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We beat the Saints so bad they're blaming Gordell, the NFL, Las Vegas, and politics...

08 December 2014 - 02:17 AM

Holy poo.  Talk about some tight ass paper bag-wearing conspiracy theorists... lmao this thread here is just gold and all the more satisfying after an ass-whooping like today.  We beat em so bad they can't explain or make sense of wtf just happened.


And it's not one of those random poo threads like you get here on the Huddle where OP gets bashed for being an idiot.  EVERYONE ACTUALLY fuging AGREES WITH THIS CLOWN. :lol:


Lmao but seriously, head on over and check it out: http://saintsreport....6/#.VIVNijHACSq




Serious question, I know we are low on talent on this team. I get that, but I've seen so many games this season where the team that is talked up so much before the game just gets completely blown out. For example, all Fox pregame could talk about today was how much it was a LOCK that the Saints would destroy Carolina at home...I kept thinking to myself, if we've learned ANYTHING about our team this year...we all know 100% that we don't know what team we will get week to week. I've always been somewhat skeptical, and I don't want to think these thoughts, but at some point curiosity gets the best of me. I swear, if ATL goes into GB and blows them out tomorrow, I'm about to seriously start questioning what is going on. Everyone in the universe knows GB should blow them out of Lambeau, but who wants to bet on it now? ATL will beat GB tomorrow. You heard it here first.




Follow the money = politics and sports




Heck I've got two friends that are convinced of that. Larry Brown and his picks for Dallas against the steelers. The Saints as a feel good moral builder after Katrina. The Giants and Patriots after 9/11. You get the idea. Sometimes I'm not sure they are wrong.




My twelve year old cousin just got into football and the saints this year. He kept saying all game that someone must have paid the players and the refs to make the game go the way it did. It just did not make any sense. How could people like graham play so poorly? I could not disagree with him though I played it off.




I agree guys, and I'm far from a conspiracist. But at some point, you have to question what you see. There's absolutely NO possible way for a team to go into Pittsburgh and dominate them like crazy, come home and get BLOWN out of the building against a joke Carolina. Pittsburgh looked like we did today, last week. Just think about it...these media announcers talked the Saints so far up today it was ridiculous. Why would you do that for a 5-7 team?




No way a team can perform last week like they did and perform like this today. I'm sorry, I don't believe in such a dramatic change in one week. Something doesn't add up at all. I even questioned it last week when we won, so I'm not just trying to cope with losing.




Yes its rigged. There is no way anyone is leaving all that money bet on these games just up to chance. Anyone that thinks these games are played on a level playing field just doesnt want to believe it. From NCAA to NFL, MLB, NBA, its all rigged to some degree.

The only way a player could fix a game is blackmail or an incentive to do so. That only TD we scored was so the total would over 50.5. There was no other reason. Keep an eye on the Vegas odds on the spread and over/unders and it will show you its fixed. You have to be delusional to think these games arent rigged. Everything on TV is scripted and sports is no different.

These stories that ESPN and NFL, FOX, CBS talk about before the games are to sway the bettors opinions. NFL doesnt want gambling legal and even says they are not affiliated with it yet all these websites post the Vegas odds. Its all BS. You want to find corruption follow the money. That goes for everything. 

It would be easy to do. The officials hands are already dirty with it. How many times you hear the first 15? plays are scripted, or the announcers say you couldnt script it any better? Al Michaels is famous for this because he always makes some quips about it during the game. Script all your plays and swap playbooks before the game. Easy as pie. 

Yea too many mouths, somebody would speak up about it, yada yada. There is no money in revealing the truth. Just ask Tim Donaghy how much money he made from his book.
Lol and those are just the first few posts on the first page.  As of now, t's a 6 page thread.

Did Luke get robbed of a sack?

07 December 2014 - 06:14 PM

It was the first sack of the game I think, but CJ had Brees dead to rights for a sack yet missed him which caused Brees to backpedal and get lit up for the sack.  Unless I'm tripping it looked like Luke was the first person there.


I know it's a minor thing, but I know we all like to see our star players get nice stats.  Going to the ESPN gamelog Luke isn't credited with a sack or even a half a sack at the very least.  If he gets that one there that puts him at 4 on the year... which is pretty damn good for a MLB.

Star Wars Episode VII

28 November 2014 - 10:35 AM

posted a topic in nerdvana, but I'm not sure how many people actually go in there, then I remembered the lounge is where most movies are talked about anyways, so... here it is



looks pretty cool.  don't know how I feel about that lightsaber doe

Star Wars Episode VII trailer

27 November 2014 - 06:04 AM

Coming out tomorrow




May the force be with you












hopefully it doesn't suck

Lance called the bank right before he hit the game-winning 3

08 November 2014 - 09:54 PM

It was easy to miss due to most probably going bat poo crazy after he hit the buzzer-beating 3, but the dude called his shot before he shot it.  Lol that's some Lance Stephenson poo.


The commentators talk about it a little afterwards and laughed about it.


It's around the 8 second mark in the video.


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