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Can Frank Alexander fill the void and get this line back on tract?

Yesterday, 07:30 AM

So C.J isn't playing well and the tackles are getting double teamed due to the loss of Hardy. I guess he had much more impact that I gave him credit for, but he probably will not play another down here. The LB'ers are now getting jammed and can not get separation.The secondary isn't talented enough to compensate for this. I was wrong about Addison being able to step up and do the job on a constant basis as a starter. Alexander has to be the guy to step up and take this job on.Kony may or may not pan out. Big Frank has shown flashes and had a good camp.For this defense to get back to a high level someone needs to fill that position and play well. Let's hope he can do what needs to be done.

Time for a players only meeting

28 September 2014 - 08:14 PM

The "captains" on this team have a "c" on their chests for a reason.They are supposed to be the leaders,the guys that keep their units together,mortivated,and focused. The coaches have not been doing their job very well,so the players need to take personal pride in themselves and come together.Time for a players only meeting and CALL EACH OTHER OUT..face to face and man to man. The season is not lost but it can't go on like this much longer or it will be.

G.Williams back on IR

27 September 2014 - 01:18 PM

Third time in four years he has been placed on IR in the month of September (per J.Jones). Time to give him an injury settlement and be done with it. Don't know how much longer they can hold pat without signing another lineman. If anyone goes down they will be in worse shape then they are now.. if that's possible.

Game predictions: Which will be the last team standing...Panthers or Ravens?

26 September 2014 - 01:00 PM

Time to look into the crystal ball and get opinions on which team which show up this week. Will It be the team that went 12 ~ 4 last year or the team that got rolled over last weekend. Can they refocus and regroup to get the job done against a team that beat Pittsburgh by 20 points? Can they find a running game? Can they tighten up the defense that forgot that they had a game to play last Sunday night? Time to slap the cobwebs out of their collective brains and get back on the winning track. Notice not a mention of Steve Smith. This game needs to be about beating the Ravens and not make it about him. What do the fabled huddlers believe will be the storyline at around 4 pm Sunday afternoon.....thumbs up or thumbs down?

Charles Johnson: trying hard to improve his performance

24 September 2014 - 03:22 PM

The man knows he isn't making the impact that is expected of him.According to the buzz around practice is that he is putting in extra time trying to get it back. The absence of Hardy has hurt, but Charles isn't pinning his lack of production on that. Hasn't said his hamstring is a factor either. He has been a team player and no problems off the field. Research says he really hasn't been heavily double teamed either, just isn't getting to the QB.Zero sacks in three games.He is getting some pressures, but not closing the deal.Will big Frank's return game 5 help the situation, who knows.If it wasn't for Marios 3.5 sacks and the DT's getting sacks up the gut, they would be in deep trouble.If this doesn't improve, the team cannot justify paying that kind of salary next year.So Hardy is in limbo and probably gone and C.J possibly losing his mojo..a strength may soon be a weakness.Things change quickly in the NFL.

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