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In Topic: Panthers to give out black rally towels at tomorrow's game

Today, 01:55 PM

Why does this rag cut my face?

In Topic: Chad Ford SPECULATION: Hornets Could Be Interested In Kobe

Today, 12:00 PM

Kobe's not coming here.  If anywhere it would be New York where he can continue to slobber on Phil Jackson's knobber.

In Topic: still hatin on Marvin Williams?

Today, 10:59 AM

I don't know. If Lance reaches his ceiling on the contract he has here that will blow the roof off any other signing in franchise history.

Marvin was a bit of an overpay but at a very valuable and rare position not easily found on the market. Plus after this season it's a very nice trade chip being a 7 million dollar expiring contract.

Ideally I would like to simply use Marvin as a stopgap until hopefully Vonleh or Zeller develops into that role enough to become full-time starter by the time Marvin's contract ends. Same with Gary Neal and Hairston.


I'm not sure Lance will ever blow the roof off of the Jefferson signing.  Lance is a great signing though for sure, but the team is built around taking advantage of teams doubling Big Al.  He by far is the biggest signing we've had and looks to be so for the foreseeable future.


Zeller seems to be one of these guys that will always be valuable depth and occasionally have a great game here and there because he's not the focus of the defense.  In one way he's athletic because he can jump and can run the floor, and in another way he's a stiff when it comes to lateral movements and being able to dip his shoulders. 


Vonleh....who knows what he can become at this point.  


If WIlliams can keep registering performances likes last night there's no reason to keep him as a stop gap just so we can be in a hurry to play Zeller or Vonleh. 

In Topic: still hatin on Marvin Williams?

Today, 10:49 AM

Are u kidding. Lol. If we switch Mcbob for Marvin we lose that game tonight. I agree Mcbob good pass a little bit and move the ball around. But he wasn't that good and couldn't shoot 3's or anything else really all that good. Marvin Williams had a helluva game and was one of the biggest reasons we won. Mcbob will not be missed


Two different players.  Williams hit some clutch shots.  McBob helps space the floor and you could argue our offense wouldn't have been as stagnant when it comes to spacing early in the game with McBob.  Either way Williams is a good player, happy to have him, and he's definitely better at shooting the rock.

In Topic: MJ's Reaction to the Kembas Shot

Yesterday, 11:24 PM

MJ has been a great owner for us.  MJ starting to make his mark.

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