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In Topic: Arizona Man Dies 2 Hours Into His Execution

Today, 03:54 AM

What is this magical solution that eludes us?


don't kill innocent people. actually just don't kill people. reform and restructure the prison system, placing heavy emphasis on rehabilitation. protect inmates from rape. stop treating rape as the punchline to a joke. provide inmates access to quality healthcare. test inmates for HIV at admission, while in custody, and upon release. acknowledge that, while the prison population may suffer from a higher rate of HIV than the general population, the state's treatment of a murderer is by no means limited to death or AIDS.


in what universe is an alternative to killing people or infecting people with AIDS a "magical solution that eludes us"? we haven't completely handed the prison population over to the private sector.

In Topic: Arizona Man Dies 2 Hours Into His Execution

Today, 03:34 AM

So what is your solution? No death penalty? Just let them get AIDS in prison huh? K


AIDS or capital punishment: literally the only two options

In Topic: Arizona Man Dies 2 Hours Into His Execution

Today, 03:17 AM

- Innocent people shouldn't be put to death


who here holds this position? between this thread and the israel-palestine thread you'll find that quite a few people are in favor of policies which directly result in the deaths of innocent people (even children, provided we get to kill the guilty in the process)

In Topic: Another discussion on Affirmative Action

Today, 12:49 AM



 So yes, no one would argue affirmative action or any other civil rights type of law wasn't necessary in those days.  Today is a little different no?






"Throwing out preclearance when it has worked and is continuing to work to stop discriminatory changes is like throwing away your umbrella in a rainstorm because you are not getting wet," Ginsburg wrote.




If we got rid of affirmative action today, yes I believe the black population at a lot of your prestigious colleges and universities would drop down to almost 0%.  Perhaps you will have fewer black people at certain organizations and law firms etc.  You know what I would say to that in this day and age?  Wonderful!


i don't doubt that one bit

In Topic: A little perspective on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Yesterday, 12:34 AM


people are still taking sam harris seriously i see


lol @ the number of edits he had to make to his own article published on his own website in an attempt to explain away his own bigotry to an audience that is already too willing to swallow whatever poo he's serving up




Note: Yes, I know that not every Palestinian supports Hamas, but enough do to have brought them to power. Hamas is not a fringe group.




Note: The term “Muslims” in this paragraph means “Muslim combatants” of the sort that Western forces have encountered in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. The term “jihadists” would have been too narrow, but I was not suggesting that allMuslims support the use of human shields or are anti-Semitic, at war with the West, etc.




Note: Of course, I’m aware that many Muslims condemn groups like ISIS. My point is that we don’t see massive protests against global jihadism—even though it targets Muslims more than anyone else—and we do see such protests over things like the Danish cartoons.


also im noticing a distinct lack of sources for some pretty bold claims but he wouldn't be sam harris if he were to argue in good...uh...faith


e: for content, here are a selection of quotes from glenn greenwald's article on sam harris (among others)




He has repeatedly made clear that he thinks Islam is uniquely threatening: "While the other major world religions have been fertile sources of intolerance, it is clear that the doctrine of Islam poses unique problems for the emergence of a global civilization." He has insisted that there are unique dangers from Muslims possessing nuclear weapons, as opposed to nice western Christians (the only ones to ever use them) or those kind Israeli Jews: "It should be of particular concern to us that the beliefs of devout Muslims pose a special problem for nuclear deterrence." In his 2005 "End of Faith", he claimed that "Islam, more than any other religion human beings have devised, has all the makings of a thoroughgoing cult of death."





Harris, while depicting the Iraq war as a humanitarian endeavor, has proclaimed that "we are not at war with terrorism. We are at war with Islam." He has also decreed that "this is not to say that we are at war with all Muslims, but we are absolutely at war with millions more than have any direct affiliation with Al Qaeda." "We" - the civilized peoples of the west - are at war with "millions" of Muslims, he says. Indeed, he repeatedly posits a dichotomy between "civilized" people and Muslims: "All civilized nations must unite in condemnation of a theology that now threatens to destabilize much of the earth."




Most important of all - to me - is the fact that Harris has used his views about Islam to justify a wide range of vile policies aimed primarily if not exclusively at Muslims, from torture ("there are extreme circumstances in which I believe that practices like 'water-boarding' may not only be ethically justifiable, but ethically necessary"); to steadfast support for Israel, which he considers morally superior to its Muslim adversaries ("In their analyses of US and Israeli foreign policy, liberals can be relied on to overlook the most basic moral distinctions. For instance, they ignore the fact that Muslims intentionally murder noncombatants, while we and the Israelis (as a rule) seek to avoid doing so. . . . there is no question that the Israelis now hold the moral high ground in their conflict with Hamas and Hezbollah"); to anti-Muslim profiling ("We should profile Muslims, or anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be Muslim, and we should be honest about it"); to state violence ("On questions of national security, I am now as wary of my fellow liberals as I am of the religious demagogues on the Christian right. This may seem like frank acquiescence to the charge that 'liberals are soft on terrorism.' It is, and they are").



sam "we should profile muslims, or anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be muslim" harris is a fraud

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