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"Greg Olsen is our number one WR." Yeah. That was a problem vs Packers.

27 October 2014 - 07:11 PM

If yesterday doesn't show you why we need another legit playmaker at WR, I just don't know what will.


First off, Olsen is not a WR, much less our WR1.  He is a good TE---a top 5 TE---in this league who was pretty easily neutralized by a good defense.  Oh, wondering what happened to Olsen yesterday?  Rivera basically said that the Seahawks purposefully took Olsen out of the game with some "things" they were doing.  Anyway...for whatever reason, our other WRs or TEs could not make up for Olsen virtually being put on ice.  Blame the play calling or improper usage of personnel if you like, but Olsen's nullification just speaks to our need---in the worst kind of way---for another legitimate play maker at WR, whether a 1 or a 2 or somewhere in between. 



I guess my son was right about LaFell. Just another missed opportunity

26 October 2014 - 03:11 PM

I would always tell my son that Brandon LaFell sucks, and he would tell me that he is not being used properly.  He also told me that I was going to see this year now that LaFell is in New England. I laughed him off.  I grudgingly had to admit that I was wrong.  And, as such, I believe that Gettleman also miscalculated LaFell's value. Moreover, it just calls into question the offensive play calling in general if you ask me.  Lastly, I think that it shows the difference between playing with an experienced great QB, and a young, good QB.

Newton Positive? Reed's latest article not too convincing to me for some reason

23 October 2014 - 02:05 PM

I am sure I'm probably just looking into the state of the team and conjecturing as to Cam's mindset a little too much. And maybe I am suffering from the disconnect between Cam's in-person demeanor and mere words online. Or maybe Reed shouldn't have entitled his article Panthers' Newton Stays Positive Amid Obstacles when it's difficult to be positive about the season for some of us right now.  Or maybe I am just being too pessimistic, and Cam is just too far removed from the sulking young man---with the towel over his head---on the sidelines who was not used to a losing culture. Perhaps he has found a reason to smile about the season because true Panthers fans all know by now that he does not have a fake smile.


We all know this season's struggles, blah blah blah.


 Still, the fourth-year quarterback smiles when asked about his year.

“It’s been great,” Newton said. “We’re number one in our division.”



I mean, what else is he supposed to say? The team is under-performing, and he never would have guessed?  Has he lowered his standards on a subliminal level and gotten used to losing in blowout fashion?  I will say this, he has matured to a point where if he is upset that we'll never know.  His professionalism has been spot-on for one who has had to do so much to lead the team to victory.

But Rivera said the last thing he wants is Newton trying to do too much.
“It’s not time for him to carry this team, but rather to lead this team like he’s been doing,” Rivera said. “There are other people that need to step more so than anything. Playmakers have to step up and make plays and we’re not getting enough of them.”

Newton Knows that.


Does he?  He is giving the right answer I guess...
“I’m not saying ‘Give me the ball coach and let me run it because I will do it right,'” Newton said. “I’m not saying that. I can’t do it without the other 10 guys.


But then there is this:
“Last Sunday was unacceptable,” Newton said. “It’s my job to make plays and make sure that ship is driving straight.”


Cam has raised his game and trying to guide the ship, but regardless the ship is taking on water. 


Basically, Newton's supporting cast is not doing enough, and Cam does have to carry the team more than he should, and though he is saying the right things, he is still feeling the pressure.  I just wonder what's really going on in his mind, particularly because of  a looming contract, tag or free agency off in the distance.



Fua Signed

14 October 2014 - 04:14 PM

This time by the Browns, per rotoworld:


Browns signed DT Sione Fua.
He's taking the roster spot of Armonty Bryant (knee), who was officially placed on injured reserve Tuesday. Sua appeared in 24 games between 2011-12, but made just five total appearances between the Broncos and Panthers last season. He's mere depth unlikely to make it through the end of the season in Cleveland.
Source: Browns on Twitter Oct 14 - 4:06 PM




Warren Sapp: Cam Newton, The Purple Unicorn

12 October 2014 - 10:31 AM

Warren Sapp's nickname for Cam Newton.  Sapp said "He's special!"  


How amusing.


Sapp, Mooch and Faulk picked Cam over Dalton if they were starting a franchise today. Basically said it's not even close.


Warner chose Dalton because of his consistency. However, he had to agree with Cam's ability to rise on the big stage as compared to Dalton

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