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#2041988 The "Did You Know" Thread

Posted by FurdTurgason on 11 December 2012 - 11:26 AM

Bill Paxton is the only actor to be killed by a Predator, Alien, and Terminator. Lance Henriksen was offed by an Alien and a Terminator, but no Predator, and Michael Biehn was killed by a Terminator and appeared in Aliens, but didn't die by way of an Alien.

Game over! How did Michael Biehn die in Aliens?

#2041567 Why does "conservative humor" fail so badly?

Posted by FurdTurgason on 10 December 2012 - 11:57 PM

Bring your own crickets

#2041525 The "Did You Know" Thread

Posted by FurdTurgason on 10 December 2012 - 11:21 PM

wait a minute...then how the hell did Fred Flinstone always order Brontasaurus Burgers?

True story: I once wrote Fred Fintstone down as an answer on a test in high school, and the idiot next to me copied it. We both got in trouble. The teacher was trying not to laugh.

#2041450 Went to Panther Talk tonight...

Posted by FurdTurgason on 10 December 2012 - 10:47 PM

And who, pray tell, gave it to them?


#2041420 Went to Panther Talk tonight...

Posted by FurdTurgason on 10 December 2012 - 10:34 PM

They know. Your picture is in the locker room. (talking to Mr. Scot)
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#2036234 Obama scoffs at GOP fiscal cliff plan...that was his in 2011

Posted by FurdTurgason on 08 December 2012 - 11:18 AM

Seriously? Does it friggin' matter?

Honestly, I don't know except that he won the most populated states since he captured both the popular and the electoral vote. He won New York and California, so if you're believing that Romney winning Nebraska and Oklahoma, South and North Dakota are far more important, you're now officially grasping for straws.

Obama got most of his popular vote from New York and California, the two flakiest states in the country. Meanwhile, Romney won 30-something states by a comfortable margin, and Obama won states like Ohio and Florida by razor thin margins.

Barry has no mandate. Half the country hates his guts.

#2036110 How can libs so easily talk out of both sides of their mouth?

Posted by FurdTurgason on 08 December 2012 - 01:57 AM

this one time i was talking to a liberal and he was talking about making money from a job he was working and i was like hey libtard it's ironic your communist ass is taking money from the freedom of america shouldn't you be getting a handout from socialism?

fugin libs amirite?

1 out of 10

#2034553 Jim Brown wanted to fight Ali

Posted by FurdTurgason on 06 December 2012 - 03:34 PM

This is a great story...


So I went to talk to Ali. He says, 'Jim wants to do what? Bring him here.' So I took him to Hyde Park in London, where Ali used to run. Ali said, 'Jimmy, here's what we're going to do: You hit me as hard as you can.' So Brown starts swinging and swinging, and he can't hit him. He's swinging wildly and not even coming close. This goes on for, like, 30 seconds. Then Ali hits him with this quick one-two to his face. Jimmy just stops and says, 'OK, I get the point.'

#2034480 Where to shop/where to eat

Posted by FurdTurgason on 06 December 2012 - 02:48 PM

I drink the spirits that please my pallet.

LOL. The wooden things that you stack things on?

/just messin with you

#2033326 Unpopular Newton received rough treatment from other players during Pro Bowl

Posted by FurdTurgason on 05 December 2012 - 10:08 PM

Great human beings? Tend toward hyperbole much?

I'm sure they are all really nice guys. None of them will be likely meeting with the Nobel committee anytime soon.

Athletes are just like everyone else. They all have their pluses and minuses. Fans need to stop putting these guys on a pedestal and they will be less disappointed when they turn out to be just human after all.

I can think of some Nobel prize winners who are a-holes.

Steve, Rodney and Jake were never too big for anyone, from interns to the people in community services to the fans to the guys who barely made the team. In fact they made it a point to be kind to those people.

The media guys said Beuerlein would step in the media room on his way out of the stadium every day to ask them if anybody needed anything else before he left. You couldn't find a better spokesman for the team, either. When he was released by Seifert, he had an obligation to make a community services appearance at a local school the next day. He went. He did it because he knew the kids there were looking forward to seeing him and he liked the community services people.

Jake was the same way. I wasn't there his last two years so I didn't see the ugliness, but it seemed to me from afar he handled it as best he could.

And if I could sum up Rodney Peete in two words, those words would be consummate professional. Wish the Panthers had gotten him earlier in his career because he would have been a franchise QB in Charlotte.

Like I said, Cam can still get there. But he's got to get over this "I'm a superstar and I can do what I want" mentality, a mentality that sadly many of you on here seem to think is okay.

#2032886 Unpopular Newton received rough treatment from other players during Pro Bowl

Posted by FurdTurgason on 05 December 2012 - 04:41 PM

So you Cam nut huggers tell us....why are Rick Reilly and Pete Prisco -- competing writers from different websites, mind you -- and Zod, who has spent six or seven years building up relationships inside the Panthers organization, all singing the same tune? Do they hate Cam because he's black? Because he's black and successful and good looking? If Cam was a great kid, don't you think the writers from other sites would have pounced on the chance to defend him to make Rick Reilly look bad? Instead they pile on.

Gantt lost his job at the Rock Hill paper and is trying to get in good with the Panthers organization. He has motive to defend Cam. So does Zod, but Zod gave you the last thing you want to hear....the truth.

Cam came with baggage. Remember that. He played so far above expectations as a rookie that you chose to forget.

#2032501 Unpopular Newton received rough treatment from other players during Pro Bowl

Posted by FurdTurgason on 05 December 2012 - 01:24 PM

The diva football has been officially handed off from Smitty to Cam. And there are thousands of fans who care not how the superstar treats people because...well, he's a superstar, and Charlotte needs to learn how to handle one. Sad. Soon as he leaves for greener pastures every one of you will turn on him, too.

#2032209 More evidence that the Human Race sucks (particularly New Yorkers)

Posted by FurdTurgason on 05 December 2012 - 10:45 AM

Subway, bloody subway

#2032003 The Mitch Hedberg thread

Posted by FurdTurgason on 05 December 2012 - 01:40 AM

Damn I wish this guy was still around...

#2029655 Bob Costas' Soap Box

Posted by FurdTurgason on 03 December 2012 - 03:51 PM

i'm pretty ambivalent on the gun control issue as i see significant pros and cons to either one, but if we're going to analyze the constitutional aspect of it it's important to note that the second amendment was written in a historical context where a firearm was a muzzle-loading musket or flintlock pistol, taking at least thirty seconds between shots to reload (and that's if you're a trained expert.) There's not a technological equivalency between that and a semiautomatic handgun or rifle, and that's something important to keep in mind.

Very well put. I'm all for someone owning a pistol to protect their home, but when someone goes Smitty it's too easy for very bad things to happen. Imagine how many people would be dead if we could just clench our fist and they fall down dead. Guns eliminate the cooling off period. People would still be murdered without them, but to think that guns don't affect the murder rate is wrong.