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23 February 2015 - 10:55 AM

My first was a '90 GXL.  Bought it from some Grandma with 27,000 miles in 2004.  I was the greatest thing.  I miss it so much.  I'm trying to find another one with a 5 spd.  I'd love to be able to find a turbo II that needs to be rebuilt for super cheap.  They don't pop up on Craigslist like they used to.  


yeah, mine was an auto, but I had already lined up a TII/5-speed swap as well as full suspension... then it was wrecked :(  oh, to be young, have no real expenses and a bright red RX-7... that car was pretty much the only reason I worked at that point in my life haha


I recently saw a black 89 TII with rebuilt seals on CL for $7000... drooled over it for a few days before the listing finally dropped off

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21 February 2015 - 10:38 PM

Not me.

The cars I've owned:
1965 Mustang Fastback
1972 Nova SS
1994 RX-7
1988 RX-7
2005 Grand Cherokee (for those keeping score this was my first car with cupholders)
2010 Mazda3
2004 F250
1990 Miata

First car was an '89 RX-7. Bought it in '01 with 63k miles. Loved it, until some redneck in a Ram 1500 turned right out of a left turn lane and drove over the front of it. :(

I will some day own another FC RX-7.

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17 February 2015 - 03:42 PM

300hp in a Miata will be fun, but probably a little overkill.  beef up the suspension and that would be all the fun i'd need, if I still fit in Miata's.  haven't since I was about 14 lol




i'll be getting my car ready to sell in the spring so that I can buy a truck or SUV with 4wd.  my Honda fit was the family (me, wife and two dogs) car until my wife's acura rsx decided to commit suicide and roll down our driveway... so she bought a Subaru outback and now i'm getting something cheap to have a little fun with.  looking for an older truck, but currently leaning toward the old land rovers/range rovers/land cruisers

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09 February 2015 - 09:07 AM

it's Shelby... what do you expect?

In Topic: Our Coaches BETRAYED Us - From Seawhawk Nation - CONSPIRACY

04 February 2015 - 11:05 AM

I love all of this conspiracy nonsense


if ANYTHING happened... they decided not to give the winning TD to marshawn, that's it.  I can justify that considering they're trying to resign him and don't want to give him the leverage of "I JUST WON THE fuging SUPERBOWL FOR YOU" but anything outside of that is people trying to do anything put blame on RW and saying that he made a bad call/throw