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In Topic: Want to see Charles Godfrey get cut in real time?

Yesterday, 03:38 PM

Should Luke be retreating all the way to the end zone if no receivers are heading that way?

In Topic: This might be the week the NFC South bounces back.

Yesterday, 03:27 PM

I really do think our division will look better by the end of the year. These teams have all failed to play up to their potential in my opinion, and unlike most cases when you have a terrible first half of the season, each of the 4 teams is in very good position record-wise to take the division, so they have ample reason to stick together and play better ball.

In Topic: Want to see Charles Godfrey get cut in real time?

Yesterday, 03:16 PM

Who else tried to hit the play button?

In Topic: Anonymous offensive assistant coach on Panthers D

Yesterday, 03:02 PM

I think Carolina's D has been more like famine or not-quite-as-bad famine.


Agreed. With the exception of the first two games, I don't think you can call us a feast or famine defense. Teams have been marching the ball on us easily. When I started the thread, I said the "feast or famine" thing might be true of our run defense, but we sure haven't been doing much feasting in the passing game.


Edit: Oh, and I still believe in the team to turn it around. (Lately other huddlers have accused me of being a negative fan just because I speak negatively about the past play of the team, which has been..well...negative. But in fact I'm a very positive fan, because I always believe in this team when it comes to the next game---except for 2010, of course)



In Topic: I'd like to congratulate Seahawks Fans...

Yesterday, 12:16 PM

Only SNF games can be "flexed."

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