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Bigger Team Problem: Saints' road woes vs. lousy Panthers offense

27 October 2014 - 04:02 PM

The NFC South might be the least competitive division in football this season, and for varied reasons. The Bucs are in rebuild mode and a work in progress. The Falcons' problem is pretty obvious, they have no defense or offensive line to protect their error prone QB. The Saints' are a terrible team on the road and are infinitely more competitive on their home turf.

As for the panthers, we run an offense that somehow has cam newton on it and lacks any explosiveness at the same time. I know people will point to our lack of offensive line talent, but it wouldn't be nearly as bad if the panthers actually had a gameplan that didn't include expecting a patchwork offensive line to play perfectly and block for 20 second WR routes to develop. Every week the Panthers come in with the same mindnumbing offensive strategy by running up the middle and haplessly trying to throw downfield. That may work against certain teams but only if their front seven is even less physical.

So expect one of two things to happen on Thursday:

1. The Panthers are going to gift wrap the Saints their first road win of the season as well as their first in over 11 months because Ron and Mike want to play 1970s ball control grind it out offense with a guy who might as well be a fuging jedi knight in Cam Newton against the Saints' potentially lethal spread, or...

2. The Saints really are that fuging bad on the road and are going to play a sloppy game against the Panthers to the point that they lose in comedic fashion. And then the Panthers are going to get poo on by the Eagles next week.

I'm leaning towards a big fat L and Ron continuing to manufacture reasons why Byron Bell is actually a good player on Friday being the most realistic possibility. But for the sake of all of us, if we're going to lose I'd hope at least Mike Shula pisses off Ron by dropping a pass in the endzone and gets fired the next day.



Panthers take Chris Ogbonnaya off the street and put him on the roster

05 October 2014 - 10:06 PM

After his first game he has as many touchdown runs as DeAngelo, Stewart, and Tolbert combined this year.


Somebody needs to call in 730 this week and bring that to Hurney's attention

Hardy is innocent

19 September 2014 - 01:01 PM

I swear I was only fuxing around on this thing, decided to pop his name in for no reason and this is what happened. It's a sign.

Statement by AP

15 September 2014 - 04:00 PM

AP attests that as long as you didn't mean to cause lacerations and whatnot, it's unfair to be called a child abuser, along with more of the fallacious "whipping my ass as a child made me the man I am today" drivel I saw rear its head plenty of times last week on this board when the story came out


Today you witnessed the end as well as the beginning

14 September 2014 - 09:55 PM

The last time I visited Warwick Winery in upstate NY was in November 2010. That Sunday, the Panthers started Brian St. Pierre to play against the Baltimore Ravens, who had been consistent contenders going back before then.


For reference:




In that game, the Panthers had nothing on their roster that looked like a starting QB; the roster was so thin Mike Goodson had a career day with over 150 all purpose yards and no touchdowns. Steve Smith turned in a performance like we'd seen so much of in 2013. Greg Hardy was a rookie and still developing at that point. He was able to generate a sack against the statuesque Joe Flacco.


Today I went back as a post birthday pilgrimage with a bunch of friends. The Panthers are a completely different team now. John Fox is gone, Marty Hurney is gone, all of our marginal UDFA starting QBs are gone and since 2013, the window is open, and the air has taken the stench of failure of the past out, and the aroma of freshly washed success and nipple shorts is being blown right in past the clothesline.


Checking my droid eris was miserable that day, all the news was bad and I don't know why I still gave enough of a poo to even mind the Panthers that far into what ended up being a 2-14 season. Even today, checking the gameday thread on my 5s was littered with the same comments by ten different people after every play, the sentiment seesawing from one pole to the other.


KB one handed grab:




"Whadda play by Benjamin"






next play: a -3 yard run or something:




"we're gonna lose, we're gonna lose, we're gonna lose i know it"




Annoying: The fact that I waited in line for a baked potato burger for over an hour, and when I finally got to the front to place an order, watching one of the short order cooks come up to the chalkboard and erase EVERYTHING and announce that they were out of burgers.

More Annoying: Listening to some old white guy behind me complain about them running out of hamburgers for 30 minutes.


Most Annoying: All of this plus reading the gameday thread at the same time on a shoddy 3G connection that I kept losing.


Guys, commenting in gameday threads seem to bring out the worst in posters. In fact, I often find myself watching the mental breakdown of posters I consider to be among the most level-headed on this message board. I get that emotions run high, these games matter more than games in any other sport. But the bi-polar state of this message board was on full display today, and I was disappointed, because I thought that people would have realized by now that we are beyond that. This isn't the same ol' panthers you're watching anymore. This is a new team, directed by new people, led by one of the most dynamic players on one side of the ball, and the best front seven in the league on the other side.


Is it the pits being a Panther fan when Stewart gets a handoff and immediately gets plastered by the entire detroit lions defense?


Does KB dropping a pass bring your blood to a raging boil?


Does it make you wonder if there are a bunch of people with downs calling the plays and the coaches are just out there for show when we have one of our signature 3 and outs?


Ok maybe it does, but:


Did you remember how many times you flipped out when the Panthers made a bad play and thought it was petty and silly after you saw them win by over 2 scores?


Did you know that KB is still on pace for over 1000 yards receiving this year and more yards than Calvin Johnson had his rookie season?


Did you hear about how the Chargers knocked out Cthulhu and dropped a 30 burger on the Seahawks? Is their run starting to wane?


Is RGIII even going to play another down in the NFL? After all the Redskins gave up investing in him?


There's going to be a lot of bad plays that the opponent is going to win. But there are a lot of teams that had worse days today than we did. We learned that a few bad plays don't lose games, losing Greg Hardy isn't the end of the world, and the Panthers passed a major test against the Lions. The Lions may not end up being anything special, they probably will look good the rest of the first half of the season, and collapse in the second half like last year, but holding their offense to 7 points is a big deal. The last time a team held the Lions to 7 points or less was in week 7 of 2012 against the Bears. How many analysts predicted that? How many analysts predicted us to beat a horrible Buccaneers team with no answers at many positions last week? Better questions. How many of you predicted us, or at least had confidence to start 2-0 considering the context of our opponents. I'm probably the most obvious person to say that you should call a bad team a bad team, but I have confidence in the Panthers right now, and I always did starting this season. Have they not earned the right for a little bit of your trust?


The Panthers have changed but our fans still have the same old attitude they did in 2010. How do you want to remember how you enjoyed the season if this is the year the Panthers usurp the Seahawks and 49ers and emerge as the new premier class of the league and go all the way?


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