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#3139515 Picking 8th at this point

Posted by SooSlow84 on 16 December 2014 - 04:10 PM

Dave Gettleman needs to do a better job this year. He needs to get at least 3 offensive linemen this upcoming draft.

Your statement contradicts itself.

#3136997 Throwback Up Quarterback

Posted by SooSlow84 on 15 December 2014 - 10:46 AM

They literally just chose who they thought would be best with zero quantitative data. It may be the worst football article I've ever read.

#3132586 Kony ealy at DT

Posted by SooSlow84 on 13 December 2014 - 09:15 PM

it's my opinion that most posters on here are retarded.

I'm pretty sure mentally retarded is defined as having an IQ of less than 80. So it may actually be a fact.

#3132496 The End of Cam Newton

Posted by SooSlow84 on 13 December 2014 - 08:18 PM

Could this be the end of Cam. The loud atheist minority drummed Tim Tevo out of the NFL.

Loud atheist minority here.

I didn't give a poo about cam referencing his god. In fact I also shared his fb post because I agreed with the overall message of what he was conveying.

As far as The Golden Calf of Bristol,atheism had nothing to do with his absence from the NFL. It was his lack of ability to throw the damn ball. Perhaps he should have prayed harder.

#3132466 Football Gameplan's 2014 Wk 15 Preview - Panthers vs Bucs

Posted by SooSlow84 on 13 December 2014 - 07:52 PM

He does get paid for it, through advertising from traffic. So does ESPN, bleacherreport and any other site you can think of.

But why does that really matter? Its quality stuff and a lot more analytical and technical than the moronic talking heads like skip Bayless and company. Keep it up. fug the haters.

#3131060 Kony ealy at DT

Posted by SooSlow84 on 12 December 2014 - 01:42 PM

In which reality or on what planet are females born with dicks in their mouths....or any other part of their anatomy?

Don't use logic with these people, you'll only confuse them.

#3131057 Kony ealy at DT

Posted by SooSlow84 on 12 December 2014 - 01:41 PM

I'm not a Michael Sam fan by any means, and certainly don't condone his lifestyle. What baffles me is that Sam was in fact a better player than Ealy in college, and yet Ealy gets drafted way higher. Most will say it's because Sam was too small or what not, but the reality is that he's a homo. If Ealy works out in due time, I'll eat my words, but I think that the pick on him was a wasted one. We could have used O-line help or drafted another WR at his spot.

Just my .02 and I realize it's not the popular thing to say, but it's what I believe to be true.

You don't "condone" his lifestyle? What exactly is wrong with his lifestlye?

#3130370 tampa bay has the first overall pick as of now

Posted by SooSlow84 on 11 December 2014 - 05:10 PM

TB was going to trade up regardless

Which is much better for us because they use a valuable pick to do so.

#3126831 Cam Involved in serious car wreck, reportedly uninjured

Posted by SooSlow84 on 09 December 2014 - 01:25 PM

Yup. Saints fans already making jokes. http://saintsreport....ml#.VIc-Hcso7qA

#3119808 Titans CEO says Coach and GM are safe

Posted by SooSlow84 on 05 December 2014 - 06:57 PM

Good. If we do get rid of Rivera, we now have less competition.

#3106038 When Rex Ryan gets fired from the Jets he will be the most sought after D coo...

Posted by SooSlow84 on 26 November 2014 - 04:25 PM

Kind of a miracle to go from a 43D to 34D

Yeah typically you don't drop that much weight without going down a cup size.

#3101264 Torn ACL for Gurley

Posted by SooSlow84 on 23 November 2014 - 08:41 AM

Cooper in the first, gurley in the second.
Plz n thx.

#3069705 Im new here

Posted by SooSlow84 on 05 November 2014 - 06:29 PM

Welcome. Most of the members here are about as smart as a rock so ignore the dipshits.

#3068076 Panthers release RB Chris Ogbonnaya

Posted by SooSlow84 on 04 November 2014 - 06:19 PM

Reaves is already gone

#3066595 Panthers believe Hardy innocent, will try to workout extension

Posted by SooSlow84 on 03 November 2014 - 06:19 PM

Sign Greg long term to 8/yr structured with a low (4 mil) cap hit year one.

Cut Johnson as a June 1st cut = 10 mil savings

Cut Harper and Decoud = 2.5 mil savings

Use 8.5 mil to sign decent safety and CB and draft a LT and WR early.

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