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In Topic: Reza Aslan owns

Today, 03:22 AM

sam harris is actually a bigot though. glenn greenwald eviscerated him. harris may not be a "genocidal fascist maniac" (this is entirely dependent upon whether you would describe the US government as fascist because he is a fuging bootlicker) but he's quite clearly a genocidal imperialist maniac. sam harris supports torture and racial profiling, and often frames discussion of the muslim world as "us vs. them"


if the only thing different about sam harris was that he wore a white hood he would be mocked by his fans but since he doesn't play dress up and he doesn't sound like a hick it's ok

In Topic: First Case Of Ebola Diagnosed In The U.S.

Today, 03:00 AM

Took 50 pages for this thread to get retarded. The norm is around 2, so good job guys.


it's been retarded from the jump, hth

In Topic: When Republicans get what they want

Today, 02:48 AM

lol OP linked fuging forbes dot com and you idiots are dropping brutal huffington post ice burns?

In Topic: Republican minority outreach program

Today, 02:38 AM

hey pstall if you're going to attempt to disguise your republicanism with humor at least make it funny, hth

In Topic: The Traditional QB Still Rules the League

Today, 02:29 AM



I love me some Cam, but he'll never be the best QB in the league. NO matter how we use him.


luck is the only qb younger than/around the same age as newton who is even close to being better so to say that he'll never be the best in the league is weird and difficult to support. in his prime cam could very well be the best qb in the league

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