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In Topic: Feel Good Story About Ma'ake

Today, 08:29 PM

This should be the lead story on sports talk all over the country.

In Topic: NFL live tearing panthers FO up

Today, 08:25 PM

Im amazed at the lack of actual investigation these guys do! Ecspecially herm friggin edwards blah blah "since when did winning become more important than doing right" well maybe if youd focused a little more on winning herm youd still be coaching in the nfl....im tired of all this bs, i posted in another thread how sick of all this i am, but the media bascially drug Hardy's and our organizations name through the mud to enforce their own willful coercion and since when is that ok?


I firmly believe Herm Edwards is playing some sort of scripted roll on there.  Imagine having to play for this jack-off-asaur for an entire season. 

In Topic: ESPN is totally disrespecting our organization

Today, 08:23 PM

And apparently according to them the 6th amendment to the US Constitution is merely a legal technicality.



In Topic: Wes Horton, Mario Addison, Kony Ealy

Today, 08:20 PM

We are so lucky we have good depth


Gettleman says when you play with skills, good luck will happen.  Or was that Jay-z?  Either way, we good man.

In Topic: So who gets the roster spot?

Today, 08:18 PM

lol reading these past comments. do people not know the active roster? hahaha


You could never get them to admit that.  That's why its so frustrating sometimes.  You are arguing with people who think they know what they are talking about.  "Bersin should get that roster spot".  "He is on the 53 and caught a pass already".  No response from poster one.

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