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In Topic: Some thoughts on Stephenson

Yesterday, 01:42 PM

not trying to dunk every time he takes it to the rack might prolong his career as a top notch contributor. There is a ling list of guys who start to break down after 30 because they relied to much on athletic ability ( see D Wade& Vince Carter)

I don't really think you can include either one of those players in that example.  Vince has been playing in the league for what seems like 20 years and still getting decent contracts.  Wade is still a great player.  He just happens to have some knee problems but he's a starter on any team he goes too. He might not be able to single handedly win a championship any more....but when he did he played above the rim. Any player that's 32 or 33 loses a couple inches from their vert compared to when they were younger.

In Topic: X factor: Zeller

Yesterday, 01:02 PM


You don't give a guy $7mil a year to sit on the bench. Especially with Zeller showing very little improvements in the fuggn summer league.

I expect much more out of MKG. Think this is his year.

I don't really expect much more out of MKG personally.  I'd be happy with a marginal improvement in his shooting ability.  At this point, he's sort of a known commodity in reference to what he provides on the court.  Which isn't a bad thing....it just is what it is.


I don't think we can judge Zeller on his two summer league games.  He flew in late because of a wedding, and why risk getting injured especially since he's going to be on the active roster anyway.  


I'm not saying that Marvin Williams isn't going to be the starter, but it won't be because of the politics of the paycheck.  Tyrus Thomas sat on the bench with his big contract and so did Ben Gordon.  Williams is getting paid 7 mil because he can play a 3 or a 4.  He kills two birds with one stone.  He wouldn't be getting paid that if he's was solely a 3, or solely a 4.  Not to mention if and when Zeller hits the market he'll at least be offered what Williams makes.  


Either way regardless of who's starting  Zeller is a guy that could see 30+ minutes coming off the bench because he'd be the primary back up of the 4 and 5 spots and so much of Williams being a starter has to do with how we match up against an opponent on a given night.  There are a lot of stretch 4's in the league. 

In Topic: X factor: Zeller

Yesterday, 12:11 PM

He's not gonna beat Marvin for the 4 spot. Clifford already said that Marvin is a PF.

Zeller will get his ass push around by Marvin in practices.

I hope that he can succeed and help us win a lot of games, but it doesn't look like it is now. Think the no4 spot is way too much for him to take it in.

Lol....Clifford never said that Williams was the starter.  He said that he's most effective at the 4.  Williams would eat Zeller alive on the perimeter.  Zeller would own him in the paint.  Two different skill sets.

In Topic: Shawn Marion to Charlotte?

Yesterday, 12:08 PM

Because his jump shot is atrocious. I'd rather look at a woman with a full mustache (yuck) than watch him shoot it. 

Sign Griner.  


If you ever heard her talk she sounds like Xerxes from 300.


Kind of reminds me of that tall B from Deuce Bigalow.

In Topic: X factor: Zeller

Yesterday, 12:06 PM

I'm not really thinking of this season as a make or break season.  We knew he needed to put on some muscle when we drafted him.  However if he's completely terrible that is another thing, or if his attitude is still like it was about the summer league, that is also an issue.   I never felt like he'd be an all-star anyway but a double/double guy at best.  If we can get that or even a great guy off the bench I'm happy.


I think from a strength perspective he's really not far off.  He's leaps and bounds ahead of Vonleh in terms of being physically ready.  He just needs to be more decisive and the decisions need to be more correct.  It's nice to have Marvin Williams, but when teams go big....Zeller is the 4.

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