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In Topic: The funniest thing I've seen in a while

Yesterday, 08:18 PM

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Lmao some of y'all need to chill...this is an Internet forum, it ain't that serious

In Topic: Stay Classy Minnesota

Yesterday, 08:05 PM

I'm dragging a bed covered in assault rifles to the next Panthers tailgate

Which will be held at the elevator cafe....

In Topic: Eagles @ Colts Game Thread: (1-0) - (0-1)

Yesterday, 08:01 PM

Per usual every analyst slobbing on lucks nob

In Topic: Prepare yourselves

Yesterday, 04:27 PM

Well cowlishaw just said he doesnt understand why we get no love on around the horn, even said Cam is vastly underrated! craziness 

In Topic: Steelers prediction thread...lay it out there now

Yesterday, 03:15 PM

Ive watched both of the steelers games this year and honestly im not worried about their offense, lots of gidgets and trick plays, reverses to brown that you can see coming a mile away. Defense just needs to stay discipline and wrap up when brown catches those short routes. On defense they have solid LBs but imo mitchell sucks and their corners are garbage. Panthers put on a show sunday night 31-10

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