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Cheese Goggles

19 April 2014 - 09:13 PM

Alderus thompson was a walrus on a rock

Sax's Second Mock

14 April 2014 - 07:22 PM

Get starters, get value, fill needs:


1: Morgan Moses RT/LT UVA 6'6 314

*This seems to be a good debate going on right now and totally think Moses is valuable/worth it here.  


2: Cody Latimer WR Indiana 6'3 215

*Highly athletic with great qualities and no real weaknesses.  


3: Jarvis Landry WR LSU 6'0 205

*Best hands in the country; overall tough receiver that will no doubt contribute in the NFL


4: Kenny Ladler FS Vandy 6'0 207

*A leader of Vanderbilt's defense with athleticism & playmaking skills and a consistent resume to show for it


5: Zach Moore DE Concordia-St. Paul 6'6 269

*Huge sleeper DE pick and he could be a stud.  32 of 32 team reps have met with him 


6: Antone Exum CB Virginia Tech 6'0 213

*Overlooked Hokie who had some very good games in an off-year for VT


7: Stephen Morris QB Miami 6'2 213

*I think he could become a good backup for Cam



This gets our offense..
















*Underwood/King/McNutt/other (battle)






LT--Moses/Bell/Chandler battle










Could our pick at 28 shape up to be Latimer?

08 April 2014 - 11:24 AM

Cody Latimer




We seem to be vetting him more than anyone else in the draft and some recent news/articles suggest he's rising to a late 1st/early 2nd rounder.  




6'3 215, highlight vids look sweet, his game film seems to be legit against a very good Michigan St. defense.  




Could this be our 1st round pick?  The OTs we've seem interested in our 2nd/3rd rounders like Fleming, Turner, Moses, and Thomas.


*Also want to note I wouldn't take Amaro out of the picture.  The Jets or Ravens may grab him early but if not, he could be available when we pick.   






Is anyone currently on the roster suitable to at least be a stop-gap at LT?

17 March 2014 - 08:52 AM

Pretty straight forward question.  


I don't know what the rest of the FA will provide but it's a mixed bag of offensive linemen we have at tackle and we need someone to protect Cam's blindside in the worst kind of way.  


Nate Chandler (G/T) random factoid: began college at OT (fr), went to TE (so), then to DT (jr-sr) 


Byron Bell


Garry Williams


Travis Bond


Andrew McDonald "Player A" in the Incognito/Martin Wells Report


I'm not so sure if there is but was looking to see if these guys had any fans.  I didn't think Chandler did poorly by any means this past season.  

S.Fed's Mock Offseason (#1)

31 January 2014 - 03:02 PM



At WR we basically have Smitty and McNutt.  Goodbye LaFell and with Hixon/Ginn, they're both toss-ups.  Basically, we need receivers.  RT is a big area to improve along with CB and DE if we don't re-sign Hardy.  Those are the givens.    






Derek Anderson

Mike Mitchell (adequate 3-yr)

Jordan Gross (1-yr)

Travelle Wharton (1-yr)

Ted Ginn Jr. (inexpensive 3-yr)

Jordan Senn 

Jason Williams

Ben Hartsock

Colin Cole





Disclaimer--I do not like the FA tackles and don't really see any outside our own being good fits that aren't way down on a lot of fa lists.      


*Corey Wootton DE – Stepped up this past season and given a likely defensive makeover happening in Chicago, he could be a good pickup at 26 y/o. 


*Alterraun Verner CB – One of the better CBs in the league and would work here.  Since we don't re-sign Hardy, I wanna fill WR needs via draft so we definitely would have the cash for Verner.   







1 - Morgan Moses - OT UVA


A huge and versatile UVA lineman who's started since his freshman year? Mark him down.  He's a plug and play at RT and an instant improvement over Byron Bell who can become decent depth.  Moses played some RG early on even though he's strictly a tackle.  I would REALLY like A. Robinson or Beckham Jr. but think Moses brings a lot of value to the table if available.  



2 - Davante Adams - WR Fresno State


Don't overlook Adams.  I say Matthews, Landry, Beckham, Robinson and Cooks are gone by this pick but Adams is totally worth a 2nd rounder.  He is a deep threat and great red zone talent; has good hands and an overall physical receiver.  Needs to work on some stuff but he's still an immediate impact type.  I'd actually take him over Cooks and Landry.  




3 - Stanley Jean-Baptiste - CB Nebraska


Nebraska produces some darn good corners. He’s turned some heads, is 6'3 and a good all-around prospect.  Could go higher but I like him here if available. 



4 - Kenny Ladler - FS Vanderbilt


Keep beefing up the secondary. 



5 – Richard Rodgers – TE California


I’ve seen him projected lower but think he’s going to rise through the draft process and I’d love to get him.  I watched Cal a bit this past year and think he has great potential.  Really dynamic and explosive for a TE. 



6 – Tracy Moore – WR OK State


This guy was a shadow behind Blackmon and Dez Bryant when he came to OK State but I think possesses some great talent.  Reminds me A LOT of Jarrett Boykin. 



7 – Zack Kerr – DT Delaware


I’ll admit I don’t know much on this guy but it’s a late round flier.  

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