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In Topic: 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Today, 06:20 AM

Eric Frein ambushes and shoots multiple cops. Kills one. Gets taken in alive.

Crazy guy shoots up movie theater; kills more than 10 people and gets taken in alive.

Teenager runs over cop with car and drives away. He gets tased and arrested.

All alive. All white. If you think everything is egalitarian you are an idiot.

Black men are scary and get killed because of it. It's like everybody is worried we want revenge for slavery or something.

Guys don't worry about that. We are too busy killing ourselves to worry too much about killing you.


a big part of the problem, beyond your run of the mill regressive racists, is that many of the advocates that the media will actually tolerate for not going all judge dredd on black kids and men in the middle of the street also happen to be the people who always check to make sure their wallet is still there when they pass an "urban youth" in the street; you know, "just in case. not because they're black and scary but because cities are dangerous and poor and it's better to be safe than sorry no for real i even check when the white kids pass by just trust me on this."


what this does is soften the stance of the "counterpoint" to the "it's a tragedy but really he should have just complied with the officer's orders, even if he was right" crowd to the point that ppl are unwilling or afraid to say things like "how fuging racist do you have to be to actually entertain the thought that michael brown, an unarmed teenager with no criminal record, would just decide to fuging murder a police officer with his own gun, run away, and then charge the officer from at least 30 feet away as he pointed the gun at him? how do you get shot in the back in front of dozens of witnesses at a train station and die, only for your murderer to be convicted of involuntary manslaughter?"


DISCLAIMER: this post is in response to the post above and not directly related to the OP because while i will obviously stop short of saying the shooting of this 12 year old was justified given that he did not actually pose a meaningful threat to the officer or anyone else, it doesn't appear to be nearly as egregious as other cases (though of course this is subject to change if more details come out)

In Topic: The Minimum Wage Debate

Today, 05:45 AM

Are you now just repeating papahatter's phrases?! "Come at me... In my face bro.."...only confirming what i said.

Wow what incentive to come hang out at these tailgates... A group of emotional retards with hotdogs and beer who will fight guys on a message board. Is this a tailgate or an official hategroup?

I guess my question now is which of you is the big racist spoon and do you both wear matching Ed Hardy t-shirts at these things?





can someone change the description below the tinderbox on the forum directory from "Religion, Politics, heated debate" to "A group of emotional retards with hotdogs and beer who will fight guys on a message board"



In Topic: The American Commune

Today, 05:33 AM

please link me to the "america is actually a communist nation" entry on wikipedia because i keep searching for it and it keeps returning a single sentence that reads: "what are you some kind of retard america is not a communist nation and in fact went through great trouble to discredit and assassinate socialist leaders over the course of several decades"

In Topic: The Plot Thickens

Today, 05:29 AM

we're hurtling toward full blown communism and you're worried about this poo?

In Topic: Bill Cosby accused of raping a lot of white women

Today, 05:27 AM

michael che on snl said "hey bill cosby, pull YOUR damn pants up" and while it was a pretty obvious joke it still owned


bill cosby is and has always been either a total shithead or "one of the good ones" depending on your political leanings

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