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I said it many times in regards to Smitty

14 December 2014 - 01:10 PM

Now I am going to say it in regards to KB:


If KB gets hurt, we are screwed!



This is but another reason---perhaps the most compelling reason---to draft another big play WR.




The Huddle Legend: Perhaps he'll be here right in a Nick(s) of time...Maybe not.

08 December 2014 - 08:29 PM

I wrote some weeks back how Hakeem Nicks' star was perhaps moving in the wrong direction.  Well, now it has has fallen.


Nicks had so much promise his first few seasons.  Those nagging injuries looked to be the only thing holding him back.  Well before he left the Giants, there were questions as to whether the injuries had become too much.  Some suggested that he had lost his explosiveness---his ability to separate.  He still believed that he was not only a top shelf receiver in the NFL, but the best in the NFL.  Knowing the big egos that athletes have, he probably still believes it though his 2014 campaign has said otherwise.  His one year prove-it deal should only be looked as a disaster unless Nicks is delusional.  And to think, he turned down more money with Carolina to go play with Andrew Luck and company, forgoing his hometown and the chance to be the then undisputed go-to guy.  


Well, being that there was some interest in Nicks pre-season by our FO, I would have to think that there is still some interest now.  I would also think that Nicks has to be wanting to get out of Indy on a rail, being that he has been passed by Donte Moncrief on the depth chart for all intents and purposes.  Moreover, I am sure that somewhere in his mind he thought that he would usurp the crowning of T.Y. Hilton as Luck's main weapon, but surely he can't be that delusional now.  Even though Reggie Wayne is probably doing his swan song, Nicks is obviously not his heir apparent.  Nicks miscalculated in all kinds of ways this offseason, and I have to tell you that though it's kind of sad for Nicks, there is still some poetic justice from some Panthers fans point of view.  


All that being said, do you believe that Nicks would still come to play here if the FO would even want him?  And if you do, what about the money?  Does he get offered less than he did last year, and would this suspected diva of a WR even accept less?  Is he even worth trying to sign at this point?  Does he have anything left?  He should have some relatively young legs that arguably got caught up in a numbers game?  Do you still want him---or believe in him---Panthers fans?  Can he help this team (especially in light of our financial straits and lack of big play making ability at the position) get us where we want to go?

The question of Big Frank

08 December 2014 - 12:57 PM

It's arguable that Frank Alexander's absence hurt us just as much as Hardy's this year, in light of the circumstances.  But, he will be back for the Browns game (should be provided he has let go of the tree).  His play could play a part in whether or not we can actually pull this playoff spot out of our asses.  


Assuming that Hardy is history, I am thinking that Big Frank will probably be the one that takes his place opposite CJ for the next few years.  I used to be higher on Addison, and I just don't know that Ealy has shown the flashes that either CJ, Hardy or Alexander did in their rookie years.  Big Frank, yet again, has an opportunity to play a major role.  But, of course, that tree---and what he did to hinder the defense this year may be a little too unsavory for the FO to justify keeping him around.  


Do you guys think that he'll play an appreciable part of the long term future, much less the last couple of games of the season?  Does he make himself part of the conversation, or ride the pine into release?  Can we afford not to give him an opportunity, especially in light of our personnel and cap situation?


Edit: CJ's second year, which for all practical purposes was the first appreciable amount of work


KB should continue to get better at routes, but...those hands

07 December 2014 - 08:35 PM

Benjamin has dropped some key passes this year.  Coming out of college, the scouts said that he would have mental lapses on the ordinary plays, but he has proven to drop balls at some very inopportune times as well.


I have already conceded in my mind that he is not a WR1, but what I call a 1-2 hybrid.  He just doesn't have the consistency that I want t see out of a WR1, but hopefully he will be able to roast defenses once we get that true WR1 on the other side.  


It appears that the scouting reports on him have been absolutely on point., except the ones that called him a boom or bust prospect.  I don't think that he has either been a boom or bust, but a decent WR with good upside.  I feel that he, much like any Panthers WR this year, has been largely misused because he has had to be due to a lack of what we need at the position. So, in some respect, his yardage may be bloated this year.  By the same token, I think that if we get some more threats at the position, then his production will be right around where it is (on pace) right now from year to year, but with more TDs. 


But KB is going to have to consistently display the hands that he displayed in camp to really excel and become more than a glorified Brandon LaFell.  Yeah I said it.  And the kicker is that when LaFell was here, even his hands weren't as questionable as Benjamin's.


Bottom line:  Benjamin has been good enough to hold the fort this year, but we still need a play maker or two at the position with greater consistency and markedly better hands. 

Knox Bardeen: Bucs > Panthers (Currently...?)

05 December 2014 - 01:55 PM

Ol' Knox has moved up in the world. From Bleacher Report during the offseason to Fox Sports now.  Bardeen may be trolling Panthers fans a little though.  Why is he going out of his way to tell us that we suck?  We already know. 


Anyway, I am sure there are still a few vestiges of Panthers fans that are holding on to hope that maybe serendipity will spring our way. But, really, after  reading his reasoning it looks like we are worse than the Bucs.  The part that I find kind of interesting---because I just take it for granted that the Bucs are obviously the true bottom feeder here---is that Bardeen is intimating that the Bucs may be in a better position---from damned near top to bottom---going forward.


Taking off my homer glasses for a minute...could Bardeen be right about the short to mid term viability of the respective franchises?  And what does this mean for us?


Link (No need to bother because most of it's here)


If you focus solely on games played after Week 2 (Carolina started the season with wins over Tampa Bay and Detroit), the Panthers have allowed 31 points per game and have just one win (a seven-point victory over Chicago in Week 5) in 10 games.
In that 10-game span, the Panthers' average margin of defeat, in eight games, has been 16.6 points per game. Carolina's net points total since Week 3 is minus-126.
What makes Carolina's losses tougher to swallow is that the Panthers haven't really been close to winning. Six losses have been by at least 18 points. Three have been by at least three touchdowns.
Look at Tampa Bay in comparison.
The Buccaneers are 2-8 since Week 3 (a half game better than Carolina) and have been so much closer to winning games.
Tampa Bay has lost two overtime games, and finished five on the wrong side of a game that was as close as a touchdown and a two-point conversion. Where Carolina has just two single-digit losses since Week 3, Tampa Bay has five.
Take away two absolute shellacking's at the hands of Atlanta (42-point loss) and Baltimore (31-point loss), and Tampa Bay's numbers get even better.
The simple matter is this: Tampa Bay and Carolina have both lost eight games over their last 10 played. The Panthers are losing by an average of 16.6 points per game, and the Bucs 13.6. While those figures seem close, they are greatly skewed by two enormous margins of defeat.
And consider that Tampa Bay's net points total is minus-86 since Week 3, 40 points better than Carolina's.
Tampa Bay has been tougher to beat of late. And if you want more proof that Carolina is worse off right now than Tampa Bay, put on your head coach/general manager hat and consider which team you'd rather take over.
The only three areas of Carolina's roster that shine brighter than Tampa Bay's are quarterback -- and Cam Newton is starting to look less and less like the prize he was supposed to be -- linebacker and defensive line. The linebacker corps in Tampa Bay is closer to matching Carolina's than most people think, and without Greg Hardy, the defensive line comparison is almost a wash.
When it comes to the receiving corps, running backs, offensive line and secondary, the Buccaneers have the better units.




Gulp. I am not a whippersnapper anymore. I am a little bit unnerved.  I want to see the Lombardi raised by a Panther one day while still a relatively young man.


The only thing that I can do is hope that G-man is who he thinks he is.

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