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#2862243 Now at Harris Teeter

Posted by RelaxImaPro on Today, 04:16 PM

I actually work at the Teeter.


Snagged this poster the other night...







What is that... like snap, crackle, and pop?

#2862237 Panthers sign C Fernando Velasco

Posted by RelaxImaPro on Today, 04:14 PM

Maybe this signing can help relieve the loss of linebacker Billy Boyko some.  We were in a bit of a tailspin there for a minute.

#2861624 Training Camp Coverage - You Tell Me

Posted by RelaxImaPro on Today, 06:59 AM

But seriously, you do a great job as it is already in covering TC.  Just keep doing what you normally do every year and keep us up to date with what you think is the most interesting.  I'm sure others will toss out some ideas i'm too lazy to think of right now.

#2861623 Training Camp Coverage - You Tell Me

Posted by RelaxImaPro on Today, 06:59 AM

I'm gonna need you to head to Cleveland and keep us up to date with everything Johnny Manziel.  How does he look, how does he act, who is he hanging out with, what is he wearing, what is he currently fuged up on, you know...  the works.

#2861576 Kuechly becoming household name?

Posted by RelaxImaPro on Today, 02:40 AM

Burfict was the LB from Cincy I'm assuming?


What gave it away, the Cincinnati jersey or the fact that Bowman, David, and Kuechly don't play for Cincinnati?

#2861324 Winston says Benjamin blessed to play with Cam

Posted by RelaxImaPro on Yesterday, 07:28 PM

Nice to see that Rapeis had enough time between shoplifting crab legs and drugging women to rape them to chime in with his .02.


Winston is a piece of poo that will be in jail or worse in five years....book it.  Once his Jimbo protective blanket from Semenhole Nation is gone and he is a 'responsible adult' on his own, he will poo the bed and not be able to smile his way out of it.


Sounds exactly like a Bama fan and their view on $cam Newton.

#2861279 Speed & Quickness at WR

Posted by RelaxImaPro on Yesterday, 06:31 PM

I really wanted to keep Ginn and Mitchell.  Ginn also had some very clutch plays for us last season that we hadn't been accustomed to in the past couple of years from our WRs outside of the vintage Smitty sighting.


The hitch route against the Pats where he makes two defenders miss and scores the game-winning TD.  Yeah, Cam got him the ball, but that was all Ted Ginn on that play.


The fuging laser beam he caught in stride while leaping, and once again making a Saints defender miss.  That missed tackle was cruicial, because otherwise he would've been tackled midfield and the clock continues to run with no timeouts, instead he gains a nice chunk of yardage before running out of bounds to stop the clock.


Those are just the two right off bat, but he had more nice plays throughout the year.  Damn sure made far more of an impression in those few games than LaFell ever has his whole career here, and the other WRs we've had (Ajirotutu, Gettis, Murphy, Armanti, etc.).


Not to mention his return skills.  Yeah, I'm gonna miss Ginn.  The dude has never had a QB get him the ball until last year.

#2860358 Beason placed on Giants preseason PUP

Posted by RelaxImaPro on 21 July 2014 - 08:07 PM

Ray Charles could've seen this one coming.

#2860002 Winston says Benjamin blessed to play with Cam

Posted by RelaxImaPro on 21 July 2014 - 02:44 PM

I remember how the 2012 Bears loss was edited to look like Cam's pick 6 (Smitty's slip) is what really lost the game for us. Just to continue the Cam can't close and he's not leader bs that they loved to force on ppl.


Let's not forget all the out of context overblown press conferences.  Cam could've done a better job with them, but that poo was so stupid.


Hell, even after the playoff game ESPN doctored that conference to make it look like he walked out on the media when asked about the Kap Superman thing when in reality he finished up and the conference was over.


I really don't understand why they push that agenda so hard.  Cam is a marketing gold mine if they'd open their fuging eyes and realize it.

#2859902 Winston says Benjamin blessed to play with Cam

Posted by RelaxImaPro on 21 July 2014 - 12:33 PM

Man, I was trying to find that quote where he mentions Cam as a great QB along the likes of Brady, Peyton, and Brees just to find the actual quote itself, and I began to felt like I imagined the whole thing.  The unedited one with Cam's name is hard to find.  It's crazy and it's ridiculous the amount of articles that just blatantly edit out Cam's mention for whatever reason.  Lol why the fug would you even remove that?  It was part of his post game speech.  I've got nothing against Luck, but I damn sure bet his name wouldn't have been edited out if Winston mentioned him instead of Cam.


The closest I could find, and finally relieved me I wasn't insane and hearing poo (and it wasn't from any of the actual national articles):


No mention of Cam, but a commenter points it out: http://jacksonville....est-title-stake




Other than that the only mention I saw was from the actual transcript from when he said it:



#2859836 Winston says Benjamin blessed to play with Cam

Posted by RelaxImaPro on 21 July 2014 - 11:05 AM

Yeah Winston is a big Cam fan.  Cam was one of the first names he brought up when asked about his game-winning drive in the national championship game.


He said something about the great QBs and specifically name dropped Cam out of no where along with Tom Brady... in fact I think those might've been the only two he mentioned. :P


The Winston-to-Newton is going to be a good transition for Kelvin... a lot less adapting because they both seem kind of similar in both personality (from some of the interview I've seen anyways), throwing motion, the way they move around in the pocket, and arm strength.  Although I'm sure Cam probably tosses it harder than anyone Kelvin has ever had throw it to him before.


edit: double checked and he in fact did mention Brees and Manning as well... but strange enough it seems like damn near every article edits out his mention of Cam.  Lol, why am I not surprised?

#2859805 Who do u want to hear from?

Posted by RelaxImaPro on 21 July 2014 - 10:46 AM

I'd actually like to hear more from Decoud and Harper and get some of their insight.  They were major players for our enemies after all.  It'd be interesting seeing how they feel about the team so far and hear some of their stories about the Panthers from the Falcon/Saints viewpoints.

#2859788 @riverboatronHC....R.R. gets on board

Posted by RelaxImaPro on 21 July 2014 - 10:34 AM

I can see him twittin on game day "RT plz if u guys think i should go 4 it lol"

#2858690 Lance Making Himself Right At Home In Charlotte

Posted by RelaxImaPro on 20 July 2014 - 09:28 AM

That shirt doe

#2857781 SportsCenter Sunday My Wish preview (Cammy Cam love da kids)

Posted by RelaxImaPro on 19 July 2014 - 02:26 AM


Already been said in another thread, but SportsCenter is going to be having a My Wish special this Sunday that's supposed to be featuring Cam and our new QB, George Gringe.



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