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In Topic: Cam Newton Suggestion Box

25 October 2012 - 08:42 PM

There is nothing wrong with what Cam was wearing in the postgame conference. There was nothing wrong with saying "sweetheart". For all we know, the female reporter liked it. Cam is loved by many women. The jealousy that the media and some fans have towards Cam is pathetic.

Cam's style is impetuous. His swag in impregnable. Haters need to stop. Cam is getting paid regardless.

In Topic: Cams Post game Comment

21 October 2012 - 05:05 PM

Was his post-game wear from one of his clothing lines? Cam lookin fly as always. Who cares about this sorry team. Cam got the money, got the girls, got the swag, got fame. He's healthy. No stress.

In Topic: Anyone else tired of Smitty?

14 October 2012 - 04:09 AM

Yes, I am getting sick of him and his retirement talk. Just retire already. This is Cam's team. Smitty wants to pick fights with everybody now it seems. You can see the frustration building, which is exactly the opposite of what you want in a veteran who is supposed to be a leader. You want calm, cool, collected, and focused with a positive disposition.

What is it Steve Smith? You see Cam's clothing line, his swag, his youth, his abilities, his charm, etc and feel a little envy? So now you're going to tell him to force you the ball and throw a fit when he doesn't? Cam is going to win with or without Steve.

In Topic: Cam unveiled his new clothing line today: Not kidding

09 October 2012 - 09:14 AM

Football is only one of Cam's endeavors. Equally important, is his brand off the field which he puts a lot of time and energy into. These opportunities are only available to a select few athletes and entertainers, and Cam happens to be one of them. This has nothing to do with the football portion of his life and shouldn't be construed as having an effect on it.

Cam referred to his clothing line as "swaggerific." Look at what cam has done statistically for the entertainment of fans and benefit of fantasy owners in just his limited time in the NFL already. He has won games simply off his swag alone for the Carolina Panthers. Cam is bigger than the Panthers and some people can't handle that. What a shame.

Cam sells tickets. Cam entertains the fans. Cam clothes his fans. Swagman showcases his natural abilities on the field for you each year. It is time for haters to fall back.

In Topic: I think it's time Cam cut down on the celebrations.

30 September 2012 - 09:35 PM

Cam is a national brand and maintaining that brand means the swag always has to be at a 10. Dancing, gloating, showboating -- even when the team is losing -- is part of the process for furthering his individual brand and should just be tolerated at this point.