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In Topic: New Bungie game: Destiny

23 September 2014 - 10:57 PM

Eh, all classes have pretty comparable weapons. The real difference is in the grenades and their effects when coupled with certain aspects of your progression tree (which is different for each class). I think each class has a weapon type they're more predisposed to getting in drops, though. Not entirely sure. The big difference is just in how you want to play and what Supercharge ability tickles your fancy most. I like having a huge AoE attack that I can launch in loops ever few minutes that guarantees a massive hit if I am smart with my timing. Hunters have their three-shot Golden Gun, which is good for PvP, but not as effective (IMO) for PvE. And Titan, as I said, is just badass to look at and deals a good bit of damage (also great for taking care of the trash that comes with boss fights).

Right now, my Warlock is level 18. I have pretty much kept with an auto-rifle as my primary the entire game (mine right now does something like 180 damage). That's pretty much what you get from all classes, though. My buddy is a Titan, and I swear he has been rolling nothing but fusion rifles and pulse rifles as his primary the entire game.

Also, weapon use is different depending on what you're doing. In PvP (unless I'm just doing it wrong), you need to have a good auto-rifle to compete. The charge time for fusion rifles just never works out in my favor, and pulse rifles don't do enough quick damage with the pacing that the Crucible forces you into.

I think Warlocks DEFINITELY have the best grenades, though. You can literally block off an entire doorway or side of a room if you're smart with them (and in later missions, they're great for throwing into the ridiculous swarms of trash you get thrown at you).

I disagree on the auto rifle for PvP. I got tore up by shotguns the first few matches I played,so I switched and now that's all I use. I'm a titan though so I can soak some damage up as I close the range gap.


In Topic: Video of St. Louis Shooting of Kajieme Powell Disproves Cops' Version of...

24 August 2014 - 06:25 PM

Yep, but don't think they are taught to use them on folks that have "weapons".  Some drunk talking or being disruptive will probably get tased.  Not sure what they are taught, maybe some Huddler is a former cop?

You should never come with a lesser force option than what is presented. Too many times tasers/ spray are ineffective, and by the time the cop realizes they are ineffective the bad guy, with his deadly force option, is on top of you.


Then if not tasers how about shooting non-critical areas to disable the suspect.

The guy did come at the police in an agressive manner.. I am sure One shot to the thigh would have him under control. One shot would have been about 9 less bullets in him.

Not a sarcastic question, but how much shooting experience do you have? Even not under duress hitting a moving target is hard, much less after fight or flight hits and you lose fine motor skills. If you choose to shoot you shoot center mass.

In Topic: Well Halo 5 will be here....in 2015!

21 August 2014 - 03:46 PM

Bring back the mauler in multiplayer


I remember when an update came out that took some of the maulers off the maps, buzz kill. A mauler/melee combo was almost shotgun-esque in its day

In Topic: Huddle Workout Warriors

15 August 2014 - 12:49 AM

Actually,on a serious note, I'm starting to get stretch marks around my biceps area. I can't find any good info online though on what to do other than a collagen and Vitamin A/E cream. Anyone else deal with this when starting back lifting? I've only been doing more weight for about 2 months as opposed to lots of reps at lower weight I was doing before to tone up. Should I stop moving up in weight till skin catches up?


Your skin elasticity is genetics/diet. Throw that extra plate on there

In Topic: Shooting in Missouri sparks protests, looting

11 August 2014 - 03:39 PM



why can't dash cams be fitted to do more of a 360 view rather than just in front of the vehicle.  here is another shooting that causes doubt and rage.  it will be another he said/she said, so to speak with no real evidence supporting either side.  just more suspicions and mistrust


Most likely even that wouldn't have solved this. If the story is true it started as a routine contact, one in which the officer would not normally have flipped the cam on manually or his lights on. Btw I think I saw where Trayvon Martins family lawyer has been retained, dis gun be good...

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