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In Topic: Cam Newton still limited in mobility

21 July 2014 - 08:19 AM

Come on man, a Joe Person article? Okay, I couldn't resist.


He's cleared for practice, just precautionary measures at this point, which is to be expected.


It also says that he declined an outright interview for the article.  So Person doesn't know how Cam really feels.  He is in there throwing, working, and training with his teammates with a personal Under Armour trainer.  Its like when Person gets stiff armed on a personal sound bite, he always makes small snarky remarks.  I took it as he is going through these world class Under Armour personal workouts with his teammates, but he ain't ready.  Translation, nothing to see here as I am required to write something.

In Topic: Pats @ Panthers Replay

08 July 2014 - 03:15 PM

I was paying pretty close attention to Bell and Chandler this time. Their performance gives me a little more hope for our oline this season.



i am also hopeful for their performance this coming season, but to be real about it... i dont think the Pats had the scariest d-line we faced last season. i am hopeful for bell and chandler not because i saw anything particularly special, but moreso because i trust the coaching staff and the coaching staff sees something special. 


I know that the Patriots run a lot of stunts and they struggled to get pressure.  Our line made good adjustments and played well.  I only seen Bell struggle on blitz where Cam had the awesome run, and a stunt where Cam was sacked by NInkovich.  In that play Ninkovich only made the play after Cam was taking off to run after the pocket collapsed.

In Topic: Star speaks: "I think we'll be even better,"

08 July 2014 - 03:05 PM

Your overall defense will get better when you substitute two former pro bowl safeties for surprises, add a former Rivera guy in Cason, add young talent, and everyone else is a year better.  Our defensive backfield should be better and the front seven is just going to continue to eat.



In Topic: Stepping back to take a look at the new offense; staying on top of the NFC

08 July 2014 - 02:58 PM

If bell starts, I truly believe Cam will get torn apart this year. Jury is still out on Chandler, I'll see what he does before making a quick call


He didn't get torn apart last year.  For all of the Shula hate, he schemed very well to help both Bell and Gross last year with adjustments.  The biggest hits that Cam took last year came from the right guard position and from Gross.  There was a great deal of pressure up the middle.  The blood spitting incident from Cameron Wake was when he bull rushed Gross.  I am not blind though and I know that Bell gave up pressure.  With our QB as well as cap situation, we have to and can get by with what we have.  Gettleman turned shite to sugar last year, and we shouldn't condemn the season or make assumptions about Cam's health because we didn't bring in four OT's off the scrap heap.  I think you know how the front office felt about this year's draft picks.

In Topic: Rookie Camp Notes

19 May 2014 - 05:33 PM

Rivera has lost some serious weight.




Does anybody know where you can get this jacket?  Is it available to the public?

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