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In Topic: When will Cam heal?

29 September 2014 - 12:01 PM

His ribs won't heal until the off season while he's taking all these hits.

He needs to sit until healthy.


Agree... will add that healthy doesn't mean without any pain or 100%. It means he's healthy enough to play the game without major limitations. 

In Topic: Anderson is a better option than Cam right now

29 September 2014 - 11:46 AM

That is also fact that is not being talk about.

2 weeks won't help Cam's injuries. The fact is he needs a off-season of rest to fully heal.

He won't be a 100% without a off-season of rest. They've already admitted that he will never be 100% this season.

If you shut him down it's for the rest of tge season.


Ok. Now we're getting somewhere. I don't think anyone is advocating sitting him for the season or putting him on IR. That would definitely be throwing in the season. 


100% is overrated. He doesn't need to be 100%. But he does need to be able to move alot better than he is right now. He's not able to move well enough to protect himself from this oline. And he he's not gonna get better while getting beat up every single game. 


I see the point for letting him play. But to say sitting him for a few games to allow his body to heal is a ridiculous notion, is well... ridiculous. 

In Topic: Anderson is a better option than Cam right now

29 September 2014 - 11:35 AM

WTF are you going on about stats?  You are the only one bringing up stats that we all know about from previous years.  I am discussing Cam's sustainability behind this current oline, in his current health, with this current stable of backs.  Whenever you want to discuss that, then we can have a conversation.  Until then be my guest to discuss Cam's rookie season stats and his ability as a pocket passer with whoever else it is you feel in your mind is shitting on Cam. 


This is what I don't understand...


How could anyone take anything we're saying as "crapping" on Cam? If anything, I've read alot of posters so afraid by the RBs and OL ineptitude that they really fear we could lose the future of the franchise, especially since he's not as mobile as usual because of injuries. 


I haven't read one comment that said DA is better than Cam and should start ahead of him. 


Let's say Cam sits for 2 weeks and comes back to a 2-4 team (worse case scenario) fully healthy. Able to extend plays and drives with his legs, as well as carving defenses apart with his arm. I'd take that scenario instead of a noticeably slower Cam taking a beating every week because he can't escape pressure and still at 2-4; never able to get healthy because of the beating he takes every single game.  

In Topic: Anderson is a better option than Cam right now

29 September 2014 - 09:23 AM

I agree with almost everything you say. The only thing I differ with you on is letting Cam play. If the doctors, coaches, and Cam all feel he can play without making anything worse. Why not let him play. If they thought he could be put in danger, they would probably not let him play.

Cam is a big, tough kid. He wants to play. As long as there is no significant injury worries, and he continues to play as well as he has. Let him play.

To my knowledge, the only folks worried about Cam getting hurt worse than he is. Are the fans. Let the guys who know the situation make the decision.

If Cam was playing poorly because of the injuries, maybe I would be with you on sitting him. But he is playing so well, let him continue.


Yeah... I can see that too. I totally get you and Mr. Scot's point. It might be too early to talk about pulling him while he's playing so well.


But, damn I'm scared this kid will get hurt playing behind this incredibly subpar oline. 


I'm in the DC area, and the recent RG3 fiasco has me very worried about Cam. 

In Topic: Anderson is a better option than Cam right now

28 September 2014 - 09:49 PM

LOL...So get on your O-line's case and let Cam play his game. 


U are now accusing me of being defensive because I am not sharing your viewpoint? Give me some a real rational reason to bench Cam beside, I don't want him hurt and I will give u a slide. 


And it shows that u are not paying that much attention expect in a shallow way to what Cam is doing., He is pretty much playing the same way as last season as he is this. The only difference is, last year folks like u were busy blaming him for every receiver's miis-drops. If he over threw a couple of balls, that was all you folks were talking about, even if the team won.


So how is benching or getting on the oline gonna make them better at protecting our franchise QB, when he's not moving well enough to protect himself?


And Cam is not playing the same as last year. Are you serious? Did you see the plays he made against the Patriots, eluding defenders to make passes downfield? He is not the same as we've seen him - ever. 


Please stop lumping my comments with every one else you may have issue with. Take my comments for what they are - at face value. I say what I mean. No reason to allude to anything on an internet forum. 

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