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Swag's Final Mock

05 May 2014 - 11:04 AM

1-Marqise Lee-WR-USC-6'0''-190



Late in this draft process, receivers like OBJ and Cody Latimer have had skyrocketing draft stock. Lee has became the forgotten man in the WR group. I think that the school he attended and minor injuries have affected his draft stock more than they should have. Getting Lee here is a steal, because he is as gifted as any WR in this class not named Sammy.



2-Billy Turner-OT-NDSU-6'4''-315



Had this guy as our 3rd round pick in my first mock, was called an idiot for it, extreme reach, etc. His stock has risen among talking heads. This guy is a left tackle and would greatly improve our run game. Haven't seen a tackle in a long time that is as aggressive as Turner.



3- James Hurst-OT-UNC-6'5''-295



Hurst is a legit LT. Period. He held his own against Clowney, not the best run blocker, but a guy that can be a starting NFL tackle, no brainer for round 3. I really think that draftniks have overblown a clean break in his leg. It will heal back stronger, non-issue.


4-Jemea Thomas-CB-GTech-5'9''-190



I love the physicality that Thomas plays with. He plays well with the ball in front of him and is able to read the QB and drive on the ball (a must for our scheme). Pretty good pass rusher as well, as see him as being Captain-ish with better tackling ability.



5-Tevin Reese-WR-Baylor-5'11-163



I can't believe that Reese isn't rated higher than he is. 867 yards in 8 games this year, with 8 TD's. He is a one trick pony, limited route runner, but he is a smooth runner who has the gift of "Mossing" guys by lulling them to sleep and smoothly blowing by them. We have possession guy in Cotchery and Avant, we need a guy who can take it to the house anytime, this is the guy.


6-Zack Kerr-DT-Delaware-6'1''-325



Hog Mollie. I think DG has a little bit of a hard on for this guy, as I have saw him linked to us numerous times. I saw him in a college all star game, Shrine maybe? He looked very good, active player, mammoth frame.



7- Chris Watt-OG-Notre Dame-6'3''-310



Two months ago Watt was overslotted at a 4-5 round grade. Most of the guards have dropped in value, as they should due to the position. Average guards are a dime a dozen. I like OL who excel in run blocking, if you can run, you can win. Watt is one of the best run blocking guards in the draft...but a below average pass blocker. He has the athleticism to improve in that department.

Swag's 2014 Mock Draft V.1

03 January 2014 - 02:38 AM

I'm glad the college football season has all but wrapped up so that these players have shown us all they have to show in pads. We will see how the underwear changes things up in Indy.



We will sign some of our own guys, Hardy (at least tag him), Ginn, Mitchell. We sign scrapheap/JAG's to fill holes.


Onto the draft:



Round 1- Jason Verrett-CB-TCU -5'10''-176



Hell yeah I want to fix the offense, we all do. But I want an elite talent, a day one starter. I don't value the CB position, never have, Reggie Howard and Terry Cousin say "Hi". However I feel like Verrett is a sure thing and BPA. Verrett fits our scheme perfectly with his ability to watch the QB and drive on the ball. Verrett is a bona-fide ballhawk with 8 picks and 30 pass breakups in the last two years. He is also aggressive in run support, a must have for me in a CB. I didn't go with WR here because I feel like outside of the first two guys, they have some question marks.


Round 2-Donte Moncrief-WR-Ole Miss-6'2''-225




This guy has it all, size, 4.4 speed, hands, what he doesn't have it what makes him a second rounder. No 1,000 yard season, no QB to throw him the ball. Moncrief is a bit of a diva, all the good ones are though right? He is a good blocker and shows an intense desire for the game.


Round 3-Billy Turner-OT-North Dakota State- 6'5''-310



Who? FCS player who dominates his FCS competitors, a big, aggressive lineman. Not a guy Walter and the like are talking about, but they will be. Most people want on OT earlier, and one who plays premier talent. I get that, but for me Turner's mean streak and effort sticks out. It's rare to see an O-lineman with the motor on this guy, his athleticism reminds me a little of Marcus McNeil, it's a risk, but one that I think will work out. Look for him to rise from the abyss into that 2nd tier of OT.


Round 4-Richard Rodgers-TE-Cal-6'4''-245



Rodgers is a guy who has average size, average numbers. He excels in gaining yards after contact and has the skills to be a good, not great player. 608 yards receiving this year on a horrible team, with horrible QB play. Cal is bad, bad. His dad is our special teams coordinator, that aside he is worthy at this spot and we need another tight end.


Round 5- Isiah Lewis-S-Michigan State-5'10''-210



We need safety depth at the least. Lewis is a downhill player who comes to the ball instead of waiting for it to get to him. I like that from DB's. Lewis has had 2 picks in each of the last two years, but has a knack for getting his hand in there for deflections. He is a bit undersized at 5'10'' but knows how to tackle low and drop bigger players down to his level.


Round 7- Michael Schofield-OT-Michigan-6'6''-305



The guy is a solid RT for the Wolverines. As you can see, he's not a natural knee bender, he needs to gain some weight. A lot of flaws with this guy, but when you watch the game footage you can see that he gets the job done even though it's not pretty. Would be good depth for our line.





Swag's FanFest Recap

03 August 2013 - 10:42 PM

It was miserably hot down at the stadium today...and the Oline and Dline were feeling it


The pass rushing drills at the start of practice were extra chippy today and guys were going hard. This started with Frank Alexander and Byron Bell during the first match ups when Bell got his helmet knocked off. Bell was pushing Alexander after the whistle and got a little facewash from Alexander in response before the players intervened. The rest of them were giving each other a little extra in the remainder of this drill...I was impressed with the intensity.


Speaking of the Dline, Eric Washington to me is the best coach that we have. He is constantly coaching these guys up individually after every rep and shows real appreciation when the respond to his coaching. In particular he is always in Star's ear trying to help him with technique.


Minor Defensive Observations:


Star- This guy is not going to be dominant from day 1, if you expected him to be then you are a fool. At this point he is someone who offers a little push up the middle and the pass game and can hold the point in the run game. Couple good plays/would be tackles for short gain in the run game today for Star.


DE group- Beat the poo out of the OT group on 80% of the plays. Would be sack from Hardy today in team drills, relentless pressure coming out of Addison and Alexander.


Back 7- If Blackburn and Klein have to do any starting we will be okay. The are able to find and fill gaps easily and are both downhill players, they shut the door on runs very well. Ditto for Mitchell in the back, he does not wait for the play to come to him, he gets there downhill and fast.


Minor Offensive Observations:


Aside from Ryan Kalil and sometimes Jordan Gross we suck at pass blocking. Mobley launched at least 5 bad snaps from center today. Amini wasn't in and it showed, left side was piss poor today. I will get to Garry Williams later...


Lafell is going to have a good year, the timing between he and Cam is perfect, he is a master of working the zone over the middle. Smoothest routes, no drops today for 11.


Armanti- He is quick, but still doesn't show real speed, what he does show is the best route running on the team aside from Lafell and Smith. His routes were very crisp and sharp on a drill, he faked a double move on Josh Thomas before stopping and coming back to the football, throw was late and he caught it just as Thomas arrived.


Cam looks as accurate as I have seen him, however in the beginning of team drills stared down Smitty and got easily picked by Flo, can't do that in a game...or practice.


Team Stuff


Smitty caught a fade for a TD in the endzone with tight coverage from Florence in redzone drill.


Cam hit Olsen for a "TD" during redzone drill, Olsen beat Luke on the play, but Mike Mitchell would have laid him out in the real game and was shaking his head "no" as the crowd roared.


Mike Mitchell had a good stuff at the 3 yard line on a third down play on a run during redzone drills that garnered praise from McDermott giving the field goal foot gesture.


Deangelo Williams had a nice 25 yard gain or so in full team scrimmage. Great seal block on a pull by GARRY WILLIAMS on the play that set him free. (no major fug ups seen from Garry today FWIW)


Also nice catches on crossing routes by Smith and Lafell during full team scrimmage, were first down plays.


Armanti Edwards caught a great fade in the endzone during team drills with Cap all over him, both players hit the ground, AE held on for the TD.


Brandon Williams looked rough early but caught a TD on a deep post working against Lester and then caught a redzone TD when he leaped out of a group of 3 defenders and snagged the ball with ease while working in garbage time with Clausen.


TLDR version: Camp hot, Edwards good, Oline bad, 











Swag's 7-26 Camp Observations

27 July 2013 - 02:08 PM

I know a lot of folks here would like some non twitter feedback from camp yesterday so here is my attempt.


As expected the player were in shorts and shells, which is always a bit of a bummer, but it is too soon to go full contact. The $2 beers that were available made the Spartanburg heat a little more bearable that camps past. On to the action...



Significant rookie observations-


Star vs. Amini was intense. During one on one blocking drills, the two went up against each other 3-4 times. It really seemed like Amini was going hard at Star. I don't know if it is a rookie thing or a Tongan brother thing, but it was clear that Amini knew that he was going up against Star and he meant business...Nothing to read into that other than maybe Amini giving Star a warning that the NFL is no cakewalk. The result of these matchups were that Star went nowhere, Amini owned him and as you may have heard threw Star on his back at one time


Star- As expected he seems to struggle a bit, overwhelmed by Amini. After almost every play coach Eric Washington was giving him direct coaching. It may take some time for him to show dominance at this point, but he and coach Washington seemed to determined to get the most out of him.


Short-Showed good quickness, seemed to have more impact than Star in this early practice. Got a couple of good pushes up the middle in team drills, tossed Kugzilla aside on one play that would've likely gotten him a sack in a real game.


Kugbila- Really strong guy, reminds me a lot of Amini last year. Did a good job against the vets, he won some against Dwan and lost some against him too, really held his own and did not get overpowered. He did get off balance once against Short and whipped aside for what would have been a sack.




Defensive Lineups- 


During full team trills, first unit

Dline -Johnson, Dwan, Star, and Hardy

DB's- Godfrey, Florence, Munnerlyn, and Campbell

(Mike Mitchell did gets reps at SS in place of Campbell with the  1's as did Norman in place of Captain at CB)




WR3 battle- The only real TC battle other than RG that will be fought out in TC this year

Ted Ginn looks to be the guy who got the most reps at that position

Followed by 





Noteworthy observations:


Ted Ginn dropped between 3-4 balls in WR drills that hit him in the hands


Armanti Edwards looks to be much smoother in his route running and much more comfortable catching with his hands compared to Ginn


Drayton Florence is a bit of a grabber. I  think that he will be a pretty physical guy, Pilares would have had him once in team drills in a back shoulder throw, Florence mugged him instead of getting beat.


Charles Johnson beat Bell to the corner easily twice in team drills, would have had 2 sacks in real action.


Dwan Edwards has real leverage. I think he has master the art of pushing OL straight back into the quarterback. He got Kalil with that move once during Lineman drills.


Amini Silatolu looks like he could be the real deal. New number (66) much more trim and defined physically. Granted they are in shorts and not going full contact he seemed very strong in blocking drills. He dominated Star 100% (to be expected) and practically stonewalled every lineman that he faced. Looked great on a pull to the right side that sealed off the edge on a Williams run. 



Crowd pleasing moments:


Cam with a deep throw to Greg Olsen for a TD between Godfrey and Mitchell(I think). Both were in good position to make the play on the ball but did nothing, typical Carolina safeties.


Steve Smith with a one handed catch on the sideline during WR drills


Armanti Edwards with a nice catch over the middle in traffic during team drills


Bersin(sp) caught a nice diving grab, full extension down the sideline for a big 40 yard catch.



Hope this was helpful for someone.














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