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Yesterday, 05:54 PM

been a while since i've had a pair of dunks, but i love those shoes... never done a custom pair before.  $130 is hard to justify

In Topic: Largest teacher raise in NC history

Yesterday, 04:31 PM

The parents should suffer for it. 




unfortunately, what we're seeing is suffering teachers... and in response we'll take away their assistance

In Topic: Largest teacher raise in NC history

Yesterday, 04:19 PM


That I will buy. 
But back to my original comment.....they weren't needed 20 years ago.  Is the behavior of the kids getting that much worse?  If so, it is really an indictment on how parenting has gone in the crapper over that same period.
Used to be when a kid got in trouble at school, the parent's also punished the kid at home. 
Now when a kid gets in trouble at school, the parent's blame the teacher, principal, system....threaten to sue...demand teacher be fired....etc
Sends a very bad message to our kids.

so because parenting has gone down the shitter, the teachers should suffer for it...?

In Topic: Largest teacher raise in NC history

Yesterday, 04:04 PM


I think you are probably correct.
But thinking about it more, why is that so terrible.
I think back to when I was in school.  We had class sizes just as big and there were NO teacher assistants.  You would think that the technology today was even make it easier.
I know that having another person in the room is a big help....but haven't we really created this situation over the past decade?

i don't know your age, but from reading your posts all over this forum i'm guessing you're anywhere between mid 40's-mid 50's give or take? you're telling me, that when you were in school, your classrooms were pushing 40 students strong, a lot of times more? because when i graduated high school ten years ago, those are the numbers that i was seeing in my classrooms every day. not necessarily the electives, but the important classes like the maths, sciences, history and whatever we're calling the English/Language Arts classes these days

there's no reason that a single teacher should have to try to control and teach that many students at one time... four to five times a day and then have to take all that work home. plus, ten years later, those classroom numbers have probably only gotten higher as the number of kids has grown and the number of teachers has decreased

like has already been said... this is basically more money for teachers having to do more work - which is how it should be - but when the state is already so far behind everyone else on pay scale, what has really been accomplished?

yes, more money is absolutely fantastic and will greatly impact a lot of people i know personally... but those same people are already have to supplement their incomes with second and third jobs just to get by. when they start having to do EVEN MORE work because these assistants start disappearing, what do they do then? because this raise won't replace the money from second/third jobs which they may not be able to keep with the increased workload

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26 July 2014 - 01:11 PM

all this does is remind me that i used to have really bad taste in music

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