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In Topic: 1 Million Stories of White Privilege

Today, 03:44 AM

Is white privilege on demand or a random gift someone bestows upon another who didn't ask for it?


i guess that depends on how hard you fight to preserve it. for example, when you see a topic about white privilege, do you instantly try to divert the conversation to something, really anything, other than white privilege?

In Topic: 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Today, 03:19 AM

Why do you need sources and citations? It was a research and study done by a bunch of smart people with PHDs. You didn't provide any when spewing nonsense about police officers. You have made up in your mind that's the way it is, and you only pay attention to those instances. Where was your outrage when a black Utah officer killed an unarmed white man? Or when a black Texas officer murdered an unarmed white veteran by shooting him in the back? Same thing with Trayvon Martin. The same week that happened, a white SC teen was targeted & murdered by 3 black guys. Shortly before the Martin incident, a group of black teens in Oklahoma shot & killed a white male that was jogging because "they were bored."

I feel sorry for you. The only thing you see are white cops murdering poor black folk. You can't see everything else. I bet that does screw your mind into thinking that's the way it is.


this paper doesn't really say what you and your buddies over at the police forum where you pulled this blurb think it says, for quite a few reasons. i'll list a few drawn from the methods section and the limitations section


  • non-random sampling
  • "it is possible that variations in actors' performances in the scenarios may have created variation in participant decisions during testing that was attributed to suspect race or ethnicity. We do not think this is the case because  of the professional actors' skilled performances" (yikes)
  • no one takes implicit association tests (or related tests, such as this one) and tries to come out looking like a card carrying member of the klan, which is something that the authors do at least acknowledge in saying "It is also possible that the results may indicate self-awareness or a desire to appear unbiased during testing. Despite participants not being made aware that they were being tested for racial or ethnic bias, it is arguable that police officers are sensitive to concerns about racial bias. As such, they may have suspected that their responses would have been monitored for biases, and tailored their behavior accordingly. " however, they then drop this steaming load of bullshit: "Again, this explanation does not fit particularly well with civilian participants who have not been exposed to the same societal pressure, making it unlikely that self- awareness was the primary cause of the results." civilians have absolutely been exposed to the same societal pressures. for example, i can't think of a single person on this forum who has or would admit to being a racist. given the sheer numbers, as well as the abhorrent poo posted here in the tinderbox on a daily basis, i'm going to go out on a limb and say that there are  >0 racists here who take careful steps to disguise their racism. some may even misrepresent their racial makeup before shitting pure unfiltered stormfront directly onto their keyboards

there are more issues but tbh it's not worth the effort. the authors make it clear that the research contradicts prior research and naturally seem more concerned with figuring out why that is the case. the blurb you posted misrepresents the results so next time instead of quoting a biased write up on a paper and coincidentally "forgetting" to link a damn article about a paper, just post the paper so i can poo on it or the people drawing the wrong conclusions from it in a more timely fashion.


tia god bless xoxoxo

In Topic: Snow Game?

Yesterday, 06:41 AM

Panthers at Steelers,12/26/99


Steelers won 30-20, eliminated us from playoff contention.




what a frustrating game


fred lane had 90 and a touchdown on 15 carries

beuerlein wasn't super great but he was definitelygood enough given his competition as the steelers started a hella bad mike tomczak at qb who threw for 93 yards lol

patrick jeffers owned to the tune of 160 and 2 tds on 5 catches (only 8 targets) while in the middle of a streak hotter than the fuging sun (last 5 games of the season he had 700+ yards and 8 tds cotdam)


lost two fumbles, the first of which was apparently returned 102 yards for a touchdown. got gashed by the run game. lost by double digits. fug george seifert imo

In Topic: Ferguson Decision

25 November 2014 - 10:09 PM

here's a story that aligns in some pretty key ways with some of the theories being tossed around regarding the apparent murder of michael brown





Police said the 18-year-old man who wrestled a gun away from an officer at Beaverton City Hall and fired off a shot last week was high on mushrooms and had “superhuman strength.”


Jared Steven Leone walked into Beaverton City Hall on Friday evening and told a person at the police department's records desk that he was overdosing on drugs and needed help. Three officers came out to the lobby and that's when police said Leone swung a punch at one of the officers and a “melee” ensued.


Detective Sergeant Jim Shumway reviewed surveillance video of the fight. He said it took the officers six minutes to restrain Leone and take him into custody.


“At some point, they did get him handcuffed,” said Shumway. “He broke those handcuffs.”

Leone grabbed a gun from one of the officers and fired a single shot during the fight. No one was hit. The bullet went into a wall with an empty room on the other side.

“They did all they could to retrain him as soon as they could,” Shumway said. “He had what appears to be superhuman strength.”

The officers used Tasers on Leone seven times during the fight, but they had no effect. Shumway said Leone appeared to be unable to feel pain. He was speaking gibberish and acting like he was on drugs.

“Somebody could have been killed from this. This could have been a real tragedy,” Shumway said.

One officer involved in the struggle suffered a shoulder injury and was taken to the hospital.

Leone faces charges including assaulting a public safety officer, unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest. Police took Leone to the Washington County Jail.

Leone is from the Seattle area, but he graduated from Vernonia High School, Shumway said.

Bruce McCain, a former Multnomah County Sheriff's captain, told KATU News that a big concern is about the officer's holster.

"The whole idea is if you're in a scuffle, you cannot pull this gun out – even if you popped the top, this does not come out," he said, demonstrating on his old holster with an unloaded Glock. (watch the video)

He says holsters are typically designed with three security mechanisms to keep anyone from grabbing the gun.

The Beaverton sergeant's holster may have had only two safety features because his gun may have had a flashlight on it.


key differences are michael brown never shot at a police officer nor was he on drugs and the demonic hulk hogan described in the story was white

In Topic: Ferguson Decision

25 November 2014 - 09:59 PM

This is one of cantrell's better tantrum threads lately


not at all surprised that a white cop getting away with killing a black kid has got you posting again but please save your hot hot libertarian takes for your online dating profile tia

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