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In Topic: Robert Lester one of the best DB in the League next year?

16 March 2015 - 08:33 AM

Lester looked good as a rookie and graded out as our best safety according to PFF (albeit in limited playing time). I never understood why he didn't play much last year. I'm not sure if he's the answer but he's not bad by any means.

In Topic: Randell Cobb

05 February 2015 - 09:00 AM

I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in Brandon Tate if it's for very cheap, but according to PFF, Fozzy actually graded a positive 2.7 on kick returns, which would match Tate's highest KR grade of his last 5 seasons. He's a decent PR guy (Tate), but I think that we might be able to do better.

In Topic: Ed Dickson to re-sign?

02 February 2015 - 08:48 PM

I never realized there was such a strong link between an OC, who's in charge of a whole side of the ball, and whether or not a blocking tight end is being used enough.



Dickson's OK.  PFF calls him their second lowest ranked free agent.    He is, outside that one season he started because of injury, a blocker.  


Greg Olsen received 123 targets on a team that was 19th in attempts (so, 13th from the bottom), so it's not like they don't use the TE.  Dickson played more snaps than all but Olsen out of the FB, TE groups - 47.3%, which isn't a small feat given that the league in general spends about 60% of the time in 3+ WR and Olsen missed under 4% of total snaps.  So, I don't think Shula isn't using him enough, it feels like he's been using him about as much as possible. 


Well, maybe it's Cam, right? same stat - Olsen got 123 targets.  A massive volume when you're hardly throwing the ball, so Cam will throw to a TE (some of those targets are Anderson's, absolutely).   Again PFF has him rated low, so sounds like he's not getting open (if anyone who pays for PFF wants to throw out his run block v/s receiving grade v/s pass block grade, or yards per route run or anything like that, would be neat. 


So, maybe Ed Dickson isn't a super star and that has nothing to do with anyone else (like internet goobers trying to further agendas)?   Just a thought.  


Ed Dickson

Snaps: 622

Overall: -16.2 

Catching: -2.1

Pass Blocking: -6.7

Run Blocking: -8.1

In Topic: Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

26 October 2014 - 12:40 PM

Yeah Shula sucks but KB has got to catch that. If he does then that awful call never exists.