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In Topic: Huddle prediction: who will win and why....

Today, 01:43 AM

Gerald McCoy....best DT in the NFL vs Valesco? Yeah, that is gonna hurt.

I mean, that one gross mismatch could be the game


Do you really think he's the best?  I'd personally rather have Star.

In Topic: Huddle prediction: who will win and why....

Today, 01:39 AM

The combination of the height of the Buc's receivers and our lack of chemistry at safety concerns me.  That said this game all comes down to our ability to get to the QB.  We win walking home if we get consistent pressure.

In Topic: Teacher writes a book, authorities go nuts

Today, 01:32 AM

in fairness, if he'd written this book and then blown up the school, all of american would turn purple with rage and clog yahoo news comments sections with diatribes about how these days people are too dumb to see something when it's under their own nose IMPEACH OBAMMY


True...yet as it stands all they did was strip him of his 1st Amendment right and tarnish his reputation forever over a fictional novel. 


There are fictional novels written about terrorist attacks/violence/ shootings all the time.  The movie the Hunger Games has kids killing other kids and parents take their kids to it.


Talk about guilty until proven innocent.


Now if it was a novel about a teacher/student sexual relationship that would be more insightful.

In Topic: Help Find Cam a Flack Jacket

Today, 01:19 AM

Attached File  flack jacket.jpg   82.53K   2 downloads

In Topic: The Maulclaw's panther themed wedding....need help.

Today, 01:05 AM

I wouldn't have an Panther logos anywhere but my groomsmen and I would be rocking the colors. Also like I said before speak to Danny Morrison about this. It would help if you're a season ticket holder.


Unfortunately I'm not since I don't live in Charlotte. Though we are looking for to buy a home in Fort Mill/ Lake Wylie SC area in October. Only gonna get to 3 games this year.   Not necessarily looking for the Panthers to give me huge props....but a shot out from a player or two via twitter/ recorded message would be awesome.


We're not over doing it on the logos but there will be some.....the cake and cake toppers are awesome.   The tables will all be line in black and blue. 


I couldn't really justify trying to get a player to say congrats unless we've invested in quite a bit of merch and several game tickets for the season. 


Hell, it might not be a possibility at all....but worth a shot.

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