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Harris Aballah

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Kentucky Vs. Uconn

04 April 2014 - 09:54 AM

This is my prediction for the championship game. Uk by 5 in overtime!

Desperate Chick @ The Bar

04 September 2013 - 11:20 AM

Was gonna put this topic in football central? But figured it would turn to smack central eventually. So after getting some espn updates zapped to my phone, I got to thinking? Is it me or do the following orgs seem to be acting like the desperate chick at the bar that will inevitibly become some drunks last resort: Redskins, Jets, & Bills. Starting E.J. seems like a quick attempt to sell out on opening day. While the skins have spent the entire off-season Convincing the fans that rgknee would be the opening day starter, wether the docs or coaches wanted to or not. Keep in mind that from the 1st press conference after the game ending injury(in the playoffs) they were assuring the fans that he was fine. Might wanna ask Carson Palmer about rushing back on to the feild after a solid knee injury? Didn't do him any good. But lastly, Geno has proven himself to be unprepared for a starting role on a professional football team. Ecspecially on opening day. But once again, this seems a desperation towards ticket sales. God knows Sanchez wasn't about to draw in any last minute dollars. Ironically, Smith is probably gonna make sanchez look like montana after this opener? Granted, I'm not saying geno can't make it in the nfl, but clearly seems the preseason did not favor him in anyway. Just my observation. I think these three qbs & the franchises they promote are about to squander future opportunities in the name of opening day ticket sales? Any thoughts?

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