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In Topic: A Question brought up from IGO's latest podcast?

22 April 2015 - 03:28 PM

I can tell you haven't watched him closely at all. Or any wide receivers for that matter. Read my breakdown when I post it, maybe it'll enlighten you and some others.


I watch, and re-watch all Panther games, Philly is nothing special, or worth a roster spot. If we had kept LaFell, Hixon, and Smith he wouldn't have made the team. Hell Underwood was supposed to beat him out but he had a terrible camp. Philly, small, got hurt a few times, not particularly a field stretcher in the same category as Ginn is, can't return punts or kicks. 


What does Philly do so well, give us a snippet of this expert  break down. Brown made the team out of necessity straight up. 

In Topic: A Question brought up from IGO's latest podcast?

22 April 2015 - 03:22 PM

You got confused man. CLEVELAND BROWNS. Nowhere did I say Eagles. They're one of the few teams I don't think he would've been top 3, but he would've been #4 there with playing time. Philly is significantly better than hill and Boykin as a WR. And his name isn't Brandon Boykin sport, it's Jarrett. 


Excuse the name typo, but Brown if as good as those players would've been drafted Philly doesn't even make Green Bay's roster. He ONLY made ours due to special teams early on. And he ONLY got a shot at WR because Avant was soo damn slow, and criticized the coaching staff. 


Let's not act like Philly is as good as any WR we'd draft rounds 1-4, he's AVERAGE. Stop acting like he brings more potential, size (our GM's philosophy is BIG players), and he was mad expendable when Ginn Jr returned sport!




Anything Cleveland Browns doesn't even count, they can't even get their 1st round picks straigh, all busted, Brandon Weeden (sp), Trent Richardson, Johnny Manziel. That GM/staff don't have a clue. Name a legit playoff or even bubble team where he is top 3 out of training camp....I'll wait. 

In Topic: A Question brought up from IGO's latest podcast?

22 April 2015 - 03:15 PM

I'm going to post my WR film breakdowns soon and hopefully you'll come around a little bit when you see what I'm seeing. Almost done looking at every single offensive snap of Philly's. Not saying he would start for other teams or even necessarily be the #3 on some teams, but he is already easily among the best 96 WRs in this league (top 3 on each team). I will tell you right now, his roster spot is a lock. And I stand by that 150%. This isn't some "fan favorite" thing, it's a pure football perspective. I know you think he's a JAG, though I don't know how you define that, which I don't think is even close. I don't want to throw a lot out here without posting the full breakdown, but I hope you'll keep an open mind on him. I plan on posting it this weekend. Also doing the other wideouts, tight ends, Cam, d-line and secondary this offseason.


As for naming one team, Philly would've been top 3 on the depth chart for the Browns last season.


So in your opinion Corey Brown would've played behind Maclin, and Cooper, and ahead of Jordan Matthews a 2nd round pick 42nd overall draft pick vs a small injury prone undrafted receiver who is never going to be more than a slot receiver-- Matthews is a 6'3'' 212lb receiver who's potentially their no.1 this year after an eight TD, 872 yard rookie season on just 67 receptions, 13ypc with Maclin headed to KC. http://espn.go.com/n...jordan-matthews


I'm sorry man but right now IMO Brown is expendable, I'd rather see Hill, and Boykin round out the roster. 


Kelvin Benjamin


Ted Ginn Jr. 

Jerricho Cothery

Jarrett Boykin/Stephen Hill


...and if we keep six receivers insert Philly there (unless we draft two).

In Topic: Let's say These Are the Positions We Draft....Who fills the spots?

02 April 2015 - 03:33 PM


Jaelen Strong
DJ Humphries
Doran Grant
Javourius Allen
Clayton Geathers
Titus Davis
Mark Nzeocha
Btw you forgot our 2 comp picks in the 5th



The 5th spot should have 3 positions, DB/OL/S that's includes our extra picks in that round. 

In Topic: Let's say These Are the Positions We Draft....Who fills the spots?

02 April 2015 - 03:32 PM

You're drafting by need instead of best player available. This is how the Falcons have drafted and look where that has gotten them.


No, the Falcons mortgaged several picks for one player, this is far from that. 


Look at all of Gettleman's drafts to date:


Star, KK, KB, Ealy (our 1st and 2nd's) in sequential drafts, the year we drafted two DT's was following a season where DT was a huge need for the team. Same for KB and Ealy, we had just cut the all-time leading everything at WR and had just failed to extend Hardy, insert high pick on a DE. 


Do not confuse BPA/Need matching up. Looking at our roster and draft this year and his draft history associated with NY, and most recently us BPA has also met need, I think we are positioned to follow suit again in the early rounds while matching BPA and need again.