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#3289517 Colts propose 'bonus field goal'

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 18 March 2015 - 01:49 PM

This sounds like a bull$h*t rule that an elementary school kid came up with on the playground.

#3184137 Josh Norman on Punt Returns.....

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 07 January 2015 - 08:41 AM

I say trot him out there for the first punt return.  Instant TD

#3140182 Winning games vs draft position

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 17 December 2014 - 10:03 AM

you entirely missed my point.DG wanted to pay Anthony Collins around 30 million dollars to play in Carolina.thank goodness that deal fell through for the betterment of the team,right.and name another tackle that DG pursued with that same 30 million dollars.heres a hint,nobody,just Anthony Collins.

btw,if we had properly addressed this aforementioned issue of concernment in the offseason.well guess what,we would have more than likely already clinched the NFCS.


DG did not offer Collins anything.  There was never an offer.

#3138839 Today's Photo for Discussion....

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 16 December 2014 - 08:40 AM

Is that Dex in the Pats jersey?

#3137279 RR's press conference

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 15 December 2014 - 12:56 PM


Rivera praised the offensive line: Rookie guards have been solid, Bell settling in at left tackle and Remmers a great fit at right.




#3136989 Throwback Up Quarterback

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 15 December 2014 - 10:44 AM

Matt Moore is way too low.  Miami has a future HOFer riding the pine.

#3127203 Hearing concussion, scrapes, bruises... nothing serious.

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 09 December 2014 - 02:42 PM

I could really care less whether or not Cam plays.  Just glad he's okay and no major injuries occurred, although I wouldn't consider a concussion a minor concern.

#3126943 Cam Involved in serious car wreck, reportedly uninjured

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 09 December 2014 - 01:42 PM

Let me give you some insight, since I had a similar accident when I was 21 and it happened in Chapel hill. I was driving home at night and I heard a loud clunk sound from the back part of my car. It was the back passenger tire that literally unhinged and rolled off the car while I was going 70 mph. I didn't know what to do, so I hit the breaks. Bad idea. The speed I was going and my attempt to stop suddenly sent me on a 7 time flip ride across the median and onto on coming traffic. I got hit by on car the a semi that grazed my over turned vehicle. Sending me back to the median. Luckily I was wearing my seat belt. I came away with minor scratches. I unhooked my seat belt and crawled out of the wreckage. Paramedics looked at me and some dude that was driving behind me stopped and witnessed the whole thing. I was lucky to be alive. What didn't happen instantly happened with time. My back is messed up, some of my discs were damaged but I felt no pain. Now in the present I feel it in the mornings at times. My whole body was sore for around a week and a half.

Now I'm not a doctor but if Cam had similar trauma he won't feel it right away. It's best for him to get checked out from head to toe. Then rest. The hell with this season. Get right and live on. I'm praying for him.


That sucks dude.  Overturned car accidents are no joke.  I was involved in one a little over two years ago and I ended up with a concussion and a few scratches.  My head wasn't right for a while after that.

#3124755 Greg Olsen on Cam Newton

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 08 December 2014 - 09:46 AM

So all the guys on here that were saying that couldn't have been Shula calling the game were right.  Maybe Cam had more freedom yesterday.

#3118400 Panthers and the Salary Cap

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 04 December 2014 - 01:46 PM

I'm glad you started this.


I fit a regression line for the 2013 season with active salary spending vs wins.  The Panthers spent 94m on their players vs an average of 118m for the other nfc playoff teams.  only the jags and raiders spent less. The regression equation suggested the panthers would win 6.6 games.  They won 12.


I did the same thing for 2014.  I excluded hardy's salary from active spending since he has basically missed the whole year.  The panthers are spending is 97 million for their players, the lowest in the league.  The league average is 118 million.  The highest spending teams are the broncos, 49ers, Bengals, dolphins, and packers (avg.=128mil) with an average win total of 8.  The regression line predicts the panthers would have exactly 3.3 wins so we are getting exactly what we paid for.


That's some good analysis.  We got a lot of lucky bounces last season.  Star falling to us in the draft, Star & KK playing above their heads as rookies, free agents playing at higher levels relative to their past performance, no major injuries and Ron finally coaching to win instead of coaching not to lose.

#3118293 Things you see in this video....

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 04 December 2014 - 12:55 PM

I see decent protection, happy feet by Cam, 3 crossing patterns in the same general area. 


It couldn't have been any easier for Minnesota to defend because that play was drawing all the defenders to the same general area.  

#3118137 Star Wars VII News

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 04 December 2014 - 11:02 AM

This sounds like it's going to be really good.  I'm hoping the new trilogy explores the grayer areas of the force, instead of the black and white Jedi vs Sith.  

#3118030 Offensive or awesome?

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 04 December 2014 - 08:49 AM

Needs storm troopers.

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#3118001 Realistic Head Coaching Candidates - My Shortlist

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 04 December 2014 - 08:19 AM

Pep Hamilton


This guy needs to be on the list too.

#3116753 Roster moves, Greg Hardy on Twitter, more....

Posted by ZeroZeroSeven on 03 December 2014 - 10:15 AM

What kind of car did Sammi get?


The older Christmas classics are the best!


My prediction for the game...38-10 Saints.  We play to a 3-3 tie through the 1st quarter, then the young secondary gets exposed and the Saints put up 21 on us in the 2nd quarter and 14 in the 3rd.  We score a meaningless TD in garbage time.