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In Topic: An Actual Reaction Thread That's Not Retarded

Today, 09:42 AM

If any member of the offensive line gets hurt for any significant amount of time, as it stands right now, we're totally fuged.

We're def not done aquiring depth on that front.

In Topic: Scott Fowler blog : His take from the press box

Today, 09:39 AM

I'm torn when it comes to Cam.  I understand he's been just trying to get his feet wet, but we can't afford a slow start to the season either.  I'm not sure if we can effectively judge the offense when we're trying to limit Cam's ability to run the ball.  That is what makes him great.  I don't think it's a trend that's going to carry over to the regular season or at least I hope not.  I do know that we can't run any of our spread formations effectively with out him being a running threat.


We all know what he can do when he's happy and healthy, it's just we can't afford how tentative he's playing currently to carry over to week 1.  I actually think it increases his chance of injury.  Case in point last night his forced scramble.  


Ultimately I hope Cam's strategy isn't just trying to stay injury free until his next contract (doesn't seem likely....but still).  I truly wouldn't blame him if that was his angle.  As an organization we've put him in a position where he has to carry us this year for peanuts with a new flux of receivers.  It was wrong for us to put him in that position without a new contract, though I understand why we did it. (Hurney)



In Topic: What do you guys make of the Cam haters still out there today?

Yesterday, 02:28 AM

I think Anderson is happy here.  I get the feeling he's just going to do what he can as Cam's trusty back-up until he retires and lives a good peaceful life.  He's never struck me as a guy who likes the spotlight on him.

I agree.


That's why we're lucky to have him.  Dude went to a pro bowl.  Modern day pro bowl voting has a lot of politics.  You don't just qb the Cleveland Browns and get handed a pro bowl bid and suck unless potentially your name is Manziel.  Dude can play.


I have so much confidence in DA in fact....that if Cam we're to go down (knock on wood)....I still think we could make the playoffs.  

In Topic: What do you guys make of the Cam haters still out there today?

20 August 2014 - 02:23 AM

They really need to keep the idiots off the radio. The Seminole fan calls in. Doesn't give a damn about the Panthers but thinks Derick Anderson should start. Obvious attention seeking. 

Lol at that.


However Anderson does look good every time he's in the game.  Probably should have gotten another shot at being a starter somewhere.  Really lucky we have him if anything should happen to Cam.

In Topic: J Stew

18 August 2014 - 11:57 AM

Bout time that dodo earns some of his dough you know.

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