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In Topic: A Cautionary Tale - Tampa Bay Opener

Yesterday, 08:56 AM

Why didn't you bring up Whitaker's true/first "Break out game" where his YPC were much higher than Thurs (since we're using Preseason numbers)? That was the KC game.


Plus, we all know, D'Angelo's not consistent. He  gets most of his yards/big runs during select times, and games after sucking much beforehand. 


Because Fozzy was playing with and against all backups then. I was particularly impressed by his performance against the Steelers because he was productive against mostly starters, but was just pointing out that Williams was even better over the course of last season.


And I don't agree that Williams "sucked" last year for the majority of a game before hitting a big run that inflates his stats. He's consistently been a good (and often great) running back for us. It's crazy to me how easily you guys have forgotten that. Maybe he's at the end of his road now, but he wasn't last year. That's my point.

In Topic: A Cautionary Tale - Tampa Bay Opener

30 August 2014 - 12:58 PM

Stewart was not active in 2012, and is by far the more complete running back. We have already seen in preseason just how much better the Panthers rushing attack looks with Deangelo Williams out of the lineup, and Jonathan Stewart (or even Fozzy Whitaker) taking the hand offs.



True, Deangelo hasn't made any plays in preseason, but here are some inconvenient stats for all of you who are so ready to push him all the way down the depth chart:


  • Stewart's 2013 YPC = 3.8 (43 carries)
  • Tolbert's 2013 YPC = 3.6 (101 carries)
  • Whittaker's YPC on Thurs night's amazing game that has everyone so excited = 3.96 (23 carries)
  • Williams' 2013 YPC = 4.2 (201 carries)


So Williams, in addition to being the best Panthers RB ever, was our most productive back in our most recent season and even managed more YPC for that entire season than Fozzy did in his "breakout game." And let's not forget that Deangelo made one of the most explosive plays of the year in the passing game last season. If I'm coach, I keep him in the lineup until his regular season production dips.

In Topic: I'm officially on the Fozzy bandwagon.

29 August 2014 - 05:00 PM

I'm very happy that Fozzy is an exciting young player on our team, but here is some much needed perspective:


  • Fozzy's YPC in last night's game on 23 carries (the game you all seem to think shows he's better than Deangleo) = 3.95
  • Deangelo's YPC in last season on 201 carries = 4.19


In other words, larger sample size and still better production for Williams.


While I agree that Williams will have a hard time playing up to his contract, I absolutely do not agree that Fozzy is a better rb.



In Topic: New Team Twitter Background

28 August 2014 - 08:47 PM

how about davis instead of tolbert

In Topic: Well it's almost unanimous, Panthers will "free fall"

26 August 2014 - 04:32 PM

Well they are sort of right in projecting a receiver from the NFC South to win offensive rookie of the year.

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