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In Topic: Chances Bersin could be our number 2 at WR

Yesterday, 04:24 PM

You're in deep trouble if Bersin is your #2 WR. I hope he makes the team, because he must work his ass off to have been kept around this long.

In Topic: Right now, we're the 2002-2004 Falcons

Yesterday, 04:01 PM

What's that old saying? 3 things can happen when you throw the ball, and 2 are bad. Run first, or as much as possible. Pass to set up the run, or to exploit the D. But, I would not be mad if we ran more than we pass. Just my preference. Even with Cam.

No one expects Cotch to have 10 TDs this year. No one expects Lafell to outplay our WRs this year. No one expects you to say anything remotely optimistic.

If our WR corp. winds up like most think it will. It is most definitely a better corp. than last year. Don't be afraid of the future, it isn't going to hurt you. Let the past go, it will only drag you down.

You can say it has the potential to be better, only because Cam has never had a WR like Benjamin. It's all based on potential tho. By the way I think if Lafell gets on the field, he will put up numbers.

In Topic: Never seen This Much Talent On A Panther team.

Yesterday, 11:19 AM

uh no, if GD is allowed, then the n word and others should be as well. We don't just especially pick the ones you want. It's all or none.

O wow

In Topic: Barner To The Eagles..

Yesterday, 11:09 AM

Lmao... Mods please delete..

Leave the Huddle for 1 day and I am already behind.

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You should have known

In Topic: Barner To The Eagles..

Yesterday, 11:07 AM

Thanks for joining us

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