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In Topic: You liberals happy?

Today, 01:54 AM

I can just picture several people from this thread getting wasted and deciding they would show those protesting animals what's what.

lol like they'd even walk on the same side of the street as "that type of black"

it's funny how those tripping over themselves to label "this type of black" as "wild animals" are consistently the best argument against white supremacy to date. with all of the structural advantages that being white entails, how can so many white ppl be so dang dumb?

In Topic: You liberals happy?

Today, 12:23 AM

You know Cantrell is done when he accuses you of stormfront membership. It's over for him. He has nothing left.

why can't you explain your post like i asked you to do? why is it more important that you lead cheers for "these blacks are wild animals" guy instead?

In Topic: You liberals happy?

Today, 12:17 AM

Not the same at all. If you got substance to add, do it. Otherwise don't try to change the topic.

you're right it's not the same at all. pointing out racism is a high crime around here while participating in it barely registers. would you say that kt is a "wild animal"? what "type of black" is he?

In Topic: You liberals happy?

Today, 12:14 AM

Oh poo Cantrell said "stormfront". Hold on to your seats guys. We haven't seen this. New and refreshing!

you're right it's terrible

if only you and your ilk could keep it there and it would never ever have to be brought up again.

now what's all this about putting a stoppage to white world demise? that sounds right up your alley.

In Topic: You liberals happy?

Today, 12:11 AM

You tell me these rioters act like educated, normal human beings? Did you look at the news? They destroying their own city, burning and robbing businesses, attacking innocent people. These are not normal human beings. Truth hurts, deal with it. You want to earn respect? Act like a civilized human being.

hey you're free to call "these blacks" whatever you want, "wild animals" included; im just pointing out that it's very stormfront-like (an observation that of course resulted in kt being banned)