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In Topic: And now we have a graphic for arrests by team

Today, 06:39 AM

Good thing it doesn't include cheerleaders...

In Topic: Wes Horton..what we know and what we don't

Today, 05:53 AM

We have great individual players...but I'm starting to think alot of our defensive success is the scheme. Whomever we plug and play will work as long as they play fundamental.

In Topic: ESPN is totally disrespecting our organization

Yesterday, 08:11 PM

wingo and schlereth embody yellow journalism in its purest form.

In Topic: Live Stream of Today's Pressers

Yesterday, 03:04 PM

What's annoying is when I refresh, an ad starts so I get excited, and then back to the fuggin gray screen.

In Topic: Panther Defense PFF Stats After 2 Weeks

Yesterday, 01:19 PM

Yeah these stats don't paint the full picture. We've already seen what happens when CJ is out and we know his impact regardless of the actual stats. He sets everyone up for success.

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