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In Topic: Should tackles pass the LOS be counted?

Today, 10:55 AM

They don't count miss-tackles. Maybe they should. Same reason as negative rushing yards. Failing to do ones' job should count against them.

Failing to do ones' job does count against them. Do it often enough, and you don't have a job.

You have been harping on this subject since before the season started. When some lame sux fan stated that Keek falls on piles down field and still gets so much credit for all the tackles he gets.

Considering all the over the top, around the bend thinkers we have here on the Huddlez. And you cannot get even 1 of them to agree with you about your tackles for loss theory. That should tell you all you need to know about your thinking process.

Everyone wants to revolutionize the game. Take it from me. This ain't one of those times.

In Topic: O-Line\No Huddle

07 October 2014 - 05:51 PM

You make a good point.  If we are playing a team that likes to substitute situationally a lot and we want to catch them with certain personnel then using the no-huddle can force them to keep the same personnel on the field which if they are D linemen can wear them out.  As you note Manning is very good as getting to the line and then taking 15 or 20 seconds calling all kinds of dummy signals while the clock runs.  We could probably do that more.  Then again if we want to build a rhythm  we could just throw the ball a few times in a row instead of running on first and second down and trying to throw on third down.  That would accomplish the same thing that happens in the hurry up where Cam seems to get better when he is throwing the ball regularly.

I just have this feeling that Shula, and Rivera, trust Cam to complete the majority of his passes on 3rd down. It gives them an out for calling those pesky running plays.

But...We have been throwing the ball on 1st down more this year. So I guess I am confused as to what they really are trying to do.

We run, run, pass. We pass, run, run. We are slow and methodical, then go hurry upish. Maybe Shula is trying to confuse the Defense by doing so many different things?

All I know for sure is, Cam is having a remarkable year. Let him throw the ball a little more. Scoring points is probably just as good, if not better, than Time of Possession. Cuz we aren't a quick strike Offense even when we throw the ball.

Ah hellz, I'm too confused to know what I don't know.

In Topic: Giants Release Trindon Holliday

06 October 2014 - 06:10 PM

What's your brother-in-law's 40 time?

He can suck one down pretty darn quick. Can't let that sucker get too warm.

In Topic: O-Line\No Huddle

06 October 2014 - 06:07 PM

I think 75% is a bit too high. We need to pick our spots wisely

IMO, you can still use the no huddle without speeding the game up. Just because you are in no huddle doesn't necessarily mean you have to snap the ball with 20 seconds still on the clock.

When you get a Defense in certain personnel groupings you want to exploit, then use it. Or when you want to get Cam into a rhythm, use it. Or maybe even when the Defense is looking tired, use it to wear them out even more.

The point being, you can speed the game up, or not, using the no huddle. And it can actually help your Offense out as well.

In Topic: Giants Release Trindon Holliday

06 October 2014 - 05:50 PM

I wanna play.

Philly's TD return was NOT a fumble. Nor was it a muff. He never touched the ball until he picked it up. The ball hit the back of the guy who hit him early.

How can we take you seriously if you don't know what is going on?

Holliday? LOL The guy fumbles more than my brother in law reaching for the check.

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