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In Topic: Panthers draft Armanti Edwards

24 April 2010 - 06:44 AM

I'm no pro, but the kid did win the Division 2 Walter Payton award (equivalent of the Heisman in D1) two years in a row. First to ever do that. He can't be nearly as bad as all the haters on here feel he will be. We bitched all year about not having a speedy elusive KR guy. Now we have one, but wait lets whine a bit. I wish I could go back and read some threads about when a 5'9 182lb KR/PR guy got taken in 3rd about 6 or 7 years ago. That little punk played junior college ball before he could even go to a university game. I guess we shouldn't have taken Steve either. I am surprised he didn't quit after his first NFL hit. I think we know better now.

Give the team a chance. We are young, we are def fast, and now we have options we haven't had in a long time. Edwards will likely end up being a damn good option as WR in a year or two and will help immediately in our always struggling ST play. I am going to give these kids a chance before I piss and moan about them.

He may not be a superstar but what you said is idiotic. Somewhere in the universe, a black hole was created by the sheer density of your stupid.

In Topic: got $15k?

29 January 2010 - 10:21 PM

If I am not mistaken, and I don't think I am because I know someone that has one, inaugural PSL holders got a ring that year if they still had their psl's. My guess this is someone in a tight spot and selling their ring.

In Topic: Just had an awesome fan experience...

06 January 2010 - 11:40 PM

Funny as hell. Can't wait til it goes on the site.

In Topic: Just had an awesome fan experience...

06 January 2010 - 11:35 PM

I was there to bro (Dressed like Jackie Moon). Easily best experience I have had. Got to play two games of Laser Tag with DeAngelo as a captain of one team and get this......Foxy the captain of our team. Guy is super nice, very approachable, and welcoming. As soon as we got divided into teams he said alright we need a game plan, I need two generals. One to man a team to defend the base and the other to man a team to attack theirs. His phone rang, he answered it and I swear he said hey honey, I'm a little busy kickin ass at laser tag. Again great guy. Long story short we won by a land slide. He was pumped yelling like a kid.

I would like to add that Tyrell Sutton and Kenny Moore were there as well and again were extremely nice and actually approached fans to thank them for the support.

Again great great experience. I can't thank D-Will and J-Stew for doing stuff like this.

In Topic: Something that has perplexed me...

17 December 2009 - 10:11 AM

While I agree that Brown has not done as well as we had hoped, I think he is growing in the game. We thought Pep was gone and needed someone who "may" one day be able to supplement (not replace) Pep not being here. More importantly and I know I will get reamed for this but I do have insight as to why we gave up the upcoming years 1st rounder.

They did it on purpose. They don't wont a first round pick in a possibly uncapped year. Too much hit on the bottom line for too many years. "It's a business and we are not willing to gamble on a extremely inflated rookie contract due to no cap restrictions when everyone knows that not every first round pick is a probowler" I can't say who said it but know this was the thought process in giving up this years first round pick.

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