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In Topic: Where do you stand with Clifford right now?

27 November 2014 - 11:48 AM

It is incorrect that Cho decided to sign MW over McBob.

McBob wanted to go to a winner for a chance to win a championship and he thought Miami was that chance. McBob was offered a very nice contract by Charlotte.

If there was any failure on he part of the FO with McBob, it was thinking that MW could replace what McBob did and also believing that Kemba would elevate his game with McBob gone.

The FO did what they were supposed to in the offseason. They went and signed the shooter the team needed. But the contract to Hayward was matched and the FO thought Lance was a good backup plan.

If you want to fix this team, get MKG healthy, start Zeller and play Biz, and upgrade the PG position.


He was offered more by Miami. Cho may not have decided on MW in particular over McRoberts at that point, but he just didn't think McRoberts was worth it. We actually could have kept him here if we had really wanted to. We had more money than the Heat, yet we chose not to use it on McRoberts (link for proof). That should be considered a failing of the front office. 

In Topic: Hornets win.... Panthers, you are up

29 October 2014 - 10:14 PM

Bucks are fuging awful

They're not as bad as you think. It's too early to make any firm judgments about them, but I doubt they will be as bad as they were last year. They could surprise a lot of people.

In Topic: The REAL problem with this organization.

27 October 2014 - 02:04 PM

Not Cam, Luke, Shula, Bell, Rivera, Gettleman or any person directly involved with the franchise.

It is you my fellow huddlers, with the exception of a handful this fan base is nearly the worst in the NFL. Week in and week out the emotion of this fan base is dang near menstrual. Its absolutely ridiculous, every week, win or lose you all have something to complain about. The best teams in the League all state their opinion, they all voice possible problems, and solutions, but none of them question the absolutes. Which is the fact that they love their team, they would
Punch their momma if they bad mouthed their pro-bowl qb, they would slap their sister if their pro-bowl linebacker was considered not so good by her lack of intelligence. Granted each team is a business and business decisions must be made to produce but i say the organization will never change until the fan base does. You guys keep doubting every coach, player, manager, mascot and water-boy, as a true die hard fan, I wont. Tho disappointed at the outcome of some games i have come
To realize that this is one tough as$ game and to expect perfection out
Of each and every aspect of the team is ludicrous. I want to see us succeed and i honestly think if the attitude of these whiney loser, couch potato coachin, elementary football educated fan base would step up and accept accountability on their part for not backing up their team and bashing locals when they cheer for any one other than the home team then MAYBE jus MAYBE our FO would take notice and operate the same way. Or how about showing up on a frigging HOME game and outnumbering THE TEAM VISITING. Now who you gone point
Fingers at, let the men work its mid season it is what it is and save your judging for the offseason.
We have a opportunity to be the first in our division, the first to do it
Consecutively, the first time
In franchise history for back to back winning seasons, and back to back playoff appearances and you guys wanna B1tCH about what? Byron bell being left handed? Shula's screen
Plays, cams high throws, tds missed
Tackles, rivera's balls, gettleman and his financial decisions and plan, kelvin not making one catch, luke missing a tackle, mcdermott's mcschemes? I could go on for days, and i would say if u think you are better then do it, but you know, your not, and half of you are prob not even coordinated enough to take a 3 step drop and hit a 15 yard dig across the middle on your 2 foot five inch nephew, not to mention fluently
Kick slide your ass newhere other than your fridge.

Diehard out.


Haven't posted here in awhile, but there is so much wrong with this post I had to say something. Every team has fans that act like the world is ending when their team throws two incomplete passes in a row. It is not just Panthers fans. Aside from that, get a hobby or five away from football and figure out how to write well enough so someone can actually understand what you wrote. 

In Topic: I want to have a positive atmosphere around here for fans to go and cheer up

17 September 2014 - 09:40 PM

the Panthers may be the best team in the league this year


Piggers Panthers go all the way this year


I think we may be this year's Seahawks.

In Topic: I want to have a positive atmosphere around here for fans to go and cheer up

17 September 2014 - 09:38 PM

We have the best start to a season since 2008

We're undefeated and two games up on that team from the urine hole of the world

We have, IMO, the best defense in the league

Our new WRs are gelling with Newton and our offense is better than anyone expected

We have the Luke-ness monster and Superman for the next 5-6 years after contract talks

We're about to curb stomp the Steelers on primetime

We'll be 3-0 with eyes on a deep playoff run

What a great time to be a Panther fan! Post your happy thoughts for our team.


Thank you for creating this thread. I'm so tired of talking about GH. Kudos to you for thinking of this. Now for my contribution:


Our defense looks like the best in the league.

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