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In Topic: All Saints* players' suspensions have been overturned

08 September 2012 - 09:43 AM

they haven't. thread title went off wrong info.

goodell has to reword the suspension and the infractions.

some thought it meant gooddell got overruled or suspensions were overturned and started reacting accordingly. they jumped the gun, tho and thought this meant something that it doesn't.

bad guys are still gonna get punished. haters are still gonna hate goodell and gooddell will still be right.

Umm on second thought...

Nobody cares about such details today, though. The players pulled a major upset and left Goodell looking very much like the cruel tyrant some deem him to be. The league can consider its own legal moves at this stage, but there's no real value in that. It's best to settle this matter quickly rather than risk any further embarrassment resulting from sheer pride.


In Topic: All Saints* players' suspensions have been overturned

07 September 2012 - 09:52 PM

I'M NOT FINISHED! Before I let you leave this discussion not only must you apologize in this forum but you must also walk to the front of BOA Stadium put your head between your legs and yell "whodat I was wrong!"

In Topic: All Saints* players' suspensions have been overturned

07 September 2012 - 09:00 PM

Ok here is the deal. I have thought about it and I am actually going to let you guys off the hook. All you have to do is say you are sorry, admit that you were wrong, admit that this * stuff was just your way of dealing with the fact that your team has never won a super bowl, admit that you secretly wanted the Saints* players to be suspended because you can't compete when they are at full strength, admit that what the Saints* were doing is nothing worst than any other team in the league, admit that the Saints* actually had less players injured playing against them than the majority of teams in the league, admit that Godell lied about evidence, lied about Hargrove, lied about saying he had 50,000 pages of documents that backed up his story, admit that the Saints* as much as you hate it have the greatest fan base, the greatest owner and the best QB in the NFL and maybe just maybe I will let you participate in a dialogue with me. Until then you really should just remain quiet because you have no credibility or character.

In Topic: All Saints* players' suspensions have been overturned

07 September 2012 - 06:43 PM

Let me educate all of you AGAIN!

First of all I have told you all along that GODELL would be proven wrong. He jumped to conclusions, tried to make a case that wasn't there, lied about evidence and more. He needs to be kicked out of the league. Not only are the players free but it won't be long before Payton is back. Not that they will need him, especially early in the season. There first few games are the easier part of their schedule.

Second, for all of you who are saying the Saints** are in trouble with the cap please check the numbers and get back to me. They are under by more than enough to bring back players.

Third, for all of you who think the players won't be ready please please have a clue. Will Smith has played in every preseason game and has practiced the entire time so he will be as ready as any player. Vilma is hurt but Lofton is a much player player than Vilma and the Saints** D overall is significantly improved.

What an amazing day for the Saints** organization. I have a feeling it is just the beginning of what will be a storybook year ending in a Super Bowl championship with Godell having to give the trophy to a reinstated Sean Peyton.

This is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!