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Thought experiment.

31 March 2014 - 04:07 PM

Well, this one is sure to invoke some pretty strong opinions


Here it comes anyway.

Think before you answer.


Question 1. Why is it not okay for a man to hit a woman.

Why are Ashkenazi Jews an accepted Jewish culture

12 February 2014 - 01:33 PM

Serious question, even though I have no doubt that the tinderbox is a haven for racists and bigots and this will soon devolve into that.

Josh Thomas

12 January 2014 - 04:46 PM

No this is not the thread you think. A lot of people are hating on JT. But I will tell you something. AT least he was still fighting. This team gave up late in the third when gore first started pounding. Thomas was being held just like they had been doing all game and he fought back. That play did not decide the game. Those that can not understand his fury are the reason why this organization got beat by a team like the niners.

Harbaugh set us up all week. He new that this group was not the tough guys we claimed to be. So what did he do. He blatantly insulted us by saying we didn't beat them at full strength so it didn't count. Second he pays FLair to come talk to his team and not talk to the panthers. Then he gets on the field and has his guys play dirty. Guys were getting choked (literally), boldin sneaks in several late hits, and lord knows what happened with the refs. And mentally we folded. The coach instructed his team to calm down when FIGHTING BACK was what we needed! We got beat up, just like a backyard street fight.

Worse yet I look at all the fan posts and people don't even see that. Take a look at yourselves, the same way I hope the panthers are doing now. Some people are the hammer and some are the anvil. The anvil doesn't know why his head hurts. But the hammer knows that no matter how much his head hurts, the anvil will still hurt more.

Interracial. Yeah I said it. what are you gonna do about it?

25 November 2013 - 12:18 PM

Okay so I built up a reputation as a pro-black Huddler. This is a reputation that I have probably done plenty to deserve. However the truth is this is not necessarily the case. I do feel that Black Americans have a pretty unique experience in America when it comes to its hardships and the racism that still permeates society. But....


I am also in an interracial marriage myself and I have a unique appreciation for all races in America. I just feel that ignoring or pretending a problem doesn't exist is not the way to heal a wound.


Now on to the purpose of this thread. I consider myself a smart guy. Others may be more educated but I have always had a high intelligence (never tested lower than 136 IQ and have tested as high as 145 including one official test by a psychologist). I had thought that I had a working grasp of racial dynamics as it pertains to skin color. In particular how dominant racial characteristics (dark skin, curly hair, brown eyes and dark hair) are passed on from parent to child.


That was until my second child was born.Attached File  Edward and Eddison3.jpg   656.33K   24 downloads Suffice it to say, my youngest is considerably lighter than my oldest, lol. While this never bothered me, it was very unexpected. I always assumed that white looking kids born to mixed families required one or more parents to be mixed themselves.  I assure you, if I am mixed it goes back a long way and same for my wife.


This got me to doing some research. And I tell you what, this is a very real and common thing.  I literally am in shock with just how much.

Attached File  Rashida-Jones-haircut.jpg   57K   24 downloadsRashida Jones

Attached File  1378677448_wentworth-miller-attempted-suicide_3.jpg   138.7K   24 downloadsWentworth Miller

Attached File  meghan.jpg   6.79K   23 downloads(star of the show "Suits")

Attached File  de niro.jpg   36.9K   23 downloadsRaphael De Niro (yes, that De Niro)

Attached File  jessica-alba-cash-warren1.jpg   42.27K   23 downloadsCash Warren (Jessica Albas husband)

Attached File  Troian.jpg   13.33K   23 downloadsAttached File  troian2.jpg   8.94K   23 downloads Troian Bellisario

Attached File  first black woman to write and produce.png   81.77K   23 downloads Darnell Martin. credited as first black woman to write and produce for a major Hollywood studio.

Attached File  carol.png   89.12K   24 downloadsAttached File  cc_vs_mt_9127.jpg   66.68K   24 downloads Carol Channing in 2002 finally admitted her father was a black


Attached File  reece.png   89.84K   24 downloadsGabrielle Reece and without her probably unnaturally blond hair it is a little easier to believeAttached File  gabrielle.jpg   40.93K   24 downloads




So admit people, You never would had guessed at some of them right? That poo is really eye opening! I know, I know, some of you will give the obligatory, "well I don't see color anyway". Or "why is this a big deal" lol. But be honest, this is intriguing.  This is still North Carolina and last I checked race relations are not perfect and some would say they are down right poor in many parts. 


Moreover, consider the implications for what it means to be black, white or whatever in America. Wow. Think of all the mixing that occurred during slavery. What that means for America. Would an exploration of this finally allow America to live up to its "Melting Pot" title? Admit it white people, aren't you just a little curious?


So what is my point in all this.  Race relations in America is a unique and often sad phenomenon. Fraught with a history more sordid and morbid than many care to know. Problems exist here that exist nowhere else in the world. America is the ONLY country that discriminates based on skin color. THE ONLY ONE. Many nations discriminate ethinically but NOT ANY OTHER DOES SO BASED ON SKIN COLOR. In my travels I always thought that interesting.  Especially since I made it a point to "sample" the feminality of different cultures.  I was always surprised at how well received I was around the world and how my skin color/race did not effect the relationship between the parents and myself or anyone else.(I have actually been turned down for being American by a woman who turned around and dated Africans or British Blacks) While in America, particularly in the south there are many families that expressly forbid interracial dating on the pain of disownment.  Very peculiar.


So what are the thoughts of this. How many have done the Genetic testing to determine ancestry. How many are in Interracial relationships and have stories they are willing to share?




(I posted a similar but opposite thread where I pointed out all the people that looked black and had a white parent in another forum predominantly frequented by blacks. It had positive reviews.  I wonder will a forum predominantly frequented by whites embrace it with similar reviews)






Who would we rather see in the playoffs

24 November 2013 - 09:47 PM

Okay guys, the playoff seating is starting to flesh out with the better teams rising out of the muck.


So far, as the 5th seed we would travel to the Dallas to face the Cowboys.


       -thoughts:  Dallas is the type of team that we match up decent with. Dez is very good and Romo can get the ball to him but we have not been getting beat or even roughed up by teams with only one good receiver.



However, say Dallas poos the bed for the rest of the season and Phillie overtakes them. That poses a problem for us I believe. Phillie has a defense that I believe we can exploit, but their offense is destined to be pretty high octane and worst of all FAST PACED.  We don't want to travel to Phillie in the playoffs.


(neither the skins nor the giants have a shot)




Now for hypotheticals.


The NFC west appears to own the other playoff seat. If by some chance the NFC west overtakes us and we move to 6, we would be traveling to Detroit. I don't think anyone else in the NFC North really has a shot to overtake them.


        -thoughts. Detroit is Dallas with a better Defense. Good thing for us is that it would that plays to our strengths on Defense. We might struggle if our running game cant get started but this is a very intriguing matchup.




Flip side. Say we over take the Saints and secure the 2 seed.  That puts us likely hosting the Taints as they would likely beat NFC East.  That is not ideal for us.  Ideal for us is for the Taints to travel to the NFC North.  The teams are not good, but the weather is an ideal scenario as the cold weather would undoubtedly give them fits.   










(playoff key:   wild card round = 4 seed hosting 5 and 3 hosting 6

                       divisional round= 1 hosting lowest to advance and 2 hosting highest

                       Conference round=highest seed hosting lowest)


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