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In Topic: Panthers Win Super Bowl IF?

Today, 08:02 PM

Don't see how you got the idea that I'm "being a homer" and I never said they weren't more successful than us. The goal is sustained success and multiple Super Bowls. And the key to that formula is not "getting weapons for the QB."

QB driven league, what we've done is build around a coach. Look at chip kelly? Why do you think he's been building a defense? Because defense isn't his thing and he knows he needs talent on that side and he can figure the offense out. Meanwhile we rely on one guy to generate our offense so that Ron can have his defense that drops to bottom 5 when it matters.

In Topic: Panthers Win Super Bowl IF?

Today, 07:45 PM

How many Super Bowls have the Colts won using that strategy with Luck and Peyton before him? How many times have they gotten blown out in the playoffs in recent memory by a certain team with a certain coach and QB with a "lack of talent" around that QB?

They've been more successful than we have, stop being a homer for two seconds

In Topic: Panthers Win Super Bowl IF?

Today, 06:41 PM

The team one day decides to maximize Cam's talent the way the Colts have. Everything the Colts have done from coaching staff, to talent acquisition has been done to make sure Andrew Luck is successful.

But we plan on paying a QB 100 million to be a game manager. If your QB is going to make that much money you're going to start needing to get serious. But we have a Ferrari using Dollat store oil, while screaming the Ferrari needs to be more consistent....right.

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Today, 06:10 PM

One thing I'm not going to do anymore is go back and forth with Mr. Scot. It's like arguing with your grandpa who's stuck in ways mad at all the technological upgrades.

In Topic: Gettleman; "Me and Greg Jennings sort of kicked the tires and discussed i...

Today, 05:19 PM

Hey, why bother getting some old guy who's spent 25 long years working in professional football personnel departments when you can go after young guys that have won the Super Bowl with their Madden franchises five years in a row? Those are the people who know how football really works!

Don't people know this is the digital age?

Because you know so much more than the many franchises that passed up on Gettleman year after year right? The Giants didn't even want him anymore and had to create a "special" role for him. By his own admission he was on his way out off football until the Panthers came calling. No doubt in my mind that he's one of the lowest paid GM's in the league. He's a dollar store GM.