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Antoine Cason signed by Ravens

09 December 2014 - 09:56 AM


What's a good predictor for head coach success?

08 December 2014 - 04:30 PM

Ron Rivera was hired in the midst of the whole youth movement that started around the 2010 offseason, and I also remember him emphasizing finding assistant coaches who were "teachers". It is for this reason that what you see today is the only team where people like Corey Brown get to commit atrocious follies like what he did with that punt return in Pittsburgh that basically spoiled any chance we had of winning.

One of my biggest gripes of the RivEra is this idea that Ron thinks he can bring any walk-on recruit on the team and turn him into a hyper productive player. But Ron's not Bill Belichick so often this doesn't work out. If I had a nickel for every time he talked up some undrafted player that anybody with a functioning neocortex could tell wasn't going to amount to anything, well then, I'd be buying some waterfront property in Hoboken. It's the reason Sione Fua gets to play a big chunk of the 2011 season. Then again you could make a case for Ron in the form of Josh Norman and Bene Benwikere. Gettleman's a much better talent evaluator than Hurney ever was so I expect scouting who's a good player and who isn't will get better with his influence.

But let's grant him that it's actually a strength of his to develop young players. So what else is he good at? Defense? I mean, the defense hasn't been good at all this year or in 2011. Situational game management? Definitely not. And as far as the grand picture, three losing seasons out of four, with the lone exception being a one and done playoff exit. That doesn't really work in his favor either unless your standards are very low.

What I'm saying is Ron was hired to do exactly what he is doing. So obviously Richardson and Hurney thought that this skill set was essential to building a consistent winning franchise. And Ron is very different from John Fox. The product may be the same at the end, but the means on how we get there are much different. Ron also failed to get hired as a HC until like his 9th interview with us. Those teams couldn't all have been just trying to satisfy the Rooney rule.

So let's say, for argument's sake, we're in the market for a head coach at the end of the season. Whose name comes up in college or in the NFL as an assistant or retread that has the requisite skills to bring winning to this franchise? What do they have in common with some of the coaching greats of today and why? Is there a general line of attributes that you need to have to gather consistent success or is it really just a crapshoot as far as we know?

New GM, new coaching staff, new players, same shitty taste

30 November 2014 - 05:10 PM

It's funny how the personnel is so different at key spots and yet they play exactly like the 2010 team.


Steve Smith essentially replaced by a 6'5'' giant with the wingspan of the spruce goose


Jimmy Clausen replaced by an immensely talented QB with a completely different skillset


We actually have a TE


Luke at MLB, who is a better player than Beason ever was


Actual NFL caliber defensive tackles


and the team is still getting blown out the exact same way every sunday.


If you're not blaming JR for at least 85% of this mess at this point then your opinion is irrelevant. And I don't want to hear poo about "but we just extended Rivera". The Dolphins fired Sparano merely a year after they gave him an extension. They're not a very well run franchise either, but at least they commit to trying to win. JR wants to win like I want an Audi RS 5. Yea it would be nice but I can live without it. JR refuses to acknowledge that his vision of football, whatever it is, is flawed. We're on the path to nowhere as long as he is on the king's throne. If Rivera is not fired like he should be at the end of the year, it's because JR doesn't think the price of winning is worth more than a 15 million dollar contract extension, which isn't even a fraction of what the Panthers make in stadium revenue alone.

What do you do with a guy like Keenan Allen

30 November 2014 - 04:35 PM

I've got one guy that shows up every week at WR with Antonio Brown. He pretty much saves my games every week like Calvin Johnson did last year. At WR2, I've been platooning Allen and Sanu. I mean I haven't started Allen much since September because he was absolutely fuging pathetic, but at least Sanu was consistent as long as AJ Green was out. Now he's back and Andy Dalton is being a giant piece of poo lately and is not the least bit interested in getting Sanu the ball it seems. Allen actually did decent last week even though he lost two fumbles because I had no choice but to start him. The problem is that it's complete potluck of who's going to have a good game between the two of them. They're so inconsistent and unpredictable. Everybody else on my team I kind of had a good idea of who was going to have a good week but not either of them. My question is who would you start next week(?) because the playoffs are beginning and I don't want to start a player who's going to blow a popcorn fart while the other guy gets me a bajillion points on the bench. I play in a 16 team league so there's nobody of value in Waivers or FA. Sorry about this post looking more like a rant than a cohesive written piece but I'm fuging pissed because leaving Allen on the bench probably cost me 100 dollars.

Jo-Juh-Jo-Juh-Jo-Juh-Josh Norman

26 November 2014 - 10:12 AM

Out of treeface Ron's doghouse

Coach Ron Rivera praised CB Josh Norman, saying "He's come a long way from Day 1."
Norman (6-foot, 195) has been a training camp superstar since being drafted in 2012, but he'd never been able to translate it to games. It's coming together in 2014, as Norman is a top-27 corner at Pro Football Focus since taking over as a full-time player in Week 8. Quarterbacks have a 49.6 passer rating throwing at Norman the past four games. He's a building block in Carolina's secondary. Nov 26 - 9:58 AM


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