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#2051344 Perturbed Panther PSL Owners Federation

Posted by snewcombe93 on 17 December 2012 - 05:06 PM

Alright guys there is no need to insult other fans. Fans that are willing to buy a personal seat license which might I add are mighty expensive. My family has had our PSL since 1995. We are very passionate fans that will keep our tickets through the good and the bad. I agree with the add. When you know that the PSL's make up a decent amount of the whole organizations revenue then there is a sense of feeling that we deserve a decent and well run team. Which it is clear that the Carolina Panthers organization is not. I love JR but he has made some bad decisions and its not just him it was Hurney and the whole front office. The group that paid for the add I applaud you. There needed to be some action to visibly express the disappointment in the team and not just on the huddle or on wfmz from callers.