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#3307556 Why drafting a RB or defense won't solve our issues.

Posted by iamhubby1 on Yesterday, 07:03 PM

ignoring BPA doesn't work out.

Gman doesn't draft for need. He factors in what we don't need as well. I can live with that philosophy.

He'll draft one when their value lines up with where we're picking.  Until then, he won't draft one.  Same with any position.  He's not going to reach.

Exactly the reason he didn't draft a Tackle last year. The value never matched up to where our picks were located. That, and he was sure that after the first few rounds, no talent was better than what we had.

He will sign anyone he thinks makes us better. As long as he can see value in the signing. Which is the main reason I can't wait to have some money. I am plenty interested in how he is going to value the higher rated FAs.

Did any if you Mel Kipers know who bene benewikere or Andrew norwell were before the draft

As a Big Ten fan, I did know who Norwell was. As for Bene', no clue. But I get what you are saying.

#3306934 April Fools Day, The Huddle, And You

Posted by iamhubby1 on Yesterday, 02:07 PM

It would be awesome if ESPN or sportscenter ran a "Tom Brady traded to the Jets" prank.

How many folks remember the Sports Illustrated April Fools cover story about Sid Finch? Now that was a classic. If you are capable of creating something that innovative. You deserve the right to prank.

#3291701 Want speed and a WR that can seperate? Meet Devin Smith aka Mr. Separation

Posted by iamhubby1 on 19 March 2015 - 11:45 PM

As a State fan, and a Big Ten fan, I have seen plenty of Smith. The kid is a royal pain in the azz. I am just plain tired of the kid ruining my day. Based off that...It would be nice for him to be on my team for a change. As much as I hate OSU, I really wouldn't mind finding a way to get Smith.

With that said, you should know I am "Old School". I would rather go with a Hog Mollie in the first. So, If we want Smith, which I wouldn't mind, it has to be in the 2nd or later.

#3290322 Even if we hit another home run draft, is this team ready for primetime?

Posted by iamhubby1 on 18 March 2015 - 10:01 PM

IF we get at least 3 starters out of this draft. Yup...we should be able to compete with anybody.

As we sit right now, I feel we are the class of our Division. So, if Gman hits this draft as well, or better, than he usually does. Like PhillyB said. The giddy level should be as high as anytime in recent memory.

#3285321 Newton at a charity golf event (with a host you may have heard of)

Posted by iamhubby1 on 15 March 2015 - 12:31 PM

Man it must suck being handsome,young,famous, talented and rich.

Hey, if it weren't for that rich thing, I'd be right there. Well, ok, maybe famous is a bit much, but other than...um, well I ain't exactly young. But I got that handsome thing going. So pretty much, Cam and I are twins. Yeah, that's the ticket.

#3282963 The reason Cam isn't in a hurry to sign a contract

Posted by iamhubby1 on 13 March 2015 - 05:32 PM

Pretty much.
There have been moves I haven't ultimately liked (tagging Hardy being the biggest, extending Rivera being another) but when you look at the level of success we've had - especially when compared to the rest of the team's history - and where we are now vs where we were when he got here. It's pretty easy to feel positive.

I mean it is one thing to be impatient. That is a fans right.

It's those folks who disregard the fact we have no money. Then say the reason we don't spend what we don't have, is because we strive to be mediocre.

How do you argue with folks who actually believe Gman and JR don't want to win?

#3282916 The reason Cam isn't in a hurry to sign a contract

Posted by iamhubby1 on 13 March 2015 - 05:08 PM

And nothing to show for it!

Well, except back to back division championships, two straight playoff appearances, two straight finishes in the top eight of the league, the best two year stretch of drafting this team has ever seen, steadily improving cap space and a team atmosphere that visiting free agents have called great.

So I guess if you like those sorts of things... :unsure:

IF I really thought we had some money to spend, and weren't. I might look at it differently. The fact that Gman has had no money, I think goes a long way in saying he is doing a pretty damm good job.

But then again, I ain't 15. So my patient level is a tad higher. I like where we are heading. Have been for a few years now. My giddy has been up for a while. And I can live with that.

#3265088 Montsta is now a Huddle Mod

Posted by iamhubby1 on 05 March 2015 - 11:01 PM

Montsta is as deserving as anyone. That is about as far as I care to go.

Just wanted to show I know how to spell Montsta.

Although, I do question why he is never here at night? What with being (Supposedly) on the West Coast.

#3258739 Let's talk Kony Ealy

Posted by iamhubby1 on 01 March 2015 - 04:26 PM

When it comes to Gman. If he sees a talent that can make us better, he will grab him. So...if we take a DE, I would expect him to be a talented kid. If he doesn't draft a DE, I would think he didn't find one he liked.

Personally, I would prefer we skip a year on the D-line. Spend more picks on the Offensive side of the ball. Maybe a stud Safety if Gman sees one. Otherwise, IMO, we need Offensive talent more so than adding to an already crowded D-line.

That said. Gman will draft as close to BPA as he can. So who knows what we wind up with.

#3255371 I'm not so sure Carolina drafts a running back at all.

Posted by iamhubby1 on 26 February 2015 - 02:12 PM

You gotta admit, if there is ONE thing the Huddle knows. It's RBs. The problem is, no two thoughts are the same. By the time you finish a thread, you are more confused than when you started.

Or is that just me?

RBs are a dime a dozen, you don't need to take one early.

If you are going to take one, you should get a good one early.

This year's class is deep, we can get a UDFA and still upgrade.

But Fozzy looked good once our line straightened out, he will be fine.

Fozzy is too raw, we need to add someone to push him.

Stewy can't stay healthy, we need to add a top shelf guy.

But the draft is crazy deep, we don't need to use a high pick, just get one later.

Reaves is a bust, or is he?

So my determination is thus. We need a thread to straighten out the mess this thread has produced.

#3254724 Panthers interested in bringing back Ted Ginn

Posted by iamhubby1 on 25 February 2015 - 09:42 PM

There's one pass in particular that I remember that he had beaten his man and was 2-3 yards ahead of him on a fly pattern and he just blatantly flat-out dropped it.
I'm pretty sure that wasn't a potential 500 yard play though.

I remember a play when our season was on the line. 4th and 19, and Teddy snags a deep cross for 25.
He will never be confused with an elite WR. But his year here proved he could be productive as a WR. Throw in his return ability. And he is someone that can help us win games.

I thought that was what we were going for? That winning games thing.

#3247164 Panthers met with Texas A&M OT Cedric Ogbuehi

Posted by iamhubby1 on 19 February 2015 - 11:02 PM

I can't explain it. I'm just giving an example of a guy who had a serious injury DURING the college season who was projected a top 100 pick that went undrafted. Simply a commentary on the unpredictable nature of the draft compounded by the enigmas that are serious injuries.

On top of that...Hurst ended up being a starter for the Ravens at RT I believe. I don't really know what ended up happening with Thomas. Im not hating on Ogbuehi...in fact his injury could be another Lotulelei "heart defect" that causes him to drop. Not by a few picks but by a few rounds.

Gman is not in the business of taking chances. He wants players that can/will contribute immediately. Even in the later rounds.

I truly believe he has the instincts to round out his roster.

For the first time since Polian left, we have a smart football guy in charge. Anybody with a ounce of sense will just love that thought.

If you have seen nothing in the last two years. I can't help you. If you have seen the direction we are headed. Welcome to the party.

Because every Draft pick rounds 1-5 is an instant contributor on every playoff team except ours.....
For fugs sake some of you people have ridiculously unrealistic expectations.

It's not that folks have unrealistic thoughts. It's that fans want the best. Panther fans have been waiting years for some semblance of success. It is just now starting to rear its head. So their angst is elevated.

Gman gots this. It has been almost 15 years since we had a football smart guy in charge. Now that we do, some folks are reticent to bow to his will. Another year or two of success will change everyone's mind.

Until then. We just have to wade through all the " But, I want a winner now" threads.

#3247143 DGB Considered "Best WR to Come Out since Calvin Johnson."

Posted by iamhubby1 on 19 February 2015 - 10:38 PM

OK, I know I'm late on this. However...I am usually late anyway. Which is why I am never going to be a mod. But...

The same reason we are not taking a rehabilitating Tackle early, is the same reason we won't take DGB. We need players that can contribute immediately. We are not yet in the position to wait on a player to come around for a year or so.

Side issues aside, it is just that simple. If we thought he could play, he may be in play for us. If we think he needs time, or has to learn, he is not of use to us.

After the 4th round, anyone is game. But, in the first three rounds, we need players. DGB is not a starter. So he is not on our board until the later rounds. Maybe in a year or two we can take a player like him. Just not at this time. We are just not in the position to wait on a player yet.

Sorry if I am the bearer of bad news. Or realistic news. Cuz the kid is awesome. Just too raw for our needs.

#3245109 Time to cut DeAngelo Williams.

Posted by iamhubby1 on 17 February 2015 - 11:33 PM

Stewart looked strong all year....he got more touches later

Good choice of words. Stewy may have looked strong at the beginning of the year. But production was not happening behind our line most of the year. And he got more touches because DWill was injured.

You watched the games. Our running game was abysmal for most of the year. Trying to blame that on DWill is a weak argument.

Yes, Cam, Stewart, Fozzy, Tolbert, drafted RB......isn't a bad rush attack.

Not sure the fixation with a 32 yr old RB is

Some of us want Cam to run less. We also don't know enough about Fozzy to be all agog over him. So yeah, a running corp with a drafted RB over DWill, is scary to some of us. You have to be really optimistic to think that Stewy and a couple other guys will get it done.

If something were to happen to Stewy, again. I would rather have DWill than some rookie, and a very unknown Fozzy.

If DWill is around next year, I will be happy. If he is gone, I ain't gonna be mad. I am going to be worried. I know what I am going to get with DWill, not so much from anyone else.

#3245070 Time to cut DeAngelo Williams.

Posted by iamhubby1 on 17 February 2015 - 10:24 PM

First off, let's not forget that NO ONE ran well behind our line til the last 5 games. So let's not blame DWill for not shining. Cuz he looked good at the end of the year behind the same line Stewy was using to look good.

Second. If he takes a big ol' pay cut, he will probably be here next year. If he doesn't take a pay cut, he probably won't be here next year. It really is just that simple.

Lastly. Funny ha ha how CRA disappears, but start a DWill thread and low and behold.