
And even if he's changed on 3-4 plays a game, he's still letting shula call the most horseshit offense in the NFL for the rest of them.

I hope they implode this year and they bring in Gus Malzahn.

i suppose a deep playoff run would be devastating for you.

#2669548 Salary Cap Announcement - Tagging Talk

Posted by stratopanther on 28 February 2014 - 09:43 AM

I hope they find a way to re-sign Captain.  He catches alot of grief on here but he's a playmaker.

#2614916 Just got back from the Stadium

Posted by stratopanther on 14 January 2014 - 10:45 AM

he needs to workout lose some of that gut

That's where his power is stored.

#2548501 Watching the Dallas debacle is extra special for Panthers fans

Posted by stratopanther on 16 December 2013 - 03:51 PM

When it was 26-3 I turned to my buddy who is a cowboys fan and said "there's no way they blow that lead".  I believed that at the time.  They never fail to amaze and entertain me at their expense.

#2544679 Official Panthers - Jets Gameday Thread

Posted by stratopanther on 15 December 2013 - 03:52 PM

7 TOs for the skins.  Funny stuff.

#2541647 On the ledge

Posted by stratopanther on 12 December 2013 - 07:22 AM

Wave at us on the way down.

#2529081 ESPN Insider hit piece: Panthers aren't playoff contenders. Need someone...

Posted by stratopanther on 05 December 2013 - 12:20 PM

I think anyone who would pay to sign up for that would have a pretty high BDR.

#2523636 I wasn't sold.

Posted by stratopanther on 02 December 2013 - 01:56 PM

It's crazy how one game completely changed Rivera's coaching career.  He was on the hottest seat in the league going into that Giants game.  With his entire head coaching career at stake we stomped a mudhole in em and now it looks like he could have quite a tenure. 

#2487175 Adam Schein - Luke Leading DPOY

Posted by stratopanther on 14 November 2013 - 04:12 PM

I feel like TD is having as good a year as Luke up to this point but gets a fraction of the recognition in non-huddle land.

#2483346 Who to root for, Week 11.

Posted by stratopanther on 12 November 2013 - 11:15 AM

I can't physically bring myself to root for the saints.  My hatred for them is real.

#2470270 Fua Has Been Moved To O-line!

Posted by stratopanther on 06 November 2013 - 01:43 PM

This is a great move from a hilarity standpoint.

#2457062 3 London games in 2014

Posted by stratopanther on 30 October 2013 - 09:24 AM

I haven't heard of a single player, analyst, fan, or commentator that thinks this whole London thing is a good idea yet they push ahead with the idea.

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