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In Topic: Who to blame for Panthers' last ranked D

20 November 2014 - 11:09 PM

Last year teams had a really tough time running on us. This year, it isn't so tough but we have slipped a bit.

Last year QBs knew they were going to get pressure. Coming into the game they were worried for their health. This year, not so much.

Hardy had a lot to do with both of those. He made everyone on that line better. We really do miss that. Alexander was a key backup as well.

So IMO, our D-line slipping is the main reason we are where we are.

In Topic: Still in for Rivera~

20 November 2014 - 10:55 PM

My issues with the coaching staff are less about player attitude and more about inability to properly evaluate and use the talent we do have.
I mean really, who sends Jason Avant and Jerricho Cotchery deep, especially when all we need to convert are 2 or 3 yards?
Rivera has watched this stuff happen all year, but now suddenly the Eagles game is "an eye opener"?  Ugh :(

Avant and Cotch have decent size and speed, and have good hands. They may not be the fastest, but you could believe that they could win a one on one situation. With what we have, they are almost the best option for those plays. Now that Philly is back, he will get those shots. Folks complain when we don't go deep. Then complain about it when we do.

The last year and a half Cam was taking those check-downs. Lately, he is lucky to have a check-down to go to.

When our Offense is working, we throw a lot on 1st down. That play has gone away.

Crossing patterns are a great way for guys to get separation. We rarely use them.

I could go on, but you get the gist. Our Offense is in a funk. Nobody likes it, and nobody trusts it. Part of that is the lack of talent, and part is the play calling. Until both of those are fixed, I think Rivera is in a bind. He can't coach the way he wants because he feels he only has half a team.

Fix the Offense for Rivera. Then see what he can do. He is never going to be balls to the wall Ron. But give him an Offense he trusts, and maybe we see a different Ron.

I don't see blaming a HC for having half a team. It has to be disheartening for him, and the players. Gman must fix the Offense. Talent and OC both need to be upgraded. It just isn't fair to judge Rivera on half a team.

Yes the HC is the main man. And in normal circumstances he deserves the brunt of the blame. I just don't see this team fitting that situation. These are not normal times round here.

In Topic: Still in for Rivera~

20 November 2014 - 12:34 PM

There are definite signs that he may have lost the locker room, or at least a significant portion of it.
If that is the case, you really do have to let him go.  You don't recover from that.

Just because players are frustrated, does not necessarily mean Rivera has lost the locker room. Plenty of teams have rebounded from frustrating seasons.

IMO, this whole season comes down to 2 points. 1. Shula and his style of offense. 2. The talent this offense has/doesn't have.

Upgrade the OC and offensive talent, and maybe we can score some more points. To me, that would add some much needed enthusiasm to the offense, as well as taking a poo ton of pressure off the defense.

In short. Just maybe Rivera and Gman understand that Shula and his offense, along with the dearth of offensive talent in general, have more to do with our underwhelming season than anything else.

We as fans can react anyway we wish. Calling for heads to roll is our right. Unfortunately, the FO can't think that way. Giving Rivera the tools he needs to succeed could very well fix our ails.

Rivera may be conservative by nature. And he may never go for a wide open, pass happy offense. But he may be fine with an OC that has the imagination to give his players plays that work to their advantage.

tl/dr version. Get rid of Shula. Upgrade the offensive talent. Then see what Rivera can do.

In Topic: Still in for Rivera~

20 November 2014 - 11:57 AM

Graham Gano missed between 40-49 yards earlier in the season and missed between 40-49 2 times last year.

It is not anywhere close to being automatic. It was a moronic decision. I don't know how anyone can defend it.

Gano had missed a grand total of 2 kicks from inside 50 yards at BOA. I would say that is pretty good. Good enough to have the faith he would make another one.

But...the decision to shut down the Offense was, and still is, a damm stupid one. Chances are, one more first down equals a win.

So I disagree that the FG was a lost cause. I agree that not going for the first was just a horrible one.

Prior to Sundays miss, Gano was 5 of 6 from 40-49 yards this season.

But, it sounds so much better to say that that equates to a 20% miss rate.

At the time, promoting Shula to OC was done for continuities sake. At the time it was thought that is was best for Cam and his development. Did it backfire? Um...yeah. But it was less than 2 years ago. Give Rivera and Gman time to rectify the mistake before you bury the hatchet.

The problem becomes. If you retain Rivera, can you even get a decent OC to come here? Or are you better served by cleaning house? I would think you can upgrade the OC and still keep Rivera. If that is what the FO wishes.

Personally, with what Rivera was given this year. He deserves a chance to see this through. Upgrade the talent and OC for him. If he fails, then let him go. I just don't see the upside to cleaning house after what transpired this year.

Maybe, just maybe, Rivera would allow a new OC to call a game that utilizes the talent, well, an upgraded roster, in todays NFL. He may be conservative by nature. But that does not automatically preclude he would be adverse to an offense that could actually work.

Ah hellz, fire everyone. Start over. Why not? It's not like we have the talent to compete for a Super Bowl. It must be the HC.

In Topic: Corey "Philly" Brown = Our best WR

16 November 2014 - 06:08 PM

He never saw the field on the last drive. Bersin did.

1 of the 2 WRs that scored today didn't see the field on the last drive with the game on the line. lol

Um, KB caught the last pass of the game. The one he handed off to Olsen to step out of bounds.

But don't let facts get in the way of your imagination.

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