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In Topic: Stephen Hill signs to Panthers Practice Squad

Today, 12:00 AM

Sorry for having an opinion that is different from yours and having reasons to back mine up?


Chud was as good as gone after week 6 in Cleveland. 


Would have been gone after week one if hired here in Carolina.


I respect you as a Huddler and a fan but Chud is Obama incompetent.

In Topic: Stephen Hill signs to Panthers Practice Squad

Yesterday, 11:28 PM

Your own personal hate of chud doesn't make him a bad offensive cord. Fact,under chud top 10 offense. was he perfect? no. But a brilliant offensive mind he was. You don't get a promotion because you suck. Someone else has to see something good in you as well. Chud maybe be the best offensive mind we've had in carolina(debatable). Chud challenged cam and maybe hurt or made grow up faster. I to this day believe chud would be a better head coach than Ron.

Chud atleast had some kind of identity or plan. Ron became riverboat out desperation which made me believe he's just throwing poo to the wall to see what sticks. Now with that said im happy about our team and Ron's success, but i'm still not sold on him being a good head coach.



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Yesterday, 11:20 PM


In Topic: Stephen Hill signs to Panthers Practice Squad

Yesterday, 09:49 PM

Chud was very good for us despite the first half of the season he went full retard, bring back Chud and tell him nomore stupid playcalling, him Cam/KB/Hill would have a field day together.



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Yesterday, 09:44 PM


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