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In Topic: NFL :domestic violence first offense..6 games ...lifetime ban 2nd offense

Yesterday, 02:58 PM

Open season to grab an NFL player by the balls and tell him to pay up or else.

If I was in the NFL I would stay the hell away from all women until I retired. Abstinence is the only true deterrent.

*cue the simple minded fools that think this post means I accept DV in any way*

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And this is the point right here...


When you set this kind of precedent, the money hungry will take advantage of it. So, how many NFL players will be extorted for how much money now because of this rule?


And to those that say, well just don't hit a woman - I don't think you have to anymore. You have to prove that you didn't if she says you did. Not many players would be willing to put their careers (millions of dollars) in the hands of 12 strangers. Just pay the "ransom" and be done with it. 

In Topic: Pete Prisco presents the 5-11 2014 Panthers!

Yesterday, 10:22 AM

I don't agree with the record - I think the Panthers are at least a .500 team, but you never know. They could come out and stink it up on offense if Cam and the oline don't figure things out soon. 


The score predictions, on the other hand, are utterly ridiculous! Can't take him serious if he's gonna throw trash like that up. So what are his score predictions for the Seahawks? What about the #3 defense? What about 4-10? 

In Topic: Olsen son has a open heart surgery today

25 August 2014 - 11:37 AM

Dang, that has to be the toughest thing in the world to go through - the vulnerability of your kids. Prayers and way to keep first priorities, first priority. 

In Topic: The Official "Whats the main problem with the passing game" poll

25 August 2014 - 09:13 AM

Cam Newton is the QB. If there's a problem with the passing game, I think you have to begin the discussion with the QB. Of course, every item on the list is relevant. But in my opinion, Cam is the biggest factor. 


Though I caveat that with Shula/Rivera not using him properly. Cam is not a true pocket passer - yet. They are literally forcing him to be one and it's gonna take time, and the team will take its lumps in the process in the win/loss column. But it will take that dynamic to win the ultimate prize - Rivera knows that. Cam could win 10+ games this season running as soon as he sees an opening, but good defenses will stop him in the playoffs. 


It's just the next step in Cam's progression as a complete QB. Accurately reading defenses pre-snap, and anticipating the throw before WRs are open, particularly in the middle of the field. He's always been confident outside the numbers, which is usually the harder throw, but he hesitates and wants to see a receiver open in the middle of the field before he lets go. 


And he has to start completing those deep balls. Not sure what happened, but that was his bread and butter as a rookie. That and the deep outs to #89. 

In Topic: Who's In/Out vs Pats

21 August 2014 - 02:40 PM

At least the right side is the sight side, but my bigger concern is line continuity and chemistry between a rookie and a new tackle.


This is it to me. Rookies, new players and old players in new positions require time to gel probably as much as any group on the field, including QB/WR. 


Practice is one thing, but there's a reason many teams allow their o-line starters to play longer than skill position starters in preseason. Turner and Chandler could really use this time together under fire. 

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