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In Topic: do we threepeat?

Today, 01:27 AM

And we probably would've won atleast two more with him. Atleast the bengals game. Idk why people don't want hardy back honestly

We win the whole thing with him IMHO. But I also was not for bringing him back last year and for putting the cash to other resources which will make us even better.

In Topic: Nice Saturday AM haymaker thrown by TimTom Hasselbeck

Yesterday, 10:10 PM

Cam  will be the "villain" his entire NFL career..  It is just the way it is.        Nothing really to get mad about,  since nothing will change it.    Some believe that if we were to win a SB that the Trash-on-Cam trend will stop..........but,  those are fans that are sadly mistaken.    Just go with the flow and accept the things you can't change.


Don't disagree.  He's our hero though and I have little logical doubt will be the greatest football player to ever play the game,  A GOAT villain the rest (vast majority) will have to take up their cornhole for the next decade+.

In Topic: do we threepeat?

Yesterday, 08:50 PM

I think we'll win it for the next 5+ years


In 5 years Cam will be 30, which happens to be the average age of Super Bowl winning QBs, and Luke will be 28.  I think you mean 10+ years.

In Topic: do we threepeat?

Yesterday, 07:22 PM

Ill make a prediction after the draft.  Gotta see what Atlanta fixes.


???  As I said before we curb stomped them, even without the brains of GMan, the difference between 8 and 25 in this draft in terms of value is next to nothing.  They're gonna lose a 2nd day pick and we were 31 points better with a gimp Cam and without 10% of the cap.  They're just to weak in too many areas and their QB is a female body part. 

In Topic: do we threepeat?

Yesterday, 06:22 PM

Well unless my eyes were deceiving me and we really didn't skull fug our two biggest rivals on their home fields while playing with an injured SuperCam and without 10% of our cap in a year that even if those two things didn't happen we purposefully were willing to take a step back to go two steps forward, then I'd have to say our chances are pretty freakin good. Oh #*!! yeah we do. The dawn of the greatest dynasty of the salary cap era.