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In Topic: Want to see Charles Godfrey get cut in real time?

Yesterday, 10:37 PM

This defensive play is straight from Madden playbook.  Godfrey was supposed to play zone but instead he played man.


White and Cason played sidelines, Luke covered short and DeCoud over the time.  Harper played his deep zone as well.  Davis played his zone and Godfrey was supposed to cover the other half... that's where the catch was made.  Look at that giant hole in the middle of the field...


That has always been the major issue with him to me.  Playing your space in the zone in the redzone has very little to do with exceptional athleticism.  He had mental breakdowns like this is whole career.  Just like when he got hurt last year, we will see an immediate improvement on defense.  We have been running that nickel as our base defense the past two weeks.  We have given up almost 90 points in that time. 


Maybe people will see the correlation now.  Dockery will provide way better nickel coverage and cannot show the ineptitude Godfrey did in coverage or in tackling.

In Topic: Question about Godfrey

Yesterday, 12:33 AM

Sure are a lot of people harping on Harper.

He isn't playing badly.


They still mad about him and Steve years ago.  Couple that with the fact they still mad about Gettleman and Steve now. 

In Topic: My biggest worry about Gettleman

Yesterday, 12:31 AM

They made some changes on special teams coaches and named Rodgers the special teams coach since Gettleman came here.

In Topic: Flawed Defensive Philosophy

Yesterday, 12:22 AM

No money means no money.  We have to get rid of dead weight, gamble on cheap players, and get the cap right.  Right now we are the band of misfit toys.  The Seahawks and teams like that didn't shoot themselves in the foot with asinine contracts.

In Topic: A guy on my street, 14 miles from BofA stadium...

Yesterday, 12:17 AM

Snitches be like................


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