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In Topic: If I Had to Call the WR Depth Chart Today...

Today, 09:31 AM

I think what a lot of people forget about Hill in comparison to Brown is Gettleman's philosophy, of big men allowing you to compete. That has applied not only to trench players but also skill positions. I think the team likes the 6'4 speed receiver, vs the 5'11 speed receiver. 


This isn't a "I like Hill because he's fast, I'm a Georgia Tech fan post"...But if I look at our trend of no loyalty to non-core players, an obsession with size to a healthy degree, as well as improving team speed. If that 5th spot comes down to those two I think Hill will get the nod. 


I liked Philly as a receiver and was glad when he was inserted into the line-up at the least just to change it up because the passing game was so weak; but he's not a Steve Smith caliber athlete, he's thin, not overwhelmingly fast, he was just OUR fastest receiver at the time. 

In Topic: If I Had to Call the WR Depth Chart Today...

Today, 09:10 AM

Hill has done nothing. Untill he actually plays a snap and actually catches a pass, then I would not be to sure about that list.


Hill has caught passes, and touchdowns, look at LaFell, step up in QB step up in production. I appreciate Cam as our QB but going to Brady is a big difference. 


Hill going from Sanchez to Cam is a similar jump, a strong armed QB who can take advantage of what seemed like his biggest asset which is getting behind the defense (ala Ginn's resurgence). Asking Hill to be a possession receiver isn't smart IMO, he's a vertical threat, not a catch in traffic guy. 


But if you guys really believe Brown has a higher ceiling than Hill you're mistaken. In this group you tell me if you'd have Brown over Ginn, Jennings, and a rookie top 3 pick. If we hadn't lost Ginn in FA last year Philly likely isn't signed as an UDFA due to our HOLE AT KR/PR at the time. I'm telling you an UDFA is expendable when a better version is signed to a 2 yr deal. 

In Topic: If I Had to Call the WR Depth Chart Today...

Today, 09:05 AM

Why bother considering Jennings yet though?


Just trying to keep the option available, but I included a disclaimer in case he is not. This is just a feeling I had. Of the teams that need a veteran receiver who else is out there offering him a contract....I've heard Miami. 


If I'm Jennings I'm staying away from the AFC East, and having to face a revamped Todd Bowles, Revis and Cromartie secondary, Rex Ryan and the Bills, and Belichek who always finds a way to at least be sound on defense. Especially when I could come to the NFC South and play with Cam an OROY, Kuechly DROY, and Star DROY.


We featured one of the league's best defenses down the stretch in 2014 and were 2nd in 2013, 7-8-1 or not we're breeding a winning culture (one year removed from 12-4, after a planned step back) and as the roster currently is constructed you're the #2 (even if not spoken) from day one. 

In Topic: So Whatever Happened to That DB We Drafted from WV?

20 March 2015 - 03:32 PM


Can’t deny it though, I remember looking at his highlights, I actually really liked the pick aside from his injury, he was a beast on Madden for what his overall was lol!

In Topic: Alan "Blue Balls" Ball leaves Panther offer on table

19 March 2015 - 03:27 PM

Donny Moore, the guys who makes the Madden ratings, is a complete idiot though haha


Yes he is.