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In Topic: Who's In/Out vs Pats

Yesterday, 08:49 PM

I am just glad it isn't like it used to be where sometimes the best didn't play the entire preseason.  With full price tickets though, now teams got to give the people something.

In Topic: Eagles trade for Barner

20 August 2014 - 04:11 PM

lol, dont hate the playa, Dad. . hate the game!


That's what I should have said.

In Topic: Eagles trade for Barner

20 August 2014 - 09:47 AM

were they hurting that bad fora returner? . . just wow


This seems like a clear case of my GM is better than yours.  This is like when Spurrier came in and was scooping up all Florida players at any cost.   Gettleman knew he was done and was like who can I get something out of with this dude.  It sounds like the Eagles were hype.  This is like when I was a kid and I used to trade bubble gum for twenty dollar toys.  The kid would smash the bubble gum and then I would have the toy.  Yep, my father busted my ass after finding out where I got all of these toys. 

In Topic: Bill belichick and his delusions

20 August 2014 - 09:37 AM

Fug the Patriots.

You could put my mama on that team and I'd hope she failed.

Then on tap of that it would be that much sweeter if she dropped a TD in the Superbowl to lose the game.

In Topic: Why can't Godfrey go back to Safety?

20 August 2014 - 09:02 AM

Waiting to see who's a better option other then Godfrey from the football gurus.........barring the second coming of Jesus himself being cut he's the best option on the roster at ss healthy so far

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I am not saying that I know more than the coach, but why in the hell didn't Godfrey make a play.  You conveniently left out all of what I said about diagnosing the play.  Of course I remember Munnerlyn getting beat deep the Dolphins game.  I also remember Mitchell getting back just in time to disrupt a deep play at the end of the game.  We did not continue to get beat deep at safety over the course of last year.  If we did, how did we have the second ranked defense?  How did we have the sixth ranked pass defense?  Godfrey had over six years to prove he is mediocre.  Why keep him back there?  This is what Rivera and company thought.  Now who is second guessing the coach? I would rather go with Lester again, a healthy Boston, or see the waiver wire unfold. Because like most of the fans on the site besides three of you we are tired of seeing Godfrey's ineptitudes play out,


Robert Lester is a second year player who had three interceptions as an undrafted rookie.  He intercepted the game winner vs. the Patriots. He made a play.  Do you remember the Arizona game?  They started the game off with a play action fake and tried to hit Fitz over the top.  Lester didn't bite on the PA fake and made the interception.  He made a play.  Yeah he is slower, but those are plays that Godfrey never makes.  You know how I know?  Because we have six years of film.  


We can go back and forth, but the coaching staff/Gettleman agree with me.  Godfrey was forced to take a pay cut and this is his last chance.  After seeing his overwhelming mediocrity, they are disappointed too.   


That is why Godfrey cannot move back to safety!

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