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In Topic: Now That We've Won, Let's Collectively Marvel At Norman's Incred...

Today, 12:49 PM

Just saw the dude's age though... he's 27. Pretty old considering we just drafted him two years ago

In Topic: Alternate Jerseys

Today, 01:06 AM

Lol I kid... but it looks like online those only come in youth. You might could check the stadium store or get a custom one


Nvm, here's one: http://www.panthersf...rsey-p-326.html

In Topic: Alternate Jerseys

Today, 01:03 AM

You can't discuss these kind of topics here. This section is for you to lament over your lack of status.... Newbs  <_<

In Topic: Still Want Rivera Gone

Today, 12:57 AM

To be honest a team's success has more to do with the GM and position coaches. I won't say that the HC is a puppet but you can still win and do well with a mediocre coach. If Ron brings in a better OC and Gettleman doesn't go apeshit again this off season, I'd be just fine with keeping him. 

In Topic: How bad is Ron Rivera?

Today, 12:42 AM


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