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In Topic: My biggest worry about Gettleman

Today, 10:32 AM

G-man is ruthless. It's all about the bottom line which is performing.


As for the office, I think that he is even more attuned to what's going on, and he is not going to be as quick to ax someone if he is the one that's ultimately making the call.  Unlike the field which the world can see, we don't exactly know what's going on in the office.  It could be that Rivera and other coaches just can't do miracles with the talent that G-man was adamant about getting.  In that case, how can he expect for someone else to be the fall guy?  Moreover, when you lose basically three Pro-Bowl level talents like Gross, Hardy, and Smitty (yes, Smitty), any fool should look for some type of decline.  


Bottom line: If someone just basically is under performing with the tools and or talent that they've been given, I think that G-man will fire them without much mercy. It's a business.

In Topic: Austin Pettis

Yesterday, 08:03 PM

More like what we already have, but a little younger and probably more athletic. He also returns kind is and punts.

I wouldn't be opposed, but we need more speed. I could see Pettis as the number 3 for a few years.

In Topic: R.R: " no personal changes despite big loss"

20 October 2014 - 10:09 PM

What kind of personal changes would he make? Switch to boxers instead of tighty whities on game day?

He might want to consider some personnel changes though.


LOL. I saw that title all day long as I waited and perused the Huddle during several appointments and thought to myself, "Why in the hell would Rivera want to make personal changes?"  It finally dawned on me that the OP meant "personnel" changes, which is the only reason I opened the thread.

In Topic: jonathan stewart vs fozzy

20 October 2014 - 06:23 PM

Fozzy's ceiling is probably Stew's floor. 


2.8 vs. 4.6 career average

In Topic: Punt Returner

20 October 2014 - 09:00 AM

Speaking of Philly, one thing that comes to mind is how this concussion thing really is going to affect him.  I mean dude is kind of on the lighter side.  I could easily see him getting jacked up again.  This may not bode well for him, particularly as a returner.  Just saying.

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