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Focusing on the game at hand

09 December 2014 - 09:21 PM

We've got Mike Evans who has been killing it as of late and a team that's showing fight despite a terrible record and god awful city to call home playing us.    


Norman, Bene, & Trae, killed it last week and Harper played surprisingly great.  Can they continue against an offense that has seemed to pick up life?  CJ is a big part of this.  He's not putting up the sack stats but his play is causing much disruption and McCown/McNown/whoever is a pretty vulnerable QB.  


What do we need to do to kick the living piss out of these bottom feeders?  




Without CJN, we've got DA at the helm with the usual suspects.  Who goes nuts? Who is Rivera-style mediocre?



No accident reports in here, game talk on a crazy Tuesday evening.   

All Blue Uniforms

27 September 2014 - 10:33 AM

What do guys think about the upcoming match-up between the Ravens running backs and our defense?  


We're facing freaking Forsett and Pierce...if these guys are able to run at will like the Steelers did we have issues but if not, my faith is restored.  


I know he fugged up last week but Horton against the run will be important.  



We should get frisky with Green Bay

29 August 2014 - 12:49 AM

I like their receivers, secondary, and they have an underachieving defensive line where it looks like Peppers may be the best asset at the end of the day.  


It's like our perfect partner for a secondary or offensive guy which we're quite in the market for IMO no matter how you frame it.  

Sax's 4-Days 'till Mock

05 May 2014 - 11:42 AM

I’m mostly going with the big and tough competitors.  Many may not like the first pick, but what the hell (be kind haha):




1-Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss 6’2 220

The media didn’t really hype him up but he has all the tools and when I look at the crop and ask “Who can really help us to both move the chains and score,” I see Moncrief.  You never know, maybe Latimer/Adams are the smokescreens so we get him.  He’s a starting WR and we met with him as much as anyone.  I want him before the 9ers or some team takes him if Pryor, Fuller, Cooks, OBJ, Ebron, Martin, and Kouandijo are gone.  Scouts are high on this kid and I like him over KB, Lee and Latimer.  (WR1/2)


2-Antonio “Tiny” Richardson LT (or) RT Tennessee 6’6 336

This cat can play LT early and help out if needed on the right. 

Tiny-Amini-Kalil-Chandler-Bell sounds like a decent OL lineup.  Still need depth/developmental at tackle.  Overall: a pass protecting and road grading hog molly. What’s not to like? (LT)


3-Jaylen Watkins CB Florida 6’0 194

Watkins is explosive yet also a really fluid defensive back.  He’d be great to fill in at slot, CB2 or even safety.  He’s my favorite of the Florida defensive backs and would fit well with White and Cason.  Fills a big need (CB, Nickel, and S depth)


4-Robert Herron WR Wyoming 5’9 193

I like Norwood but think he’s gone.  Since we now have Moncrief, Cotchery & Avant, we could use a shifty slot guy who can have return capabilities.  I like Herron a lot and seems he’s a good route runner with NFL ready skills.  (WR, PR & KR)


5-Larry Webster DE Bloomsburg 6’6 252

Webster is an athletic freak with a b-ball background and football in his blood.  May take time to develop but could also give the unique option as a 2nd TE in the red zone imo. 


6- Justin Britt OT Missouri 6’6 325

We need depth at line even though our starters would likely be in place.  His injury makes him slip to us.  I see us taking a tackle late. 


7-Nate Askew OLB Texas A&M 6’3 241

I think we go OLB at some point in the draft.  Seems like a cool prospect we met with. 


Notable UDFA


Garret Gilbert QB SMU

It’s not worth spending a draft pick on a developmental 3rd string QB but I think our staff wants to find one and Garret could be a good one. 


Guys I didn’t draft but would want somehow:


Dion Bailey at S- I believe Bailey has starting safety written all over him and it’s not a given Lester, or Harper on a one year deal is anything special.  Could still use a big safety addition. 


Kevin Norwood at WR- A very good possibility for us and can see him fitting in our methodical offense VERY well.  

Cheese Goggles

19 April 2014 - 09:13 PM

Alderus thompson was a walrus on a rock

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