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In Topic: Julio Jones didn't practice again today

Yesterday, 07:59 PM

If he starts free month of all pro please

It's 5 bucks bro. I'm currently drinking an All-Pro subscription at the moment.

In Topic: Cam. The new era

Yesterday, 07:55 PM

Often times, when humans are faced with their own mortality everything in their life changes. I know some of you here may know what I am talking about. With me, trivial things in life sort of just rolled of my back, I noticed colors were more vibrant, I had more patience with people and I loved harder and was laser focused on the things that mattered.

Some of us view football as simply a game but for people like Newton it's their way of life, it's how he makes his money. I predict that the Cam we see will be a person that we will not recognize. I think Cam will be lighter, I think he will have fun and absolutely treasure every minute of his life.

From a fan perspective. I think he will be lights out. I think Cam will set it off and will become the voice that we've waited for.

This is just my opinion, flame if you must, I just know that these experiences change people and 99% of the time it changes you for the good.

Prediction. Cam will put this Panther this team on his shoulders and carry it.

Love you guys, mean it.

This happens the first time you do acid, too.

In Topic: Can the Falcons win, this thread is to instill faith into ourselves they can

Yesterday, 02:56 PM

Falcons win cuz hard knocks showed me how tufffff they are

In Topic: If Atlanta AND Cleveland win this weekend....

Yesterday, 02:51 PM

One more week of stupid threads being started on the Huddle.

In all fairness, the stupid threads will never stop.

In Topic: Bears starting jimmy pickles over cutler this week

17 December 2014 - 09:50 PM

Good luck pickles.

I'm pulling for ya.

He was a class act from the moment we drafted Cam, not to mention he gifted us Cam.

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