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In Topic: Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

Yesterday, 04:18 PM

I don't think that much of Martins ability so this kinda worries me that Gman thinks he can help us a lot.


Makes me think Oher and Remmers are not as highly regarded as I hoped they might be, but if we can do something with no risk, then why not


IMHO Oher and Remmers are stop gappers at best!

In Topic: Severe punishments for Browns, Falcons

Yesterday, 03:59 PM



This isn't a real news source....... But, I can't help but be hopeful 


Doubtful IMO due to the primetime TV spectacle that is the 1st round.  I would LOVE it but more realistically I'm hoping/expecting a 2nd rounder based on legit sources. 

In Topic: Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

Yesterday, 03:37 PM

LOVE it!!  I was an advocate last year and his college coach who should know, Harbaugh, thought enough of him to bring him in.  Being dumped by the disasters in Miami and San Fran is not a death knell for a CHEAP 25 year old with a ton of potential!! 


We desperately needed another OT and the value in this signing is far more than overpaying for another vet nobody. 

In Topic: Saints trading again?

Yesterday, 01:46 PM

Hard to plan when your division roadblock is showing pocket aces in Cam and Luke, ie the best offensive and defensive player in the game over the next decade. Too many obstacles from too many angles for that organization right now without an absolute miracle. Can miracles happen? Sure. But you can't count on miracles.

In Topic: Cryptic Voth tweet

25 March 2015 - 07:55 PM

they like flowers and peat so...

I'd gladly give up a pick or two to ensure we get a guy we're comfortable with protecting the franchise. The Bengals (21) and Lions (23) have seen various OT's mocked to them.