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#2742423 What do you want in 1st?

Posted by iamhubby1 on 17 April 2014 - 03:44 PM

Don't care. I truly want (no cliche intended) the best player available.

If one of Manziel/Bortles/Bridgewater hypothetically takes the 'Aaron Rodgers' Dive and our choice at 28 is a player graded 1-2 or Manziel/Bortles/Bridgewater, I'd prefer to take Manziel/Bortles/Bridgewater. Because it would be a VALUE pick. And if he does turn out to be a good player, then one or the other of your 1st round QBs would have great trade value (don't really think any would be better than Cam, but I'm keeping a hypothetically open mind).

I'd rather add value to the team with a value player at ANY position rather than reach for a project on a wish and prayer.

I get what you are saying. I just can't see a team in our situation taking that chance. Maybe a team like Sea. that is close enough they can take the chance the investment works out.

What are you hoping to get out of him? Your 1st back, and??? Another 1st? That seems extreme. A 2nd this year, and a 3rd next year. At what point does his value reach its limit? Cool thought. I just can't see how Gman would even entertain an idea like this. Basically investing this years #1, for an extra #1, and multiple other options on top of what picks we already have, next year.

2-1st, 2-2nd, could be a monster draft. Just not worth giving up this years 28th pick in a draft top heavy, which contrary to popular belief, includes teams at the back of the pack. Like us, the 9ers, and Sea.. We all expect to get a very talented player when we pick. We just don't know, at this moment, where he will play.

Depends on what you call a "Reach"? If the LT we take at 28 is rated 34th on some boards. Is that a reach? Or if the WR we have at 24 is still there? If we grab him, is that a reach? If we get a player comparable to the pick, I can be happy.

#2741951 where's Ricky? FSU

Posted by iamhubby1 on 17 April 2014 - 03:20 AM

I say, if KB is there at 28, you gotz to take him. Get him a playbook, and find out what plays he does well, and what plays he needs help with. Run the plays he does well, practice the plays he needs work on. Build him up quickly, with minimum amount of pressure.

Would also send the message that we truly are cereal about the WR position. I can live with that.

That said. The kid we get at 28 is going to have talent. So even if it isn't KB, he should still make us a better team. As should the 2nd, 3rd, and hopefully 4th rounders.

In the past, sitting in this situation, going into the draft, we would hope to not just screw it up too badly. The anxiety was over perceived mistakes not yet made. Now...there is still worry for mistakes not yet made, but, in general, there is far less anxiety.

tl/dr version. If Gman hits this draft as well as he hit last years draft. We gotz this.

#2740355 Proehl at LSU today

Posted by iamhubby1 on 15 April 2014 - 07:37 PM

Why draft a receiver to be your number two? Isn't it true that you want to draft players that would have a possibility to be the number one? This draft is too deep to settle on someonne who can be a number two at best. It's just another Lafell situation.

Pretty much why I say we either get one at 28, or we don't get one at all. We have a logjam of WR we want to take a look at. Adding a second WR through the draft to not start is just a plain silly way to waste a draft pick in a draft class as deep as this one.

Maybe a WR at 60 could make a splash? But I don't want to take that chance. Get my guy early, and go Oline and skill players the rest of the way. So best LT left is my pick.

Best WR at 28 makes our corp., well, potentially pretty good to start, with rapid improvement on the horizon.

Best LT at 60 gets our Oline back up to avg.. With a chance of improvement on the horizon.

Throw the Defense a bone with a CB somewhere along the way. But stay with Oline, and, skill players, and CB is just as possible as anything this year.

Hellz. I quit. You just have to take my word for it.

I expect Gman to get us 2 starters, and 2 others that earn a rotational role. My hope is that 1 of those starters is at LT, that would mean our line has a chance. If 1 of those other 3 is a WR, that could mean our WR corp. now officially does not suck.

We are close. With the talent the draft will provide, we should be even closer. Where that leaves us? .....Don't ask me? I don't know.

#2740276 What if we use the draft to help the future CAP?

Posted by iamhubby1 on 15 April 2014 - 05:58 PM

Just something I have been thinking about for the past couple of days. We have worked out DE Kony Ealy, DE Scott Crichton, C Marcus Martin, TE Eric Ebron, TE CJ Fiedorowicz, and some other prospects.
This is just a curiosity posed to you, but what if Gettleman were using this draft to get out from under big contracts next year because he doesn't see some of the players as part of the core? 
For instance, drafting Ealy in round 1 and parting ways with one of either Johnson or Hardy next year. Or drafting Marcus Martin in round 2 to replace Kalil next year and drafting Fiedorowicz in round 3 to be the replacement for Olsen in a year or so.
What would your reaction to this line of thinking/drafting be? Obviously some need areas would have to be ignored in order for this to happen, which would enrage the fanbase initially, but would you see this as a smart move in the long run? 
I only ask because there is a high probability that at least one of these guys could be the BPA at one of our picks, and a slight chance that 2 could be there in the first 3 rounds. And if we do go BPA, this could be part of a plan falling into place for the future.

That's why this is so much fun this year. Gman has yet to establish a pattern. So we get to speculate to our hearts content. Even after a few years with Gman, we will still be speculating away. The repeat business paradigm. Our job is to what if, and I woulda. Gman is in charge of building a team capable of winning the SB. We get to run with any and all tangents that please us.

If we draft the 28th, or better, best player. The kid is gonna help us. Same with the kid at 60. He should be expected to push for a starting spot right out of the gate. And maybe a 3rd round CB that can upgrade the competition, and rotational, level at CB. With what we already have? Those 3 alone can make us a very dangerous team.

1st-WR, 2nd-LT, 3rd-CB. We can go to war, with anyone, with that.

What board have you been reading? Haha. I'm not trying to stir the pot really, but it would just be interesting if some of these BPAs we could run into are conflicting with guys that have massive contracts. Would Gettleman see it as an opportunity? Would it be of interest to the team's long-term outlook? Interesting questions, I think.

Truthfully, you pretty much hit it. You want to draft talented players that can help your team. When they become vets, some are worth more than others. You have to decide how you want to play the game. Who you pay? Who you keep? But those are good decisions to have.

Draft well, and it certainly does set you up to not only attain, but sustain, long term success.

This draft is going to go a long way in describing what kind of GM Gman will be. Can he build upon the momentum he started last year? And he is d,man. Slip a bit with a couple WTF? picks? And his seat could get hot real quick.

Me? With having a 3rd this year. I see Gman adding 4 contributors this year. With 2 as starters, and 2 as big rotational types. With what we have. We should be very competitive.

#2740250 49ers Aldon Smith arrested at LAX

Posted by iamhubby1 on 15 April 2014 - 04:59 PM

this is a good post. I'm not too keen on flying but if you like to people watch there's no better place to do it than an airport. 
I was in Chicago last summer flying to Cleveland and I still remember the looks on a few people's faces when these two arab girls with their heads wrapped got into our boarding zone. LOL.

If you want to perfect your racial profiling. Go to an International AirPort. lol

I love the place. I am just glad I got to roam around pre security. I wound up in some cool places through the years.

#2740059 49ers Aldon Smith arrested at LAX

Posted by iamhubby1 on 15 April 2014 - 01:39 PM

I don't even pay attention to the occasional TSA agent who is indeed a dick on a power trip. I just do what they say and put up with the headache and time consuming crap it takes to fly in today's world. Because st the end of the day it's just for my own safety.

People who bitch about it are motions who are immature. It's also a good chance there a meat head who thinks you have to be a tough guy bad ass to be a man.

The wife and I made a game out of picking the ones who will get nicked. You can tell the antsy ones, who are in a hurry. The loud ones, who want attention. The guy down the aisle who doesn't look at anyone, and us. All trying to get to where we want to go. With as little deprivation as possible.

The only thing coming to you for being the center of attention at the airport. Is time away from your travels.

I don't think calling someone a douche is cursing...and the guy probably was being a douche. 
But, calling them a douche is likely to get a negative reaction and they will screw with you.
Just like a buddy of mine did when we flew back from a dive trip to Tuks and Caicos.  He got a little attitude with the passport control agent becuase he was pissed that we had to wait in line for about 90 min in the passport hall.  Not smart.  They tagged his documents and they spend 30 minutes tearing his luggage apart in a back room.  Best to just roll with it and move on.

Too many folks have the mistaken idea that they have rights at the airport. Especially International Airports. Nothing cold be further from the truth. When I am out of the country, I spend a lot of time at the airport. One of those quirks I have. I wander around for hours. Pre 9/11, you could go almost anywhere. You got caught, you got sent on your way. Nowadays. Let's say, I do more watching than hiking, and leave it at that. It really is more difficult to move around willy nilly anymore. AirPort Security is scary. They can be your best friend one moment. And you worst nightmare the next. You do not fug with them. Next to Australia, the US is the most lax. Hellz, I was once somewhere, out there, boring airport, could not even find the security office. All four doors I had access to had key locks. That was the only security I saw in the longest 4 hours of my life.

When at the airport. The quickest route out of dodge is to keep your head low, follow the rules, no eye contact, and never touch. A few moments of submissive behavior is a small price to pay to travel stress free.

Some folks love trains. Me, I love me some airport. The mass of humanity crammed together in a huge dance centered around getting the hell out of there. Me? I love to follow Security around. Being legal has put a new spin on my travel games. What used to be work and necessary, have morphed into a hobby.

Used to watch security to see if security was watching me. Now I watch security to see who they ARE watching. Stay away from the ones being watched. That's my motto.

The main perk of being legal again is going through checkpoints without an exit strategy. All that thought and planning is stressful. Airport security is your friend. Well...maybe a good acquaintance is a better word. Keep a weathered on eye them, they will let you know where/if there is trouble afoot.

As Hatter said. There are certain folks you just don't fug with. AirPort Security is high on that list.

#2738653 Number One Receiver vs Two Tight End Sets

Posted by iamhubby1 on 13 April 2014 - 11:56 PM

Wow!  My heads still spinning from that, lol.  To be honest, I'm not completely sure what your point was.  I can't tell if you were disagreeing with me, using my post as a springboard for a rant, or what. 
Nevertheless, I think we fans are at a disadvantage when it comes to rating prospects.  We only have media analysts to help us order players on our own personal big board, but typically those analysts have biases, are regurgitating misinformation, don't have a good handle on many players, talk just because they have a deadline and have to create something to discuss, etc..  Yet, they are the ones with the access to film, team personnel, and other resources that we don't.  So where do we get reliable information? 
So when we try to predict who would be a good pick for the Panthers, we really cannot even call it a quality educated guess.  It's only a guess based on imperfect and incomplete second hand information.  You mentioned a master list, well, it doesn't exist.  Nobody KNOWS anything, they just think, guess, and try to extrapolate.  But, since it's all we have to work with, all we can do is just try and have fun with it.

Don't go downplaying and trying to have fun with the draft now. This is serious bidness.

That said. I am sure glad I don't have to make the choices. I know I could come up with a decent plan. But I just know I would muck it up somehow.

I love this time of year. Especially now with the advent of the interwebz. So many fans, with so many opinions. Man, when I grew up, if you wanted to talk sports, you had to go find someone to talk with. Now, click a couple of buttons, and ping pang, here we are.

I readily admit I can get lost in translation at times. My passion is ahead of my typing. Oh well, ain't gonna fix itself.

Skill players and Olinemen. That is what I see in this draft.

#2738079 Would Gettleman have drafted Cam?

Posted by iamhubby1 on 13 April 2014 - 12:09 PM

I think Gettleman is The Chesapeake Ripper. or maybe it's Hurney. I just don't know anymore!!!! get outta my head!!!!

See. You can be cute and adorable without having to post gifs. Let that personality shine on through.

Not sure myself whether Gman is a Super Hero, or a Super Villain? All I care is that he continue using his powerz to aid us.

That doesn't win SBs. Moral victory, yes.

Hard work and overachieving will get you closer to that SB, than you will get with underperforming and apathy.

Rivera wanted Cam and was begging for him.  Before that--safe picks--LBs, RBs twice, OL, --even when we needed DTs and WRs.  Hurney had just watched his previously-drafted QB-the "Gem"- crash and burn the season before.  He really did not have too many options.
Hurney chose Clausen.  He even spent the night between rounds 1 and 2 on the phone with the Rams (33rd pick)  trying to trade up to get him.  Hurney said he knew that KC or Minnesota would take Clausen before we picked.  He was "shocked" when they both passed on him again in the second--2 teams that needed a QB desperately passed on Clausen in the first AND second round--the same player Hurney was trying to move up to get.  What did they know that Marty didn't?

I once was wrong. Truly. No silly tangent. Well, Hurnog was cool. Glad he is gone. Glad we have a "Football Guy" in charge.

ND and USC. Two schools that just have that, what?, why can't we play at the next level, feel to them. Oh, oh, and Alabama. Them too.

#2736739 We signed DeCoud!

Posted by iamhubby1 on 11 April 2014 - 07:11 PM

Our front 7, with Harper roaming around, is really a front 8. The CBs take the 2WR, everyone else plays zone.  DeCoude (sp) would be free to roam.


Ah, the possibilities. Our DBs are good enough to compete. On the cheap mind you. Yet, there is still room for a kid(s) to come in and push for playing time. Whomever steps up, usually plays.


In my mind we went from "letting the kids play" to "let the kids earn some time". All in two weeks. Oops on that one. At least on Defense that is no longer true. On Offense... at least we have wheedled our needs to line, and WR. Attack that weakness with a vengeance.

#2733886 Okay...about that Oline.

Posted by iamhubby1 on 10 April 2014 - 05:21 AM

Maybe we can just run sweeps all day cause our two receivers block pretty good

Too simple. NFL Defenses will catch up to that sooner or later. But if you run it well enough, you should be successful at it.

Easy peasy.

#2733882 Okay...about that Oline.

Posted by iamhubby1 on 10 April 2014 - 04:21 AM

I just thought I would try this thread starting thingy out and see if I can make a difference in a fellow Huddlers life.

So here's my 1st ever Hubby gonna set you right thread. Where to start? The obvious ones like Cam, he gon' ball like nothin ere seen this year. Or that Defense? Sheew! Those 2 alone should warm your cockle shellz. But nah. Too easy.

No siree Bob. I want to start with that oh so important Oline. And when you start to start talking about the Oline, you start with Kalil. Not the biggest of Centers in the game, but that is his only flaw. He is now the absolute anchor of that line. And considered one of the leading Cs in the league.

2 things I really like about Ryan are his technique, and his leadership. He has to fill those leadership shoes without Gross for the first time in his career. But he couldn't of had a better role model, or mentor, than Jordan. Does he get near the respect, for both himself, and his fellow OL as a group with Gross gone? That is going to say a lot. Although I cannot perceive of a reason Ryan cannot lead that group. Teamed with Cam, and Keek. You have 3 or your 4 units covered.

Technique. What do they say? Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach. I see Ryan as tactician. Every move designed to learn and grow. Those types of analytics can be taught. I happen to think it was Ryan, Gross, and Coaching that made our Oline not suck. I absolutely believe he is coaching his mates as hard, or harder probably just as more motivation, as the coaches are.

Can Ryan assume command of the Oline corp.? That is a question worth pondering. If he can? We have the potential to be more than capable of executing a productive running game.

Now could be the time for Bell to shine. Take over that alpha dog in training role. Bring a new and bigger attitude to match his size and ability. He is pretty much a vet now. If he comes in ready to lead, or maybe Ryan has a talk with him, and something clicks? Any and all scenarios where he has a break out year? Hellz yeah it could happen.

Let's start by judging what we want to do. Run the ball. This is right in Bell's wheelhouse. He has the size, and length, to move guys around. He has the ability to wall off an alley without getting in the way. He stays with his man longer, consistently, than anyone I've ever seen. He may not get to the second level very well, but this, in the run game, is his only real flaw.

Bell just may be a good candidate for Lt. Maybe with being a 4th year vet. He may be ready to take on that responsibility?

Amini, and KugZilla are 2 more big guyz. 1, Amini, was looking to be coming into his own before injury shortened a promising year. If he can cam (oops, fuedian slip maybe?)come back looking like a 3rd year vet!? Teamed with Kalil, that is a pretty promising start.

Amini has enough size, and strength to win his share of battles up the middle. He has the speed to get to both the outside, and to the second level. Throw in that if he has you. You goin where he wants you. He can lead the sweep, or he can come across and run the trap. He can do everything you want your RT to do in the running game. With the size to still be a factor in short yardage.

If Amini comes in a year better than what last year projected to be. He is going to be more than capable handling the job.

Chandler just has that feel good story with a happy ending kinda guy. He is going to take to RT like a that sailor did to my sister in law last weekend. Athletic is the word that seems to be the starting point with him. Inexperienced, at least at the RT position, is a given. But the kid has done damm well everywhere they have put him.

His size may not make him an ideal RT, but in 2 TE sets, with KugZilla beside him. In most situations, all he has to do is not lose the war. For the basic 1st, 2nd, and hellz, any damm down running plays, he can use his size, quickness, and athleticism to his advantage. Giving him ample opportunity to win his share of battles. But, like Kalil, he is a tad undersized for what you would like to be in those short yardage situations.

I played Short Stop my whole career. When I moved to softball I moved to 1st base. Best position on the fugging field. I wish I had played it my whole career. My hope is that is what happens for Chandler. He has the on field jitterz out of the way. He has learned he can hang with the big boys. Maybe RT, where his athleticism can be an asset will bring out the best in him?

Chandler is a big question mark. I cannot argue that. But all indications are. This kid gets it. RT just fits his skill so well.

If we had to go to war tomorrow. I could live with this group. Room for growth? Sure. But a pretty good starting spot.

tl/dr version/ Thanks for listening. Don't forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses. Thanks, and good night.

#2733432 Pre-Season Opponents Set

Posted by iamhubby1 on 09 April 2014 - 07:38 PM

Looks like we get to see Brandon Lafell again sooner than we thought.

In the 3rd preseason game where teams usually play their starter for the 1st 2 1/2 quarters. Should say a lot of how they feel about him by then. Where does he play? How often? Does he get any targets? Worst of all. Does he play well?

I hate when players come back. But it is worse at home. So I guess the silver lining is the game is in NE.

I hate preseason. It's such a tease and makes the last 4 weeks before the season feel even longer than they already do.  
I do, however, love drinking beers for meaningless games in August.

Preseason started as a way to get back into football shape, and getting the kids, and new-comers, up to speed. Then it turned into an evaluation tool. The draft shrunk to 7 rounds, and the preseason expanded to from 2 to 4. Since then, it has just stayed at 4 games.

Personally, I like the games. Although, I do have empathy for Season Ticket holders having to pay full price for them. But, I like the extra time we get to see the kids. Gives me someone to watch, and root for.

Also, my side is, adding the 2 games to the season is contradictory to player safety. Almost every starter will play minimal snaps after halftime of the 3rd game. Lesser snaps=fewer injuries. Makes sense to me.

Beer and football go together like, well, football and beer. I drink more at home than out in the real world. If there is ice cold beer I am your friend. Will eat anything I can get down. I don't seem to yell at the tv as much as I used to. And I drink as much by myself, as I do within a crowd. I don't condone drinking alone, but for me, it works.

Lost my focus, and my point. So I'm just going to, um, head on out.

If I'm still in the New England area around August let's grab some brews at Patriots Place before the game.

Don't want to sound, or look, like a stalker or nothin'. But, keep us in the loop. Through the Huddle, I kinda feel this urge to see how this works out for you. Kinda like that little nephew kinda thingy. Hope this career path works out for you.

No homo dude. Really.

#2733206 Ed Dickson visiting the Panthers

Posted by iamhubby1 on 09 April 2014 - 05:11 PM

We have no #1 WR, and people are talking about running Olsen out town? Is that a joke?

You turned Creepster asking the quetions "any chance we cut or trade / replace Olsen this year? he is a big cap hit isnt he?".

Into A dig at the FO for our perceived WR woes, throw out ridiculous innuendo about the nature of said questions, and then finish, instead of beginning, with making a joke out of said question.

C'mon man.

#2732155 Joe Person & Jonathan Jones putting our receiving corp into (Rivera's...

Posted by iamhubby1 on 08 April 2014 - 07:16 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't draft a WR until round 3 or 4. I think we need one round 1, round 2 at the latest depending on what Tackle is there at 28. I just don't know how much they value the position with this 10 catches talk. People talk about how bad the position was last year, but Gettleman let that play out. Who's to say he isn't content to do the same here if the goal is to simply "replace" the production of the previous group.

Because we didn't. We aren't going to. You sound like CRA. Grab a thought out of the blue, and run with it.

As long as we keep adding talent through the draft, I will be happy. I don't care where that talent plays, as long as we continue to keep getting better.

We won 12 fugging games last year. Damm. What does this team have to do to make some of you folks happy?

#2730423 Panthers Sign Avant to 1 Year Deal

Posted by iamhubby1 on 07 April 2014 - 05:52 PM

Wow another #4 we, y'all have to be crazy to think all these no names make our offense better than last year. This free agency gets a f u gman u suck as a gm

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Well...As long as you are happy.

Personally, we may not have set the world on fire. For multiple reasons. But...I'll take Gman over you. Plus, I kinda like it when folks get all butthurt over roster fill. Like when the wife gets mad cuz I didn't do my chores. They will get done, just not at your bidding.

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