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In Topic: Week 3 Gameday Thread

Yesterday, 06:49 PM

People used to sit back and not blitz Tom Brady because they were afraid he'd pick them apart.
Turned out high pressure was the best way to beat him.

You put enough pressure on teams, they have a tendency to start to shake. Not every player is made of ice. I like aggression. You don't have to go all herpy derpy to be aggressive. All you have to do is put endless pressure on them.

In Topic: Week 3 Gameday Thread

Yesterday, 06:42 PM

Attack seattle. they are so used to teams being conservative. Attack them and make them actually, you know, play. They didn't look so tough right there.

In Topic: This is glorious......

Yesterday, 06:34 PM

Definitely takes some of the sting out of him being My GFs favorite Huddler.

In Topic: 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Yesterday, 01:49 PM

So, other teams over pay players and we should simply because they do? 
Cam is gonna get paid a lot of money, regardless of the opinion of ppl on the huddle. 
Just some of us are a bit gun shy and concerned about paying a poo ton of money for someone that has not been able (thus far) to put things together and will us to playoff victories.


I do not have game pass yet so I can not go back and watch every snap of our playoff loss to the niners. 
If I were a betting man I would put my money on Cam missing reads, holding on to the ball too long, and making some poor passes. 
You have to focus on playoffs to a certain degree because that is when the most pressure is on. Some QBs wilt under pressure and some rise to the occasion. 
Yea, I wouldnt have wanted to give Manning a MASSIVE contract until he won a few playoffs games as well. That goes for any QB. 
I want to see how they perform in the biggest stages at the highest level. 
Not sure when and why the NFL got to paying ELITE money to non elite players. 
Cam is on his way, def, but he aint there yet.

I understand that you are leery of having to pay Cam poo tons of money. Especially since, at this point, he hasn't won in the playoffs. But...the market sets the value. Not wins, no matter where or how they come, or don't come.

The market value for franchise QBs is through the roof. Nothing we/you/anyone can do about it. It would be great if someone would take the bull by the horns and say, "No more". But that ain't gonna happen.

We will pay Cam what the market says we will pay him. And it is going to be a lot of money.

The one saving grace is that the salary cap is going up. So it shouldn't handicap us by the time Cam gets his, as much as it has some teams who have paid out recently.

In Topic: Panthers expected to active Darrin Reaves from practice squad.

Yesterday, 01:20 PM

Happy Birthday.  I believe you will you have that present gift wrapped by the end of the game tonight.

Thanks. And you bet your azz I want that present.

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