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I guess Fozzy can't be neglected. Sorenson portrays Whitaker's character via th...

18 August 2014 - 02:06 PM

His locker is not with the lockers of DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Tolbert and the other running backs. His locker is not tucked way in a corner with the offensive linemen, linebackers or kickers.
He’s been with the Panthers less than a month. So what do they make him do – dress in his car?
Ah, there he is. Crammed into what will become the player’s lounge during the season are 20 lockers, and one belongs to Whittaker.
If the locker room is first class, the lounge is coach. When I enter the abyss and ask for Whittaker, the other residents begin to call his name. They act excited. If one of them is recognized for his work, perhaps they all will be.


Sure Tom Soenson's article contains its elements of fluff, but for my money Soerenson did a fine job reflecting Fozzy Whitaker's workmanlike approach to the game, and the opportunity that he has, regardless if he makes the final cut.  And people have taken notice.
Whittaker, 25, grew up in Pearland, Tex., and played at Texas. He talks the way he runs, with little flash and little fanfare. He finds a hole and he slips through it before anybody knows.
“I just want to bring intensity no matter what it is, whether it’s running the ball, catching the ball, playing special teams, making tackles, returning kicks – it doesn’t matter,” Whittaker says in a rush. “What it is, I just want everybody to know that I’m playing 100 percent and it’s to help the team get a win.”



Says Newton: “To see him go out there and compete and running as hard as he did, man, it’s just a person showing resilience and being very optimistic about his opportunity. We had a great talk as an offense (Sunday) morning about what to expect from each other.



Yes, none other than Cam Newton took notice, and Fozzy apparently not only met expectations, but busted them wide open.
Sure he was running mainly against the third string, but he did exactly what he was supposed to do, and more.  I don't necessarily see him getting into the game on Sundays. I mean something would have to be going wrong, but it would be nice to know that we had a role player that will play as hard as Fozzy when his number is called.

Hartsock released.

14 August 2014 - 11:59 AM

I wonder why Belichick would sign Hartsock only to cut him a few days later.  He had to know what he was getting. Or, maybe Harsock can't block anymore (which is hard to believe).


Ben Hartsock's maiden voyage to New England was short one.
The Patriots on Thursday announced the release of the 34-year-old tight end they signed just four days ago.



So, Rivera's camp MVPs were Hardy and Alexander, huh?

13 August 2014 - 08:44 AM

According to David Newton, Rivera named Greg Hardy and Frank Alexander as his two camp MVPs.  First I've heard of it, but I guess that it makes sense that two troubled guys that have a lot on the line would be extra motivated to impress.  


I wonder if this motivation will carry over into the regular season.  Hardy has the opportunity to become the number one guy, though he will have to do a lot more to show that he can live up to the consistency within the trenches that Charles Johnson has showcased the last few years.  Some believe that Hardy is better than C.J. now.  I think that he is more flamboyant, sure, but he hasn't been as nearly as dependable.  And as D. Newton pointed out, dependability/consistency has been Frank Alexander's whole problem.  On the field, C.J. and Hardy took a large leap in their 4th years, now Big Frank must do the same.  I don't know that Alexander will be expected to produce like C.J. and Hardy did, as he  may not get the playing time. But considering that he is missing the first four games, he better hit the ground running come October and show that he can be relied upon to do his job on the field, and be even smarter off the field. 


Both Hardy and Alexander have something to prove this year, and in some ways both are behind the eight ball.  If they fail to distance themselves from their troubled pasts by staying clean (so to speak), then G-man's decision regarding our stable of defensive ends will not be hard at all.  If both are successful on and off the field, then G-man's decisions will become more difficult.  A lot is at stake. 


One thing about it; perhaps being a "camp MVP" really means something this year.  For Hardy, and especially Alexander's sake, it had better.



One thing G-man said on Panther Talk last night.

12 August 2014 - 05:37 PM

I usually try to listen to Panther Talk on Monday nights (even though I am at work).  I missed most of what G-man said, but I did hear him say  that if Joe Webb plays well enough to make the final roster, then he will make the final roster.  G-man expounded by basically shooting down the idea that he would keep someone at a needier position if they didn't play up to the level of someone else at another position.


Much like he has a general philosophy of drafting the BPA, regardless of position, it sounds to me like he incorporates that same ideology when deciding who makes the team.


Take it how you want.  G-man strikes me as a man of his word.  I just thought I'd share the parallel. 




Is Ealy banged up?

10 August 2014 - 10:03 AM

I had a busy day yesterday, and didn't get to read much, so this morning I am perusing the Internet and see Bill Voth's little stock watch and see:

  • DE KONY EALYActive preseason debut, but may miss some time with a foot injury.

And, btw, I think Ealy's stock went up a little, regardless...



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