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In Topic: BOA Rocking Sunday?

Today, 12:17 AM

If a majority of BoA is made up of Huddlers, we will be rockin'.  Count on it.



In Topic: Gil Brandt draft redo

Yesterday, 11:46 PM

All hail Gman. The guy who actually thought BYRON BELL was the answer at protecting Cam Newton's blindside. Cam will be lucky to make it out the season without being placed on IR.


I have no beef with you on a personal level JT, but...


Please tell us all what Gettleman should have done, within the salary cap parameters he was handed to correct what had already been done.


Option A:  <Bell sucks!!  My God what were you guys thinking?  You have no money?  This organization is Kilgo's, but thanks for the job.>


Option B:  <I can see into the future.  Let's let Hardy walk pre-Rice video and get the best LT in the history of the NFL.  Not sure who that is, but let's do it.>


Option C:  Whatever you got to say JTNC.

In Topic: Gil Brandt draft redo

Yesterday, 11:21 PM



That is wanted to type but I stayed conservative.




In Topic: Panthers cut Poole

Yesterday, 11:14 PM

Don't flame me, but geez that must suck so bad to be thrown into that BOHICA situation like that. Feel bad.


I had to Google BOHICA.




I am so damn old.

In Topic: Gil Brandt draft redo

Yesterday, 11:05 PM

Before the draft, Jimbo Fisher said Kelvin would've been a lock as a top 3 pick in 2015 if he had stayed in school this year. He also said he would make any team that picked a WR ahead of him this year regret their decision.

While I wanted Krlvin from day 1, I laughed at Jimbo & thought he was being a crazy homer. Doesn't look so crazy right now. In fact, he sounds like a prophet.


I too wanted KB weeks before the draft.  In fact, one of you pulled up the draft day discussion and it was proved there that as many as 5 of us kept on stating that Kelvin was the pick.  I am proud to be one of them.  I also wanted Cam but said WTF with Luke and Star.  Glad to eat crow but also glad to know that I can say that I was on the Cam and now Benji train before it left the station.


I think the only thing that can stop us from winning a SB over the next 5 years is Gettleman's or Richardson's death.  Both have me worried.  JR's time is borrowed and Dave is an out of shape fatfug. 


The cards have been dealt...let's play.


Keep Pounding and Keep Drafting the way you do, you Chowderheaded beautiful bitch.

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