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In Topic: A closer look at Todd Gurley

Today, 02:00 PM

lol dolphins are going to draft him.



@flasportsbuzz: Heard again today that Dolphins doing a LOT of research, interviews on Todd Gurley & people close to him. They are unquestionably intrigued

In Topic: Panthers meeting with Landon Collins

17 April 2015 - 06:50 PM

He will be the pick. It came to me in a peyote vision.

In Topic: Seahawks GM hints he'll just let Wilson walk if he doesn't lower his...

16 April 2015 - 09:51 PM

Demonstrably false.  He is MUCH better with Cam.


In two seasons with Cutler:

101 catches on 178 targets for a 56.7% catch percentage with a 10.05ypc average and averaging 508 yards per season on 89 targets per season.


In four seasons with Cam:

271 catches on 425 targets for a 63.7% catch percentage with a 11.85ypc average and averaging 802 yards per season on 106 targets per season.  If you drop the first season where his catch percentage was much lower than the last three at 50%, you get a catch percentage of 67.4%



So, let's do the extrapolation for Cutler...


Based on the averages, if Olsen averaged those 106 targets per season with Cutler, he'd average:

60 catches for 603 yards. 


yeah i'll admit im wrong there. i just glossed over his stats with the bears on NFL.com and they seemed pretty good. cams better than quitler so no surprise there.


i still stand by what i said with lafell being an overall improved player with brady, but he's a poo player in the grand scheme of things, so whatever. not worth having a shitstorm over. have a good night


In Topic: Seahawks GM hints he'll just let Wilson walk if he doesn't lower his...

16 April 2015 - 09:28 PM

It's not ~30 "imaginary plays".  It's called extrapolation.  You won't know what that means, so let me help you with that:


In mathematics, extrapolation is the process of estimating, beyond the original observation range, the value of a variable on the basis of its relationship with another variable.


Sorry, obviously statistics are over your head.  My bad.  I'll try to remember that in the future.


Doesn't mean poo in football when you have a lot more variables in the way, like say, Quarterbacks ability which is what this topic is all about. I already addressed that with the projected fantasy football stats example in the same post, so I would suggest you focus more on reading comprehension to go along with that community college education that you're proudly flaunting tonight.

In Topic: Seahawks GM hints he'll just let Wilson walk if he doesn't lower his...

16 April 2015 - 09:24 PM

So, why was LaFell's catch percentage higher during his first season with Cam (2011) than with his first year with Brady (2014)?



argument: "Cam doesn't make other players better"



Greg Olsen averaged 32 yards a game in his 4 years with the Bears. Averages just above 50 per game in 4 years with Cam.

Steve Smith 554 yards 2 TDs in 2010. 1394 yards 7 TDs in 2011 with Cam

Ted Ginn 2 receptions, 1 yard in 2012. 36 receptions 556 yards in 2013 with Cam.

Panthers offense dead last in everything in 2010. Top 7 in everything in 2011 with Cam.


You are right about Lafell in Cams first year. However he had a much reduced role back then, starting only 6 games. Teams had to focus on Olsen/Shockey duo and Smith before Lafell. The 2013 Panthers and 2014 pats had a #1 TE (Olsen/Gronk), number 1 receiver (Smith/Edelmen) and Lafell was the 2. Much similar situation for Lafell which grants a better comparison.

Olsen is pretty much the same (or slightly better) TE he was with Cutler. I don't remember who the hell the bears trotted out as QB in his first two years.


Smith? Clausen, enough said.


Ginn? Was never a factor in the 49ers offense.


Cam did a good job resurrecting the Panthers offense for a year... but Panthers O has been below average to terribad ever since. Not all his fault though.